No Matter How Tortured the Logic

Government moneyI have a terrible pit in my stomach over what is happening in this country. The issue I just can’t get past is when you make the distinction between monetary policy and everything else.

See, in monetary policy, Ben Bernanke opens his mouth and *poof* we are the proud new owners of at least 45 billion dollars-a-month worth of nearly-worthless “mortgage backed securities.”

Months later, that apparently wasn’t enough; so Ben opened his mouth and now we are giving an additional 40 billion dollars-a-month to artificially prop up the bond markets.

I could go on and on about how this manipulation of the free market is choking the economic vitality of our nation and simply delaying extremely tough decisions. I think the policies coming from the Fed are terribly malicious and cowardly, but I digress…

When it comes to artificially propping up entire markets and even industries (read: the auto industry), the federal reserve board rubber stamps Bernanke’s bailouts and the 85 billion dollar-a-month spigot starts to flow. When tens of billions are needed to help repair the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, it kicks off a spending party. Imagine the tortured logic these people must apply to feel that it is in anyway moral or ethical to attach a 150 million dollar payout to Alaskan fisheries to a disaster relief bill that didn’t come anywhere near Alaska. This will obviously stall the legislation as someone with sense will surely object to the ridiculous graft being fed into this bill. The real bitch of it is that anyone who doesn’t vote for the bill because of the unrelated graft can expect Jon Stewart to make it look like they don’t want to provide support to hurricane victims in a hilarious way.

Listen to the intimidation being used by Governor Cuomo as he is quoted as saying, “There is no plan B.” It sounds like somebody is trying to make-friendly with some special interest groups who might fund a presidential campaign.

No matter how hard we try, both the political and media establishment refuse to tackle anything of significance.

Now they want to debate taking our guns. Debate all you want -but you can’t have our guns.

I can’t control the media narrative, but together, we have a pretty loud voice. There are real solutions and bold ideas that should be debated but it’s a rare thing to find that in the government. Special interests keep us distracted by assaulting all of our freedoms so that the seemingly infinite well of American wealth can be drilled, barreled, and delivered to the K-Street/Wall Street cabal.

No matter how tortured the logic, there is no excuse to let this corruption and theft continue.

I’ve prioritized my issues and they go like this:

1. Monetary policy reform: I don’t know all the answers. I do know that the place to start is separating investment and depositor banks. Then, we need every state in the union to free our pensions from the Wall Street hostage takers by re-instituting prudence laws. Let’s start with those two things and go from there.

2. Budgetary policy reform: A budget measures incomes and expenses. The federal government needs to simplify how it collects taxes and adjust its spending to fit within the money it collects. It’s pretty simple stuff.

3. The preservation of liberty. It looks like an assault on both our borders and the second amendment are on the way; we will have to be ready.

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One Response to No Matter How Tortured the Logic

  1. LINDA EUBANKS says:

    if we ALL don’t stand up for our freedoms…then we will lose….SIMPLE AS one else to blame. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE OR SEND AN EMAIL OR WRITE A LETTER….IF NOTHING COMES OF IT AT LEAST YOU KNOW YOU TRIED. Myself ….I’m for going to the WHITE HOUSE and shouting from the roof tops…

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