Flashback: Ted Nugent Shreds Piers Morgan to Pieces on Gun Control

Say what you want about Ted Nugent. He’s opinionated- perhaps even pushy. However, in the age of overly-cautious soundbites and over-the-top sensitivity, Ted Nugent’s brand of in-your-face candor and unapologetic Americanism is as refreshing as iced tea on a hot summer day and as welcomed as a jacket on a cold winter night.

I was recently treated to a flashback of Nugent’s 2011 appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. In the above clip, Nugent hammered away at Morgan to such an extent that I had to share.

Piers Morgan, a British dandy who would know nothing of the pride of growing up in a nation that values an individual right to firearm ownership, has been quite vocal in recent weeks about gun control. Blind to the facts surrounding the controversial topic, the know-it-all Morgan who rose to national prominence judging trapeze artists with David Hasselhoff has been content with lashing out at anyone who challenges his narrative that guns, not ill-intent, causes gun violence.

And while it’s usually satisfying to see him put in his place by a political pundit, well-armed with facts and figures, it is particularly satisfying to see the fiery Nugent shred this pompous twit to pieces while simultaneously spouting facts and figures and telling Morgan to “kiss [his] ass.”

While Second Amendment-loving Americans stoop to liberal talking points and dignify questions like, “Why do you need an ‘assault weapon’ to hunt?” Nugent offers no apologies and proudly claims that those who wish to disarm him can “suck on [his] machine gun.”

Perhaps Nugent can be afforded more freedom than the average political pundit as he is both a musician and political figure; but I submit that when dealing with gun-grabbing fascists, we can all stand to be a little like the ‘Nuge.

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One Response to Flashback: Ted Nugent Shreds Piers Morgan to Pieces on Gun Control

  1. Let'sGetReal says:

    Morgan, you are not even an American so go back to bloody England!

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