The Republican Party Needs to Find a Spine… Fast

RINOTargetConservatives have made it very clear from the beginning of negotiations that Americans are taxed enough and that we cannot afford tax hikes on the job producers to remedy the deficits created by run-amok liberal spending. Something has to be done, and the money needs to come from spending cuts. Americans are tapped-out, but Republicans and Democrats are teaming up to squeeze us for more money with the only point of contention between moderate Republicans and mainline Democrats being just how hard they are going to squeeze.

Speaker of the House John Boehner began the fiscal cliff negotiations by talking tough, but has caved on important issues over and over, each time being rebuffed by the White House who does not wish to negotiate, but wishes to dominate. Sadly, the Speaker seems willing to oblige.

While Democrats began the negotiations by claiming they were seeking $800 billion in tax revenue, they have since advocated for double- $1.6 trillion in tax hikes. Last weekend, Boehner broke from the Republican no-tax pledge and offered $1 trillion in revenue from tax hikes, and the offer was rejected. And why shouldn’t it be? This weak-willed coward was willing to cave; the Democrats know that he is willing to cave again.

Americans need real leadership- not the kind of craven, spineless “leaders” that are selling out principles that they know are right for the sake of political convenience. While Boehner has been calling his groveling “Plan B,” with his already-insane offers of tax hikes being rejected, it’s impossible to hold out much hope for a “Plan A” that could result from firm negotiating that would include no tax hikes.

On Tuesday night, Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, who joined in submitting 160,000 signed petitions that demanded no tax increases last week, spoke on FOX News’ “Hannity.” He stated, (emphasis added)

“When Jay Carney says [Obama] has moved halfway on this thing, what you got to go back and see is the president demanded $800 billion in tax increases. John Boehner starts out and says ‘okay we’ll do that.’ And, what does [the White House] do? They move to $1.6 trillion in tax increases. It’s pretty clear the president doesn’t want a deal.

The president does not want a deal. He wants complete control of the economy, and his policies have delivered this country from bad to worse. As Americans struggle to make ends meet, the subject of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats has become how much they will raise taxes. This is unacceptable!

Whereas Americans need strong leadership to demand spending cuts, Boehner is selling out his Party by caving on every front- only after purging conservative leaders from key financial committees only weeks ago. Enough is enough!

It’s getting more and more pathetic to have this man as a representative of the Republican Party, much less having him as the Speaker of the House. So let’s change that.

We need to make our voices heard and demand that either Speaker Boehner do the job, or we will find someone who will! We have been firm but polite in our demands to be heard; now, we must take action. If Boehner submits to any tax increases for any income level, he should be asked to resign as Speaker or otherwise removed from his position.

Send this article around. Contact your representative by clicking here and tell them to do whatever they can to stop this deal, even if that means a removal of Boehner from his role as Speaker. Contact Speaker Boehner’s office by clicking here and tell him that you demand he stand up for you!

Please, sign this petition which sends letters to your representative and senators, demanding no tax increases.

And, of course, we ask you to spread the word. Utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to contact representatives as well as your friends to make your demands known.

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