Lansing Mayor is “Proud” of Union Thuggery

While we witnessed a terrific day for the weakening of the union grip on workers in Mic

higan yesterday, we simultaneously witnessed a sad day for political discourse as we were reminded of the type of tactics in which the left is willing to engage as a substitute for thoughtful discussion.

In Lansing, Michigan, union members protested the signing of legislation making Michigan the 24th state to become a right-to-work state, giving union members more choices in their union participation.

The union protests became increasingly more violent as union thugs tore down a tent for Americans for Prosperity, a group that supported the new legislation. As numerous video cameras captured, union members tore down the tent with men and women inside, all the while hurling insults, vulgarities and threats. The tent was then cut up into pieces and handed out as souvenirs to commemorate the savagery.

As conservative comedian Steven Crowder asked people why they were behaving as such, numerous people threatened him with violence and, as it seemed inevitable, Crowder was viciously assaulted by a man repeatedly. As the assault was broken up, Crowder, with hands in the air to show no mutual intent to fight on his part, was grabbed from behind by another union protester until that, too, was broken up.

While this is obviously absurd, what was Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s response to the union thuggery?

“Welcome to Lansing! We are proud to have you here in our city. We welcome you with open arms. And I have to tell you my friends, my brothers and sisters, as ashamed as I am of what happened in that building [the Michigan Capitol], I am proud of you.”

Yes, he is proud of the thugs that worked so hard to silence free speech. He also stated,

“You are a sight for sore eyes. I don’t know when downtown Lansing has ever looked this good. Thank you for reminding everybody who this building and this flag belong to – It’s the people!…

This is the real Michigan. It ain’t the 1%, it’s the 99! It’s the 99! Who’s in charge? The 99! Who is it? Who counts? Who matters? Who’s in the charge? Who makes the rules?”

That’s a nice little nod to the oh-so peaceful occupy movement at the end.

While these abuses stained this wonderful day, let us remember one fact: the governor signed the legislation. These leftist lunatics and bullies can throw fits all they want, but the fact remains that Michigan took the first steps towards reforming its industries in a meaningful way.

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