Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Claims NRA is ‘Dying’ Despite Record-Breaking Gun Sales

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is known for his fanatical hatred of firearms and, apparently, sugary drinks. He is co-founder of the political advocacy group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), a group of mayors from all across the country that crusade against gun rights.

On Friday morning, the do-nothing, gun-grabbing group, in cooperation with The Center for American Progress Action Fund, held a telephone press conference to discuss a new “bipartisan poll” that concludes that the NRA has lost its effectiveness as a political advocacy group.

An email released by the group stated,

 “The Center for American Progress Action Fund will host a press call tomorrow to release the findings of a new bipartisan poll by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The poll finds that despite spending nearly $12 million this election season, the National Rifle Association was not able to move the needle this November because more voters trust President Barack Obama on guns and support gun-law reforms.

Republican polling firm Chesapeake Beach Consulting and Democratic polling firm Momentum Analysis surveyed 500 people in Colorado, North Carolina, and Virginia who voted in the 2012 presidential election and they found that the gun lobby’s spending was ineffective, as was recently revealed by the Sunlight Foundation and Media Matters.”

Well, if the highly respectable Media Matters for America organization says it, than it must be true.

The report relied heavily on the assertion that the gun rights issues did not resonate with voters in several key swing states. However, the report seems to rely on simplified methods for their conclusions. While it may be true that gun rights issues did not dominate the headlines across the country, this election was not about gun rights nearly as much as it was about economic issues. To conclude that Americans trust Barack Obama on gun issues is like declaring that Americans side with Obama on environmental issues- another issue dwarfed by talk of the economy.

Despite what President Obama might say, simply retaining the Oval Office does not mean that America sides with his every position. We have not issued him a mandate to do as he sees fit in any given situation- Americans have given him the opportunity to govern as we see fit. That’s what an elected leader does in a Republic.

Case in point- Americans are so onboard with President Obama’s stances on gun control that since his reelection, gun sales have skyrocketed. That sure does speak volumes on, exactly, how Americans feel about Obama’s stance on gun control (and it likely says something about their faith in his ability to provide an economic recovery as well).

So, if the NRA is so ineffective, why have so many people gotten the message that we ought to stock up on firearms and ammo? According to MAIG Director Mark Glaze, “The NRA has been working to generate an atmosphere of fear and hysteria.”

The NRA is supposedly ineffective, but by Glaze’s own admission, they have been effective at providing the proper messaging. I’m not sure Mr. Glaze has thought this through all the way…

The NRA is alive and well. While gun rights issues are not at the forefront of American politics at the moment, gun grabbing liberals do not recede into the woodwork forever. They retreat, regroup and wait to pounce on the next horrific act of violence, hoping that that will be the incident awful enough to scare people into supporting unconstitutional legislation. How these anti-gun groups operate is as macabre as they are un-American.

The NRA is a group dedicated to preserving the right that protects all the other rights. They strive to protect the means to protect lives when police can’t. And while I am frustrated at times with the small-fish issues they let go to go after the bigger-fish issues, they are preserving a fundamental right guaranteed to each and every American citizen- a right that cannot be infringed upon.

To learn more about the NRA or to become a member, please click here

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