Why You Don’t Need To Get Too Worried About Gun Control In Under 100 Words

ak47In order to pass any new gun control laws, every Democrat would have to vote for it and 17 Republicans in the House would have to cave. Any Republican in the House who caves on gun control might as well switch parties at the same time because his career in the GOP is over. Therefore, they’re not going to pass any gun control bills in the next two years.

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8 Responses to Why You Don’t Need To Get Too Worried About Gun Control In Under 100 Words

  1. David Moody says:

    But if he does executive order it will by pass all of the house, There want be any chance to vote either way

  2. Lori Whaley says:

    That’s good to know. However, I don’t put it past obamass and his mob to declare martial law for some trumped up reason, and try to confiscate them.

  3. J.P. Shatley says:

    you are right sure , but 2 things worry me , in the U.S. Supreme court it is 4 radicals against basically 5 conservatives , if one of our conservatives die or retires , then the trash in the White House will certainly replace them with another radical , as 9 is a number to keep decisions moving , we will find ourselves on the short end in any decisions on our future 2nd amendment rights cases , if this happens , and if it does , the judges have already proven to decide along political party lines , in the last case of 2nd amendment rights violation ,just a short while ago , the conservative 5 were for our rights , the radicals of course against , imagine us losing 1 judge , it saddens the heart to think of , and the other thing that worries me , the U.N. gun treaty , it needs Senate approval and the Democrats have the majority , as this being a treaty , Congress has no power to stop it , are my worries in vain sir ? , or do we really have something to worry about ?

  4. Don says:

    If anyone attempts to take away the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms they may as well declare war them and that includes me!

  5. Frank Payton says:

    Except the possibility that Obama will force his will on the people through another executive order.

  6. Gareth Smith says:

    Obama could draft up another one of his orders or have BATF write up more restrictions. All unconstitutional but still effective untill being struck down by the courts.

  7. Aaron C. de Bruyn says:

    You’re forgetting that Romney is a Republican and he voted for several gun control measures.

    You’re right that it would be suicide for a Republican to vote to ban guns.
    But don’t put it past them to ‘compromise’ you out of high-capacity magazines, or changing background checks to say that anyone who has ever visited a counselor for any reason (maybe even marriage counseling) won’t be able to get a gun.

  8. Dan says:

    Mighty big assumption…..they passed Obamacare in spite of calls and emails to congress being 8 to 1 against it. And there’s also executive order and
    beaurocratic regulation. It would take years for the courts to rule on the issue…and that’s assuming they ruled in favor of 2A . No guarantee that would happen.

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