Hypocrites: Liberals That Dismiss Calls for Secession Were Calling for Secession in 2004

The liberal media has painted the recent calls for secession as the results of the lunatic fringe throwing a temper tantrum in the wake of an election that did not go our way. And while I am not yet of the belief that we have exhausted all possible efforts, these oh-so-enlightened liberals have assumed a smug posturing as they dismiss this discussion as the rants of radicalism.

However, it was just eight short years ago that liberals like MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and Democratic strategist Bob Beckel called for secession after George W. Bush was elected to a second term.

Liberal hypocrites? Shocking…

Just days after George W. Bush was reelected, O’Donnell was on The McLaughlin Group, where he advocated secession for blue states, disappointed with a Bush victory,

“The big problem the country now has, which is going to produce a serious discussion of secession over the next 20 years, is that the segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government.”

To which Newt Gingrich’s former press secretary, Tony Blankley, incredulously responded,

“Did you say secession? Are you calling for civil war?”

“You can secede without firing a shot,” O’Donnell responded.

It was around that same time that liberal blowhard Bob Beckel emphasized his disappointment by saying on Fox and Friends,

“I think now that slavery is taken care of, I’m for letting the South form its own nation. Really, I think they ought to have their own confederacy.”

Now, I certainly don’t take issue with any man weighing the option of secession. It is a bold act that is the embodiment of a nation’s desire to be free. I do, however, take exception to the leftist calls for secession for a couple reasons.

1) They can’t have it both ways. As the left derides the population of the right that is talking about secession, they should be mindful that the left was having this discussion just a few short years ago.

2) While I, too, had my problems with George W. Bush, I feel there is night and day between the justifications for calls of secession coming from the right versus the calls that came from the left. No president, Bush included, has ever been as dismissive of the will of the people as Barack Obama. While critics might be right in their criticism of Bush’s foreign policy, it should be noted that Obama has continued Bush’s agenda of meddling in the Middle East, but with far worse results. Bush’s Administration was not complicit in an illegal gun-running operation to scapegoat gun dealers and owners to justify stricter gun laws. And while Bush failed us miserably on economic issues, the string of economic catastrophes under this administration makes us hope to see the day of only a half-trillion dollar deficit.

In short: the modern-day calls for secession are legitimate expressions of a desire to break away from a sinking ship that threatens both our security and our liberty. The 2004 leftist calls for secession was just boys kicking rocks because they didn’t get their way.

I’m sure Beckel and O’Donnell are happy they stuck around now- we are surely living in the socialist paradise that liberal economics create.

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One Response to Hypocrites: Liberals That Dismiss Calls for Secession Were Calling for Secession in 2004

  1. krissmith777 says:

    I dismissed it in 2004, and I dismiss it now in 2012.

    Agree or disagree with me if you chose, but at least I’m consistent.

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