Unions, Communism and the Rise of the Reds

There’s an old saying, attributed to hundreds of different authors, that goes, “A man is judged by the company he keeps.” While it can hardly be attributed to one person, the thought seems appropriate and grounded in logic.

The Brooklyn-based Communist group, the Progressive Labor Party announced their support for Tuesday’s right-to-work protests in Lansing, Michigan.

If the above quote holds true, what can we conclude about the ultimate goal of “progressive” labor union leaders?

I remember being the only kid in class to question why McCarthyism was so vehemently rejected and denounced by my teacher. Sure, I am no fan of a witch hunt, but the teacher refused to consider any alternative possibility that Joe McCarthy was a rabid lunatic bent on squashing innocent people. She simply refused to entertain the notion that perhaps there were at least some pervasive communist elements in Hollywood worth examining.

The old guard of conservatism has always feared the normalizing of far-left talk. While I will always defend the right of idiots to say idiotic things, that does not mean that there is not a danger in communist ideology being tacitly accepted or even promoted.

Where did the term “pinko” go? “Commie?” These are obsolete terms better suited to a time when communism was more readily defined as a Soviet ideology. They were uttered when there was at least some American cohesion and understanding that throughout all of our differences, at least we knew we didn’t want to be like the Soviet Union.

However, in a recent poll, 53% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of socialism. To add insult to injury, an astonishing 23% of Republicans have a favorable view of socialism! While I fully understand that socialism, communism, Marxism and other –isms are not interchangeable, the fact remains that there are far too many people buying into the flawed, once-reviled leftist ideology.

Now, as Michigan becomes the 24th right-to-work state, the communist group, the PLP, has joined in. On their blog, they wrote,

“While workers in Lansing are shocked that a faction of the US ruling class wants to do away with unionized labor and are organizing massive protests to fight “Right to work” legislation, most of them harbor illusions that the democrats are a better choice. The democrats represent the ruling class and, like the Trojan Horse, appear to be better for the working class because they do a better job lying to, manipulating, and controlling the working class, as the workers trust them…

PLP will be there with the protesting workers, but instead of liberalism and trade unionism, we will be arming the workers with the Red ideas of a revolution that will give us the right to work for ourselves in a Communist society under the dictatorship of the working class.”

Yeah, yeah, we got it. The Czarist pigs are keeping the masses down and Bolshevism is the surest way to a classless, equal society. Save it, we’ve heard this story before and it ended badly.

I long for the days that we could have a discussion while still all looking to get to the same place but only had arguments about the best way to get there. I miss the days where Adlai Stevenson was the closest thing we had to a communist in Washington and Democrats like Jack Kennedy could be reasoned with as we all sought to make America great.

We must refocus our minds to extract the core arguments from leftist politics today. Let us not pretend any further that the left hasn’t radicalized. Unions used to fight Pinkertons for the right to not get killed doing their job. Now they band together to extort industry. American exceptionalism used to not be regarded as an opinion, but as a fact. We used to teach our children that America was great.

We must call out communism and its cousins socialism, Marxism, Leninism and the entire extended family of collectivist ideologies when we see them. Let’s start by calling these union protests what they are: reinvented Bolshevism.

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6 Responses to Unions, Communism and the Rise of the Reds

  1. CavalierX says:

    “While I fully understand that socialism, communism, Marxism and other –isms are not interchangeable”

    No, but they’re related — all are variants on Collectivism, the philosophy of central control.

  2. orlandocajun says:

    Meanwhile, Toyota, Honda and Nissan will continue to take market share and eliminate US car makers, and the union leeches, eventually.

  3. EvilRoy says:

    “While I fully understand that socialism, communism, Marxism and other –isms are not interchangeable . . . ”

    I respectfully disagree–Marxism, socialism, and communism are all the same thing in the sense that all three are theories which once put into practice (with the force of law) result in exactly the same thing: Totalitarianism.

  4. Regarding McCarthy– the big objection to him centered on his assertion there were not just communists, but soviet spies in the federal government.

    The ruckus that ensued was over “how many” McCarthy had claimed. What was ignored was that even one was an outrage.

    Of course, among others, we had Alger Hiss. Number two in the State Department, the designer of the United Nations charter, and in the direct employ of the Soviet Union’s KGB.

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  6. Tom W says:

    What most people do not realize is the Roosevelt, in order to appease Stalin so that Soviet forces would keep the pressure on Hitler, agreed to very close alliances with the Soviet Union. Stalin took great pleasure in taking great advantage of this occasion. Thousands of Stalin’s agents came over to “sleep.” Many more came over to teach and organize the multitude of domestic Communists in New York, Hollywood, and Washington. In later years, many of Stalin’s sleepers would infiltrate and populate the very highest levels of government, the unions, the Democrats, and, most of all, the Teacher’s Unions. They found gold in the civil rights movement. All this time, we thought we were winning the Cold War. But the game was fixed. Just like the last election. The older generation of Russians, the old Stalinists, are laughing their collective asses off. God bless ‘em; they kept their eyes on the prize.

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