Two Sets of Rules: Obama’s Criminal, Illegal Alien Uncle May Get to Stay

I have heard of skeletons in the closet, but how is it that the media has seen Obama’s skeletons, but have chosen to quietly close the door?

Onyango Obama, the president’s uncle, was arrested in April on a DUI charge. He has resided in the country for nearly fifty years and was ordered to be deported in 1989, but has not yet been. And as he drunkenly cruises the Massachusetts streets like Ted Kennedy on New Year’s Eve, he, undoubtedly, takes comfort in knowing that he is untouchable for having the good fortune of being related to our president’s deadbeat dad.

Onyango came over in 1963 and has been here ever since. He was ordered out of the country in 1989, and his appeal was dismissed in 1992. But yet, he remains in America to take advantage of the ample opportunities his nephew works so hard to diminish.

In April, he was arrested for a DUI where his blood-alcohol level was .14 in a state where the legal limit is .08. So, naturally, he was treated like every other criminal right? Bear in mind that he ended up getting his driver’s license back the very same week that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was appointed co-Campaign Manager for Obama’s reelection campaign.

Now it looks like we may have to keep this fine citizen as the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals has declared that they will reopen the case, delaying the deportation until it’s sorted out. I wonder how this will work out…

It is incredibly rare that a case is reopened once deportation has been ordered. It is even rarer to have this occur after having been arrested for a crime after skating by in violation of the order for twenty years.

The case has been remanded to the Executive Office of Immigration Review, the department within the Justice Department that rewards criminals by invalidating our immigration laws.

But he’s not the only skeleton in the closet: President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni has been living in America illegally in Massachusetts in public housing, on disability and has militantly claimed, “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

Further, she has also criticized what she has received, stating, “I didn’t take any advantage of the system. The system took advantage of me.”

Unbelievable. These scumbags come to America, stay here illegally, either take advantage of our welfare state or pose a danger to society, and they get rewarded for it while Comrade Obama lectures Americans on the evils of unequal distribution of wealth?

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62 Responses to Two Sets of Rules: Obama’s Criminal, Illegal Alien Uncle May Get to Stay

  1. Rick says:

    Can I have the addy’s of the fucksticks please? :P

  2. Reida Jolly says:

    I’m continually amazed at what has happened in the last 4 years in this country. It is simply amazing to me that I’ve been unemployed for more than 3 years (due to our so-called President) but his family (no matter their status as a US Citizen) is provided for and protected…….this is an imbarassment to us (the TRUE citizens)…..I did draw my unemployment for the full term yet, all the commercials want to offer free phones, food stamps, etc. I cannot get anything!!!! I suppose I’m not BLACK and not related to this racist President….SIMPLY AMAZING!!

    • robin says:

      Well I’m black and I don’t get any of those things either, please remember all black people don’t get food stamps and or public assistance.

  3. Glyde Carter says:

    no comment

    • Lori Ayala says:

      You don’t have the right to call these people scumbaags!! President Obama is not responsible for other people’s action or choices!! You probably have some skeletons I’n the closet too or relatives you’re not so proud to be connected to!! You’re complaining about an uncle who has been I’n the USA for almost 50 years!!! Are you serious!!!! There are so many more justified complaints on much more serious matters than this!! This is just plain stupid!!

      • Mike says:

        Yes Lauri, he has the right to call them scumbags as well as YOUR scumbag Prsident. Illegal, criminal, fraudulent benefits. They are scum of the earth and the Prez is lower than whale droppings

      • K Jenkins says:

        There are other problems too, but this is still a real one. Why do his relatives get to ignore the laws, and the President gets a pass for ignoring their breaking the law? He had many years when he could have sponsored them and helped them get legal status, after all. And as a multi-millionaire himself, why should the taxpayers have to support this aunt?

  4. Vicky says:

    Well we knew that was coming his family gets all the perks he will not serve a day in jail where as a American he would have gone to jail and the key would have been thrown away. Again our great president is taken care of his family on our money we are taking care of them. They probably haven’t worked a day on there life. His family will always come first and we as citizens we always pay for whatever his family wants vacations, free phones, free insurance, and a check each month what is better than that. Well you know what I think I am going to quit my job and go on food stamps, get Obama care and draw a check each month for disability
    And let Obama pay for me. I truly know a lot of people come dec 31?2012 are going to quit paying for insurance and going on Obama care she said if her premiums are going up she is going to drop and going on Obama care and if she has to pay she will obama pay for it. There are a lot more people that I know that are going to do the same thing. Also the way jobs are now you can’t find them if she can’t find a job she is going to have to go non food stamps and let Obama pay for them and get some kind of help so she can her utitilies. Obama better get off his butt and keep jobs here I hear there are over 100 we are losing on Memphis befor end of 2012. I am one That can’t find a job with 30 years of experience. I have sent out over 500 resumes and have talked to 3 hiring firms and they have my resumes.i am hoping I get something soon my money Is about to run out.

