Why A Conservative Third Party Is A Terrible Idea

Respectfully, I have to disagree with Herman Cain’s call for a Third Party in the strongest of terms. It might be emotionally satisfying, but it would be doomed before it got started.

Appearing on Bryan Fischer’s radio program this afternoon, Cain called for a large faction of Republican Party leaders to desert the party and form a third, more conservative party.

“I never thought that I would say this, and this is the first time publicly that I’ve said it: We need a third party to save this country. Not Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites. No. We need a legitimate third party to challenge the current system that we have, because I don’t believe that the Republican Party … has the ability to rebrand itself,” Cain said.

…It is more viable today than it has ever been,” Cain told Fischer today of a third party.

Saying a third party is “more viable today than it has ever been” is like saying that putting a trampoline on one side of the Grand Canyon makes it more viable than ever before to jump it from end to end. In other words, it’s true, but completely irrelevant.

Keep in mind that the last successful Third Party in American history was the Republican Party, which was able to almost completely replace the Whigs within three election cycles because that party, like the Democrats, was pro-slavery. Had the Republican Party not managed to so thoroughly and completely replace the Whigs, it would have actually been a disaster for opponents of slavery because both parties would have split the anti-slavery vote.

What makes anyone think that the Republican Party, which raised over a billion dollars, controls the House and came close to winning the presidency is ready to fold if it’s challenged by another credible conservative party? What makes anyone think Republicans in Congress would change over to the new party en masse? If there’s any evidence whatsoever that would happen, it’s hard to spot. Where would the new party raise the billions in money needed for existing infrastructure and marketing, on top of the money it would need to campaign? Additionally, how could a new party brand itself in a way that it draws more votes than the Republican Party without becoming the Republican Party? Even if the party took off, what makes anyone think it wouldn’t prove to be just as corruptible and controllable by the establishment as the GOP?

Meanwhile, as all these questions are being answered, keep in mind that the clock will be ticking. We don’t have any Israeli style system where the GOP and the new third party could form a government together. A race where the GOP receives 30% of the vote, the third party receives 30% and the Democrat candidate receives 40% of the vote would be a win for the Left. With numbers like that, Democrats could put Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and Bill Maher in office if they wanted to do it.

What it all comes down to is that a serious attempt to form a rightward leaning Third Party would be the best thing that ever happened — for liberals.

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11 Responses to Why A Conservative Third Party Is A Terrible Idea

  1. BWP says:

    And based on performance, where is this ‘conservative’ Republican party so many people believe exists? As the Federal gov’t has gotten larger every year, even during years when the Republicans ran Washington, I’d have to say a conservative party is exactly what we need–especially if it was a second party rather than a third party in scale…..

  2. Ray Barata says:

    I see you’re point from a practical standpoint, but we’ve not been served by the GOP establishment. They’ve been outmaneuvered at every turn and have done nothing remotely strategic to set course for future electoral wins. Consider the DNC for one moment. In 2004, crazy Howard Dean started the wheels turning for a 50 state strategy, building the infrastructure for a hard core turn out machine. Nominally “red” states like Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia were turned in 2008, and battleground states like Ohio and Florida were gotten. That initial groundwork continued in the basic electoral sweeps in 2012.

    All of it was started because the DNC had political pros, not some sort of misbegotten “nice” guys at the top. While Dean and Tim Kaine were laying the groundwork, the RNC put Michael Steele and Reince Preibus out there playing patty cakes and trying to play catch up.

    Until the GOP is ready to actually wage war for hearts and minds, and do the dirty work, conservatives in the wilderness like myself will continue to gravitate towards the notion of a Conservative Third Party – I don’t see what comes out of the GOP machine to get things done.

  3. Marty Robinson says:

    I would vote for a conservative third party right now because….I have no other choice. With liberal Republicans like you insisting that we continue to move to the left while real conservatives just have to come along for the ride and shut up, what else can we do?

    We are being forced out. Like Reagan said of the Democrat party long ago “I didn’t leave them, they left me.”

    What would we lose really? With the party leadership determined to keep going the way it is, we could only lose a spot on what is essentially the other Democrat party. And it’s not like we’re going to miss out on any of the big victories that the liberal Republicans have been giving us.

