TIME Magazine: ‘Undocumented Americans’ Contender for ‘Persons of the Year’

reall-illegals-09381We all have heroes- people we admire. I am the first to admit that some of mine might seem like odd choices- Howard Hughes ended up being crazy, but only after being a genius. Andrew Jackson embodied a strong federal government, but simultaneously led through grit and determination.

Who does TIME Magazine admire? Illegals.

As they do every year, TIME has pondered the role certain people or groups have had in shaping the world. This year, treading carefully to phrase it exactly right to promote their liberal agenda, TIME has considered “Undocumented Americans” as being one of the top contenders for the role of “Persons of the Year.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Who are ‘undocumented Americans?’” They are not Americans that simply lost their Social Security cards; what they mean, but will not say, is illegal aliens.

But what else could we expect from the same liberal hacks that considered Sandra Fluke for the same honor for her efforts to have Americans pay for her sex life.

With 82.54% of voters on their website saying that illegals should “definitely” be the people of the year, TIME described their plight thusly:

“An invisible population stepped forward on June 15, 2012, to stake its claim to the American Dream. On that day, President Obama declared that certain undocumented immigrants — a group simply labeled ‘illegal’ by many — would not be subjected to deportation, under broad-ranging conditions. Suddenly the logjam of immigration reform shifted, as more than 1 million undocumented young people who had been in the country for the past five years found themselves with new opportunities.

What is more, the sympathies of other groups of people who have undocumented relatives — and thus are mindful of their plight — may have clearly shifted to a President on a campaign for re-election, as evidenced by the preponderance of Hispanic and Asian-American voters casting their ballots for Obama. Chastened by the results of the vote, the GOP has warmed to a legislative fix, increasing chances of comprehensive reform.”

How anybody could describe the plight of criminals in such kind, admirable terms is astonishing! This is not a civil rights issue where downtrodden Americans rose up to stand up for themselves and claim their rightful place as equals- this is a population of illegal immigrants that though their very being in this nation is illegal, has felt emboldened by our government’s tacit approval of their criminal activities to the point where they now feel safe to flaunt their criminality.

Furthermore, that TIME could frame their influence on American politics as some triumphant societal good is not only ridiculous, but a stark reminder of how divided this nation has become.

That we can no longer agree that criminal activity and utter disregard for the law should not be celebrated, than what does that say about the prospects of working with liberals to achieve a better America? “Undocumented Americans” is an offensive term that suggests that they are Americans because they say so. They’re not “undocumented,” they didn’t lose their papers; they’re illegal.

If TIME Magazine wants to nominate a group that has had the greatest impact this year, they ought to nominate the American taxpayer. Because 53% of us are supporting the other 47%, and I can’t help but feel that that is somehow more meaningful to the continuation of our country than a group that is working to undermine it.

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One Response to TIME Magazine: ‘Undocumented Americans’ Contender for ‘Persons of the Year’


    If they cannot get nutcases and evil people like Obama, his supporters, and all his cronies out, then people really should join Texas and 20 to 30 other states who want to secede from the Obamanation (which is really not the U. S. anymore because a lot of what Obama has done violates the Constitution and are impeachable acts). Texas has the largest economy, debt free among all the states. Together with these other seceding states, they could field a military with just as capable nuclear weapons, missiles, planes, tanks, etc. as the states who want to stay with the Obamanation. They could also successfully win a nuclear exchange with the Obamanation if forced to do so by the Obamanation in a civil war. I pray it doesn’t come to that, but we can no longer take the pile of manure that Obama has turned the former U. S. into. Obama has committed the offenses of Fast & Furious, blocking the Keystone pipeline, blocking all drilling in the Gulf (caused by one of his campaign supporters, BP, a BRITISH oil company), violated EXISTING federal laws on illegal immigration, is not eligible to be President [Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse has proven that his long form birth certificate is a forgery, only one of his parents is an American citizen, he was NOT born in Hawaii or on American soil (including a U. S. military base--I saw his footprint on his Kenyan birth certificate), his Selective Service card is a fake, his Social Security card is a fake, and all his college and school records have been sealed], and a whole host of other impeachable crimes. And wnd.com has reported that there has been massive voter fraud in the last presidential election on his part. Plus, he has received campaign contributions from foreign countries and sources, a direct violation of U. S. law, making him ineligible to be on the ballot. The fact that we have not as a nation (including Congress, of course) impeached him despite all of this, is testament to the fact the ignorant, liberal, morally corrupt Obamanation is now the government of the former U. S. To anyone who disagrees, check out my facts and I’ll check out yours.

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