“Green” Graft: After Receiving “Green Energy” Stimulus Money, Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion

Green graftOne of the notable characteristics of the Soviet Union before it fell was the increasingly-noticeable divergence of laws and policies that affected “connected” people versus the lowly, regular Soviet citizens. Before its predictable collapse, high-ranking Party members and their friends enjoyed perks that reached far beyond the masses were afforded.

As America dives deeper and deeper into leftist policies, we citizens are bearing witness to more and more Soviet-style corruption that benefits those with friends in high places.

Of course, Americans have heard about Solyndra’s $535 million long-con and the plethora of other “failed” ventures that left taxpayers holding the bag as friends of Party leaders received tidy sums and then went belly-up shortly thereafter. However, it seems the grift just keeps right on going…

As companies shutter their doors amidst the brutal realities of a recession, those who have favored the Democratic Parties and have, more importantly, offered tributes to those in power are handsomely rewarded for their Party loyalty. While the left cries out against evil corporations, the ones actually robbing the American taxpayers go largely undiscussed.

Despite being one of the biggest money-pits in American history, Fannie Mae’s former CEO Franklin Raines received huge bonuses to the tune of $52 million.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, received $465 million from taxpayers as part of Obama’s much-touted “green energy” stimulus. And while Americans, by-and-large, eagerly await the day of phenomenal fuel efficiency, it seems Tesla Motors won’t be the one to bring it to us.

While the company only produced 359 cars last quarter, Mr. Musk just purchased himself a $17 million Bel-Air mansion. Musk, who hedges his bets by donating to both Republicans and Democrats, gave $100,000 to Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Tesla’s production can be summed up as, “We’ll get to it when we get to it.” In September, the New York Times noted,

“Buyers are paying a hefty sum to reserve the Model S. The deposit on the basic model, which sells for about $57,400 before tax credits, is $5,000. Souped-up versions require larger deposits.

Such payments have been a big source of cash for the company. At the end of June, Tesla was holding $133.4 million of reservation payments. But if production delays worsen, customers may question the wisdom of making substantial reservation payments to Tesla.

‘I wish Tesla could meet the production target, because it’s better for the company,’ said John Griswell, a computer engineer from Austin, Tex., who put down $5,000 for a Model S but had not yet received it. ‘But it’s also important that they get the product right.’”

But for $465 million to foster production, the question remains, “Where are the results?” So far, it seems the company has risked reducing demand by not spurring production while the CEO buys a $17 million home on taxpayers’ dime.  Membership, as they say, has its perks.

As we hear complaints from the left ad nauseum about corporate influence in Republican Campaigns, the real fraud comes from the left who, once in power, has been content with offering massive payouts to those that bankrolled them to ascend to power.

But while they operate like the Politburo in many fashions, many Democrats in office also function like another nefarious group. The Democrats are the legitimate successors of the mafia-of-old. The times have changed, but the notion remains the same. Whereas once businesses that didn’t pay protection had their businesses burned down, now the ones that don’t play ball are just taxed and punished for having the audacity of achieving success in the private sector without governmental “help.” The ones that pay the appropriate tribute reap the benefits of a mutually-beneficial arrangement while the American taxpayer fronts the bill.

Aid corrupt businesses while punishing their competitors. It sounds like the Corleones finally made it legitimate.

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    This might be off topic, however, instead of giveing stimulus money to union graft
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