    • robin says:

      All politicians families get special treatment in one way or another and we don’t complain, why are we complaining now, Everybody that has a problem with obama may as well get over it because he is the president for the next four years.

      • K Jenkins says:

        Why are we complaining now? Because it’s one thing for a pols family to get ‘special treatment’, but that DOES NOT include allowing them to break laws! He took an Oath to uphold our laws, you know.

    • Linda says:

      Good luck getting food stamps, disability, or help with utilities if you are a white, English speaking American! The help is not for us!

  5. Esther says:

    what else is new in obama administration?????? all they do is this to protect their family and relative, because his is using his power, they should know that people who voted for them to get the position is the people of america, if you did something wrong you have to be punish or teke the consequences.

  6. Dustin Loper says:

    This shit is a joke. They both should be sent back to there country and
    Obama and the govern and his aunt and uncle should be facing charges
    Why haven’t our law makers got any nuts.everybody needs to see this the people
    Need to read this and vote out all stealing and lieing trash in washington Dc

  7. michael wise says:


  8. Danny L Fisk says:

    What a disgrace to the American citizens and legal immigrants

  9. charles palleschi says:

    How can this be possible! Does everyone or ANYone know what is going on with Obama’s relatives? I’ve always found it strange that certain people are not afraid of what may or will happen to them because they are either related or friendly with powerful people who can “control” those under him/her . What is happening to this country? The last time we, as Americans, had a peaceful decade was in the fifties. Aside from the Korean War, this country was running very smoothly. In the middle eighties the trouble began. Not that much, but it started. I can see what is happening. I also know that quite a few other people can see it happening also. Soon, something bad is going to happen. It’s too late to stop it now.

  10. cindyc says:

    He’s got an Aunt who lives in public housing in Boston, and who was also under a deportation order until Obama’s election. His FAVORITE Aunt, who has been in the US illegally for many many years, now, and living in a public housing project on the taxpayer’s dime. This seems to be a trend.

  11. Paul Williams says:

    It makes me sick to read this as a former police officer to have seen this report first hand would have just been sick to see a man who came to this country illegally back in 1963 and who has been here sence doing what ever he feels like should have been thrown out a long time ago is still here. Obama’s aunt who has been here just as long gets free housing & disablitly to boot!! WAKE UP PEOPLE… It’s time we take back our country. JFK said in one of his speech that on the staute of liberty it says give me your masses that long to be free and that are hungery but DAM they didn’t have to take it so damned far.

  12. Robert Boutin says:

    The American justice depends on who you are…or who your related to…
    This article proves it.

  13. Charlene alexander says:

    WHEN are ignorant people going to realize our so called president is taking our country down the wrong path? The illegals, and blacks are destroying our country!

  14. Ben Zook says:

    This is insane!

  15. Steve Marion says:

    Well why just pick on him, the jail house across the lands are full of the and the highest court in the land will turn the loose if caught so why the time and money and make the law enforcement go through the trouble, whe we all know the out come. It is not just Obama Uncle it is all of them before it was for the votes how it is for something elese, so why even do. Call a spade a spade just let the go until we ge some one in office the has backbone that is going to something about the problem it will stay the same.

  16. SAM says:


  17. Anita Truitt says:

    Sad that the laws that apply to every one dies not apply to the presidents family.

  18. bill says:

    Typical politician’s family. Crooked but because they related, they can do what ever they want: kill, rape, steal, use or sell drugs. Obama just doesnt give a damn about anything but himself.

  19. Roy says:

    Well if our so call govt want stand up what can we do.
    We try elect but when you can buy votes or lie about
    everything and the leftist media spins their deception
    What do WE do Obama acts like he is KING. And Holder
    Is just a gar TNS

  20. Rita says:

    IMPEACH Obama

    The Republic has a CONSTITUTION???

    Amendment 28

    Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .

    • robin says:

      and politicians still get treated differently always have and always will no matter what the constitution says, everybody just mad because now a black man and his family is getting what the other white presidents and politicians have been getting a long time…….get the hell over it already. Nobody was complaining when the bushes fucked up the votes in florida so shut the hell up now.

    • leroy says:

      Rita,you got that right. If impeachment comes up this time i’ll Vote for him. Ha ha.

