These Assholes Want To Make It More Complicated

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” width=”300″ height=”293″ />I’m incredibly frustrated. Doesn’t anybody in Washington get it? Our economy is sputtering, our national morale is plunging, work ethic seems to be disappearing and everyone is so caught up in the game that they can’t see what’s happening. Regular people are being prevented from doing business with each other without massive government burdens. Anyone who has tried to start a business recently understands that the tax code is a complete train wreck. Republican leadership and the Democrats agree that it isn’t complicated enough because some of us are still making it through the cracks. If we want to spur real economic growth in this country, we need to empower people to implement their ideas by SIMPLIFYING THE TAX CODE. I’ve come to accept the idea of paying taxes; but we can’t have a real discussion about “fair” in this country because the code is so complicated.

I know this: the President’s proposals aren’t aimed at Tim Geithner’s friends on Wall Street or Obama’s friends in corporate America- they have teams of attorneys and lobbyists to get out of anything this corrupt Congress passes. No, it’s aimed directly at the tireless American entrepreneur because, despite their best efforts, we keep finding ways to compete with them. They don’t want you to start competing with them because they know that their weaknesses are glaring.

People are trying to figure out their tax burden and they need to know that all we are getting from the assholes in Washington is to make it more complicated. You want to have a discussion on taxes start by explaining every way that the government collects my money through taxation. I think “fair” would be the confiscation of about 20% of my income, but we can negotiate how much the government deserves when they can tell us how much they are taking.

When the national debate moves to taxes, we need to maintain message discipline. This is our STRONGEST ARGUMENT say it with me now:

SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY and unleash the next generation of American dreamers!

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2 Responses to These Assholes Want To Make It More Complicated

  1. ontarget says:

    taxes have become the Black hole where money disapears never to be seen again. Reguardless of how much we dump into it ,it’s never enought! the kids on the Hill can spend it faster tahn we can make it.
    Taxes were intended to produce things that states couldn’t afford to do alone. when i see my money being spent to build sidewalks in places wher eno one would ever use then and being built by illeagles working on construtions crews, that pisses me off!
    the governement greed isn’t just in Washington any more the state and local governments have used Washington as a role modle, adding addional charges to our bills, charges for flying into their city, charges fro renting a hotel room in their city, charges for having a drink in their city, on and on they go. they ask to keep old tax money when a bond is paid off then ask for more moneies to build things we don’t need or want. the problem is the same people that put Obrac back in office ,vote yes on this crap, like my wife she never thinks about the money we’d paid or what it will cost, all she sees is “how nice that will look.”

  2. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    Don’t you get it? These a/h have no intention of fixing the problem. They are either overtly trying to destroy America or they don’t care and only want the power they hope to get by going along.

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