Organizer Lesson #2 Finding A Venue

Finding a suitable venue is one of the most important steps in the creation of an event.

If you aren’t organizing in your state’s capital, we suggest reaching out to local gun clubs, ranges, and shops. When you reach out, make sure you stress with the owner that this will be good for business.

Things to consider in selecting your venue:

1. Space. Is there enough space to hold attendees? Is there space for overflow? Is there parking?

2. Set up: Is there a place to set up a stage. The stage can be an actual stage, the bed of a truck, or any other raised space.

3. What kind of sound system are you going to need to make sure that everyone can hear?

4. Location. Are people going to be able to find this location? How easy is it for people to get to this location?

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4 Responses to Organizer Lesson #2 Finding A Venue

  1. Roberta says:

    Would be willing to start a venue. I want to work with another team member or two at least. I am not willing to work by myself alone. Thanks

  2. Roberta says:

    Very interested to work with two or three to use a venue within my community park. Not willing to pursue this alone though.

  3. Wayne Gordon says:

    I have called our gun stores (not sporting goods stores “gun stores”) gun clubs and went to the big “gun show” this week end. Trying to get some awarness going about .223. I have been meant with total apathy. “Not Interested” “no” “not interested”. I wanted to scream at the gun show but figured they just hand cuff me and maybe file disturbing the peace charges. To THOSE gun advocates “you say they can have my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers from it”??? To THEM watch the confiscation vidios from New Orleans. You won’t even stand up you sure won’t fight– and as prying your fingers rigamortus woun’t have set in, as limp as you are now they won’t have a problem.

  4. Donny Loftis says:

    Your local courthouse lawn or steps are perfect places to setup. Anyone can reach most county courthouses within their own counties. State capitols are sometimes too far for most who would otherwise attend.

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