  21. If the obama-controlled media would speak up on just 1/2 they know,,,this country would absolutely come unwound,,,they are in so deep now(the media),,,if they told the truth I believe most would be brought up on criminal charges.

    • Donna says:

      Don’t you know the liberal media is what made enough people vote for Obama–by keeping all his ABYSMAL FLAWS hidden from us? I didn’t vote for him because I could see who he was by the way he messed up our country the
      first four years!! He’s only capable of leading us down the path of destruction! Would love to see a move to IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

  22. Edward Smith says:

    We have to make a stand!

  23. Dan Karr says:

    This is what I would expect from a person that is not legally allowed to be president of the United States. According to law, BOTH parents have to be citizens of the U.S. to make their offspring eligible for the office. Were both of obamination’s parents legal citizens of the U.S. when he was born? If not, then the special treatment of his relative’s is to be expected.

  24. Frank Malpocker says:

    No wonder our president I’d behind the dream act!

  25. Elise Semrad says:

    Unbelivable in our country—before the time of liberal press, that is !!!

  26. Chris says:

    It just shows that there are two sets of rules.

  27. Teresa Schmidt says:

    Fu#^/) the government & their free for all what ever THEY WANT. BULL sh#/^)

  28. rich says:

    It sickens me what is happening our country. It seems an honor for people to sit back and allow citizens that work support the lazy leeches. Our government encourages it,
    no leaedrship whatsoever. Our servicemen have gave their lives to protect our freedoms.
    Those freedoms should not be abused
    Signed Disgusted

  29. Cindy says:

    Does anyone else find this somewhat disconcerting? Related to “our” president and they are “illegal immigrants”? So WHERE is the President of the US from???????

  30. D Block says:

    Isn’t it wonderful. he should have been deported 20 years ago, but leave it to our government to not do their job. And the aunt, who claims she’s not getting enough help. I would ship both of their asses out of the country ASAP. They are really contributing to country. Right? We need a revolution here, like they are doing in other countries.

  31. scott says:

    obama, his entire family and all his ilk need to leave this country

  32. Nancy Burian says:

    This makes my blood boil ! I’m sorry but this is so wrong. Both of these people are low life scumbags. Does he keep in touch w/them at all? I’m sorry, but I think ICE should be getting rid of these people. I don’t care who they are related to. I still think our Pres. is not a real citizen, but that’s my opinion. Why not? the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? DEPORT THEM BOTH!

  33. How is it that in any other country, they would be arrested as spy’s . Or deported without appeal, but on the greatest country in the world, you can have more rights than a citizen! Let me go to Kenya illegally, and try to sponge from them, see how far I get!!!

  34. Margaret says:

    send tem back to africa

  35. Margaret says:

    send them ba ck to frea king afrecia

  36. Margaret says:

    get to ck out of thisd country while you still can other wise pray to god for re pentene

  37. Loraine says:

    America has lost it’s Balls. It says one thing and does another. It becomes weaker and weaker. We are becoming more and more like the other country’s.

  38. Somebody likes the President! I saw yesterday on the AP Poll that his favorable rating is way up since he was re-elected. Somebody is not being truthful because you can find very few people who admit that they voted for him. I think both he and his AG have pretty well done away with “The Rule of Law.”

  39. Logan Jenkins says:

    And they wonder why some whites hate them and call them “niggers” right or wrong. If they were white we could call them “white trash” or “bums.” I am afraid that we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg and dread what is coming under Obama. And if my statement sounds racists people can also be “white niggers” if they act in a nigardly (look it up) fashion. Welfare is intended for those who truly need it and not the free loaders that think they are owed anything. Just pisses me off.

  40. Mary Cazeault says:

    I have otherwise intelligent relatives and friends who just refuse to see that this is what is going on and that it’s a crime against our nation. Their brains are ‘bamawashed by the so-called news media and other leftist bullshit.

    We are so screwed.

  41. Woodsman says:

    This makes me sick, when are the people going to say enough is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Howard Gieger says:

    Makes me sick !!!!!! When are the people going to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

  43. DT says:

    Just ANOTHER slap across the face of Americans…..When are we going to quit turning the other cheek and stand up for what is right and moral????

  44. David Glasscock says:

    It seems the Obama family is just taking a ride off the American people, they all need to be sent back to Africa! Or where ever he (President Obama) is from, still unsure, I know it isn’t America!!!

  45. Mike Onyango Obama says:

    It’s on the internetz so you KNOW it’s true!

  46. casey says:

    what an ugly person is it human?

  47. danny allison says:

    The PRESIDENT is the SCUMBAG fir not doing his duty!!

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