Think Gun Control Through

Just try itIf Democrats want to waste political capital trying to criminalize guns, I say, “Great,” because it’s never going to happen.

When I hear screeching idiots pushing gun control after every tragedy, I often wonder about their ability to think. Let’s play the game for a moment and imagine what the enforcement of gun control laws would look like.

Likely, the government would start with an amnesty day where people could “turn in” their guns, probably also receiving a cash payout. Many guns would be peacefully surrendered this way but the problems would be just beginning.

Then the real problems would start. First, you would have entire communities, including law enforcement, which would refuse to institute the ban. You think Sheriff Joe is going go round up peoples’ guns?

To maintain the rule of law, the feds would be tasked with enforcement. By this point, the gun owners who refused to participate in the “amnesty” will have organized and will coordinate to defend the rights of every gun owner in their community.

The question for the gun-grabbers: are they willing to use guns to take our guns? Because that is the only way MILLIONS of us will give them up. Since that is not just an idle threat, gun-grabbers would have to launch a bloody, civil war to get what they want; so can we move onto something that matters?

Hey, did you know that the Federal Reserve is shelling out 85 billion dollars-a-month; can we talk about that, please?

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One Response to Think Gun Control Through

  1. LINDA EUBANKS says:

    owning a gun..or guns is my right….owning ammo is my right. I have registered them and I have a life license to carry. I am disabled – a older woman- and I can’t run….hardly can walk. I live in America…..and I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY RIGHTS. The only thing that is scarey to me is that we now have a man in our presidential office that wishes to have power over me and all of us. I WILL FIGHT TILL THE END TO IMPEACH THIS MONSTER.

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