Obama Vs. Obama On The Rich (Pic)

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11 Responses to Obama Vs. Obama On The Rich (Pic)

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  2. Eric Robert Jablow says:

    He’s a tax cheat too. Look for the saga of Isabel, his $7,000,000 yacht.

  3. Robert Hanson says:

    Kerry himself may only be worth $240 Million, but his wife is worth over a Billion. Yes a Billion. Isn’t it time they paid “their fair share” in taxes instead of hiding it behind trusts and foundations?

  4. Rich K says:

    Oh, like ANYONE is surprised by this by now.Hypocrite, thy name if Barry.

  5. Rich K says:

    BTW, exactly How many people above him have to die before Kerry gets to be CinC ?
    I only ask so John won’t have to do the math himself. Too busy Parasailing and all that you know.

  6. TeeJaw says:

    Good on you for showing Obama’s hypocrisy so clearly!

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  8. carolus says:

    Make that a super-rich, self-confessed war criminal. He’ll fit right in with the rest of the pirates of this Administration. How many Ambassadors will he allow to be killed?

  9. Rich Dahlen says:

    From Hillary to Kerry–a REAL American hero. Yeah, right.

    Are these really the people we want representing our nation around the world.

    As a Vietnam veteran, I am livid about this liars appointment.

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  11. andycanuck says:

    It’s okay. He married into it; he didn’t earn it.

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