I Want To Help But Have Never Done This Before

Hundreds of people have reached out to us recently, wanting to help but apprehensive about taking the lead for a number of reasons. This post is a response to all of those great people and if you have further questions, please ask them in the comment section below because if you have a question, you can bet so do others.

First, organizing a rally is a time commitment. If you don’t have the time to commit, we respect that but you can still play a crucial part in getting your local rally put together without a full-time commitment.

If you DO want to take the lead, there are many things that we will be doing to help you through the process including pairing you with an accomplished organizer mentor.

Making something as big as this isn’t always a pretty process and we aren’t looking for perfect people, just people with the passion and enthusiasm to help us beat back the growing tyranny of the federal government! You can do it, we can help!

So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling in your community, you can get information on the next steps you need to take here: http://dustinstockton.com/2013/01/organizing-a-rally-getting-started/


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4 Responses to I Want To Help But Have Never Done This Before

  1. M. Susan says:

    I haven’t organized anything since I was affiliated with my local Jaycees in a community that I vacated over twenty years ago. I should also say that the computer skills that I currently understand are very, very limited, although a member of my household once worked in the field. We do not have any printing mechanisms available to us.

    I thought it would be best to ask for a public place in our county seat which is in Paw Paw, Michigan. The zip code to that city is 49079. Most people in this rural area of Michigan organize best using their respective counties. The county in which I reside is Van Buren County. I haven’t seen any rallies posted for anything in Michigan. Upon requesting a venue I would be nice if I had something like a flier from your end of things.

    I also plan to phone gun stores that are located near us. It would probably be best if a flyer had a link to the site. I feel, however, that the time for us to organize is very short. Please advise me. My phone number is 269-668-6468.


  2. Kreg M James says:

    want to make it big, fairgrounds? Tampa ,FL 1800ask gary ampitheatre?

  3. Sarah Snow-Brine says:

    I would definitely like to help. My biggest concern/holdback is that I am in the Southern part of the state. I often see events like this in our capital which is hours away from me. I have a limited number of friends in my area who might be able to assist or attend, but I would be concerned about turnout and location? I don’t have any experience in organizing something like this, but that is a smaller concern to me.

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