Union Thugs Tear Down Tent, Shout Racial Slurs at Hotdog Vendor While Destroying his Cart

Remember the early years of the Tea Party Movement? Every liberal “reporter” under the sun vehemently tr

ied to push the narrative that Tea Partiers were violent, that they were bigots. Andrew Breitbart went to his grave, never having to actually dole out the promised $100,000 to anyone who could provide proof of racial epithets being hurled at legislators pushing to pass Obamacare.

While we will likely never receive an apology for these attacks on our character, it would be nice to see legitimate outrage from the media concerning the absolutely disgusting savagery witnessed in Michigan as the governor signed right-to-work legislation.

The above video depicts the union thugs tearing down the American for Prosperity tent with people still inside as Annie Patnaude, a representative of American for Prosperity, discussed with Fox News what was occurring.

In a despicable manner, a small business owner, Clint Tarver, had his hotdog cart destroyed by union “activists” who could not tolerate a different perspective and took out their rage on an innocent hotdog vendor. Shouting vile racial epithets and accusing him of being an “Uncle Tom,” these “progressive” liberals showed what liberal tolerance is all about.

If this is the face of “progressive” ideology, count me out.

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