Instructions for volunteers for the Day of Resistance rally .2/23 or Feb 23

Welcome volunteers. Soon we will have a website with basic functionality up and running. Our technical team will continue to build advanced functions, but the initial site will be designed to accomplish the following:

1. Identify people willing to organize and connect them together based on geography. You can do this without any experience! For bigger population centers we will look for experienced groups to sponsor the rally but if you want to do this in your community we will connect you with experienced organizers to teach you how!
2. Identify and register rallies that are already planned
3. Identify people willing to attend rallies and connect them to local organizers.

Here’s how it will work. Once a rally’s registration is approved, we will then send them the contact information of anyone within a 150-mile geographic radius who has already signed up. Then, once daily we will send them the contact information of anyone new who signs up! There will only be basic ground rules for the rallies because this is about connecting LOCALLY! Organizers will have access to a private Facebook page where we can discuss how to make these rallies effective organizing efforts and we will send out a daily email highlighting the best ideas we come up with!

Now to make this work, we need you to become our biggest recruitment arm, but before we send you out there in force we need to instruct you about the key talking points with people.

1. Local, Local, Local. This is about physically getting together with the people who will have our back when we resist government intrusion on our liberty.

2. Stay positive. Resistance is needed because of terrible things happening with a power-grabbing federal government, but simply stating all that is wrong isn’t our best recruitment messaging. We need to focus on the MISSION: banding together as communities and coming together is AWESOME

3. Engage. Have a conversation with people, if they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, bring it to one of our many pages/forums and together we can find an answer.

4. This is the people PEACEFULLY assembling as guaranteed to us by the Constitution.  Violence or incitement to violence will not be tolerated.

The website is coming together quickly. We’ll have a list of some people that is our “wish list” for initial involvement available shortly. Get ready folks, it’s on!

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62 Responses to Instructions for volunteers for the Day of Resistance rally .2/23 or Feb 23

  1. Art Williams says:

    Let’s do this!

  2. james underwood says:

    i like to join i live in a small town but i think their is a lot of guys that will be interested

  3. David Sousa says:

    I will do whatever I can to help. I want in on this fight. You are a true patriot.

  4. robert jordan says:

    I’m in Arkansas and would love to be in on this if I can help

  5. Jim says:

    I am limited in what I can do because of COPD but I will be there doing what I can.

  6. Cameron Brooks says:

    I am so ready to do this. I want the government out of my life!

  7. Rachel Maxwelll says:

    I like my freedom and I want my country to maintain those freedoms. With every ounce of my being I want obama IMPEACHED!! Lets get the job done

  8. Amanda says:

    Tulsa, Oklahoma is here to help. If there isn’t already a group organized, I am willing to get started on one. We need to know soon.

  9. c holder says:

    will help to get this done.

  10. Jonathan Garcia says:

    I would like to help. I read an article that the left is going to try to make a push to make Texas a blue state, and I refuse to let that happen.

  11. Linda Vogel says:

    Looking forward to working with you on this.

  12. Robert Brekke says:

    Lets do this!!

  13. Bob Burnard says:

    I am a U.S. citizen living in the Philippines. I am NOT an Ex-Pat!! I am still a Patriot! But I have no way of getting back to the U.S. If there is anything I can do from here please let me know. Last night, when I sent two emails to a friend in the U.S., it seemed as though it was being monitored. I think my email account and server have been compromised. I am looking into this now. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

  14. dona says:

    ready to help in texas

    • sharon crossan says:

      I will help in anyway i can,i have to have a chair,so i don,t know how long it willtake..but i can help with paperwork and so forth

  15. Terena Lund says:

    I’m in.

  16. Gary Nourse says:

    Please let us know if someone is organizing locally here in Wasilla/Anchorage Alaska. My entire family and everyone I know are extremely interested. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Molon Labe

  17. Ray Tatge says:

    Southern arizona here, everything south of Phoenix would be good here.

  18. Carol Skinner says:

    Maryland here and ready to help organize this localized national event.

  19. Suzanne says:

    Florida here (near Sarasota) ready to make this happen!! I will be honored to participate and make this day a huge success!!

    • rigoberto carrigan says:

      we have plan to be in tallahassee rally for our 2nd amendmentm2/8/2013 10.00am. also 2/23/2013 down here in miami, we dont know yet, but will be. have a great day. WE THE PEOPLE.


    Are there any groups in Southern California? I know, this state is near imploding, I hope our efforts can help this beautiful state. Too bad if I have to abandon this state with my family.

    • Arlie Almada says:

      I’m in Los Angeles looking for a group to join in or we can start it? I’m sick and tired of these lousy over paid public servant that are pushing their long failed policies.

    • Leissa says:

      I’m in Orange Co. I’ll be watching for So. Calif. groups. Can’t help much because of time constraints but I will do whatever I can to get people there on 2/23!

  21. Vernon Edwin Brewer II says:

    I have already started posting this site among my thousands of online and off line friends. New York is standing by in The finger Lakes national Forest. Let’s Roll!!!!!!!!!

    • tom says:

      do you know of any feb 23 rallies on LONG ISLAND NY….

      NYC as a second….Albany as a 3rd choice. I can not find anything local. and help is appreciated.

  22. Arlie Almada says:

    Deep in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles Southern California, in dire need of help to fight off more gun control madness!

  23. Bonnie N Jessup says:

    I’m in.. I’m not an experienced organizer but I’m willing to do what I can. I definitely want to be involved. I live in a rural community in Louisiana.

  24. Brenda says:

    I haven’t heard anything about this in North Carolina. Is there anything being planned here?

  25. Jesse says:

    I would like to know how to sign up to help get a rally going in my area… Thanks keep up the good work!!

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  27. John P says:

    I live in Bremerton, WA. Please let me know who will be organizing in Western Washington as I will help disseminate the info.

  28. William says:

    Its hard to believe the USA has come to this but without Christian principles as guides every country becomes corrupt. Good governments and their ppeople historically last about 2000 years….we made it 250. The last fifty was the mongrelizing of our country.. Thank you dumbocrats for proving the evil that exists in your party. Now everyone can see it.

  29. William says:

    that should read 200 years, not 2000.

  30. angel & Jerry says:

    Virginia here to help

  31. JERRY says:

    I’m in Southern Indiana. I’M IN!

  32. Beverly says:

    Looking for a central Illinois contact.

  33. Royce Tollman says:

    Where do we start?

  34. JERRY says:


  35. Rick says:

    Lead and they will follow, show the way.

  36. Deb says:

    Ready to go in Salt Lake City! I just need to be connected to someone. If no one has signed up yet, I would be surprised due to turn-out on Gun Appreciation Day. Also, I need you guys to contact me. I have a PAC that has agreed to let me man a booth/table at the rally if you guys agree to it.

  37. Patricia Tetlow says:

    I live in West Virginia and would like to volunteer here or in Western Md. that is close to me. I live in Shenandoah Junction which is close to Charles Town, Sheherdstown, Martinsburg. Even Winchester Va is close. I don’t want to lose my freedom. I want to help. I have grandchildren and children that also have to live in this mess Obama has created. He needs to be stopped.

  38. David Miller says:

    Ft Worth, TX plus/minus 100 miles. I’m ready, let’s do this. What can I do to help?

  39. Jean Larson says:

    I am willing to help in St. Louis, Missouri.

  40. mattzweck says:

    I live about an hour & half.away from m the rally plus most of my co-workers friends are liberals anyway. I’m the only tea party conservative where I work.

  41. douglas vinson says:

    Poughkeepsie. Ny i hear lets.go to washington

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