Lesson of the Day: If You’re Going to be Executed, Eat a Cheeseburger!

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om/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Fat-murderer.png” width=”378″ height=”226″ />In a weird turn of events that has to be one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard in quite some time, an Ohio death row inmate actually convinced a parole board to recommend a commutation of his death sentence to a life sentence, in part, because the 450-pound man is too obese.

And Michelle Obama would have you believe that being fat is a bad thing…

“An Ohio state parole board recommended on Friday that an obese Ohio inmate, who had sought to halt his execution over his weight, should have his sentence commuted to life in prison due to concerns over his legal representation.

Ronald Post, 53, was sentenced to death by a three-judge panel in 1985 for the 1983 aggravated murder of a hotel clerk after entering a plea of no contest. He is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on January 16.

A spokesman for Governor John Kasich said he had not yet decided how to act on the clemency petition…

Post’s lawyers have argued that previous counsel should not have advised him to enter a no contest plea without assurances he would not face a death sentence, and that their failure to go to trial derailed some appeals based on his contention that prosecutors misrepresented evidence of his confessions.

The prosecution contended that Post confessed to the murder to multiple people, and once arrested, tried to pay others to kill witnesses.”

Naw, he sounds like a great guy- Like a cross between Michael Moore and Charlie Manson.

Why the hell are we entertaining this idea? The man killed a poor woman in 1985! While the parole board concerns themselves with technicalities, they have lost perspective on the fact that this happened over a quarter century ago. His victim, Helen Vantz, missed out on 27th birthday cakes (whereas Post seems to have picked up the slack). She’s missed 27 Christmases and 27 years of life. She’s dead, this lowlife confessed, and 27 years after the fact, we are considering whether or not he should carry out the sentence given to him because he too-readily confessed and because he’s a fat sumbitch? Give me a break!

“Post’s lawyers had previously argued unsuccessfully that his weight, of more than 450 pounds, in combination with the state’s use of lethal injection, created a ‘substantial risk for serious and psychological pain’ and a ‘torturous and lingering death.’

They have said Post’s obesity would make it hard to find a vein for a lethal injection and that Ohio’s alternate method, an intramuscular injection, might not kill him because of his weight.

The board voted 5 to 3 to recommend commutation of the sentence. Those who opposed commutation said Post confessed to a cold-blooded crime, lacks remorse, and that the questionable defense decisions did not outweigh the circumstances.”

“Psychological pain?” That’s a concern here? A) I sincerely hope he encounters some psychological pain- he killed someone! And B) who the hell feels self-actualized and chipper when they’re getting executed? You’re going to have some psychological pain.

And why is this man getting fed by the taxpayers to such an extent that he can become 450 pounds?

Capital punishment in America works when there can be a strong collective and correlative link between crime and punishment. The murder is old news, and in the justice system, out of sight is out of mind. Deterrence is found in a direct link. Do “A” and receive “B.” Kill someone and you will be put to death. What message are we sending when we say, “Kill someone, and you will receive 27 years of room, board and cheeseburgers.”

With that being said, there’s a very simple solution here. Reaffirm the death sentence, and then shoot him. Fat or not, a .45 will do the trick. Let’s clean up death row. I will personally donate bullets to get the job done.

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