    The best off all outcomes would be for the liberal Republicans to finally go were they really belong and join the Democrat party. That way, instead of dragging the Republican party down by trying to get it to adopt liberal policies, they could try to convince the Democrats to become fiscally responsible! lol How much do you think they would put up with that?

  4. Jeff says:

    So what?
    We lose now anyway, and the corrupt GOP leaders, when not wasting my money in strip clubs, is busy cramming one losing candidate after another down our throats. Can we do worse? I will never give the GOP another blessed dime because they are as corrupt and monolithic as the Dems. Conservatives are currently told; ‘sit down and shut up, you got nowhere left to go’ by the Republican party. And what happened tuesday? THEY STAYED HOME!

    Maybe a third party can’t win, but the second party can’t win either. A new party can only shrink the power of the Republican party, or force them to adopt more conservative views.

    We keep losing by degrees, burn the GOP to the ground. now.

    “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the “new wonderful good society” which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean “more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious”.”
    — Marcus Tullius Cicero

  5. Zombee says:

    Romney won the nomination by spending tens of millions of dollars knee-capping his conservative opponents in the primaries and then handed the election to Obama because he and his campaign team spent most of the campaign mired in the establishment Republican folly of trying to win by standing for nothing.
    The “stand for nothing” strategy didn’t work for Ford’s 1976 campaign, it didn’t work for George H.W. Bush’s re-election and it certainly didn’t work for Bob Dole and John McCain.
    Republicans never, win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda.
    While Obama and the Democrats threw down the gauntlet on the social issues — such as same-sex marriage and abortion — Republicans ran away from such issues as same-sex marriage, religious freedom and Obama’s war on the Catholic Church. You couldn’t find any mention of the Constitution or the conservative social agenda in a Romney ad or in a Rove-run Super PAC ad or an ad run by the national GOP.
    The leaders who forced those kinds of candidates on us — and manipulated the GOP rules to force the Party to change from a grassroots-driven Party to a Party driven from the top-down by Washington insiders — should resign. Including Reince Priebus, Committee Chairman John Cornyn, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and other Republican leaders behind the epic election failure.

    Many Conservative Tea Partiers are leaving the GOP and going Independent for the mean time . I just did.

  6. bruce mercer says:

    yes, how’s that gop working out for us. even when we win we don’t get anything of significance done, just slow down the rate of destruction and corruption. maybe a new party that could attract those not comfortable with either major party can succeed. (and keep the “elites” out if possible)

  7. Xiaoding says:

    Congratulations on your dramatic loss. Thamk God, that in these trying times, there are people out here, who simply will not learn!

    If it were up to people like you. we would be arguing about the latest tax imposed by some English king.

  8. Thomas says:

    It seems to me that the reason people are calling for a 3rd party specifically after losing this time is because the GOP establishment started its narrative IN THE MIDDLE OF ELECTION NIGHT that the party was losing because it is not socially liberal enough.

    Rather than fight the battle for the 100th time to win the platform, which is meaningless, only to acquiesce to a socially liberal candidate who wants more immigration and does not care about abortion or marriage, then have that candidate lose and be blamed for his loss after having sold out to get out the vote for him….maybe you can cut your losses and try to beat them???

    Or, are you just schmucks.

  9. WGB says:

    Never believed in third party until now. Lets start a third party and see what happens. Nothing to lose. Support conservative candidates. If Republicans see the light and support the same conservative candidates, so much better. But currently mainstream republicans don’t care about conservatives, and they lose.

  10. Zombee says:

    Conservatives and Tea Partiers need to ignore the GOP scare tactics about the dangers of a third party. Its time to dump the GOP and don’t support them with another dime. If now is not the time for a third party , then when will it be? What could be worse than the country club establishment progressive RINOs that stand for nothing, and have abandoned the conservative principles that they used to stand for?

  11. Kevin says:

    Respectfully, I disagree with your idea of no 3rd part. Never before in history is the time more “ripe” for a 3rd party introduction. Why? because, there is no substantial difference in the two parties we have now, only minor. I think the new party should be called the Tea Party. It has good clear name recognition and folks that know about it now, know what it stands for (1/3 of the battle). From there, start educating the public, who we are, what we stand for and why we’re different. If started early, by the next election cycle we’ll be ready. Bold colors of contrast, that’s what Reagan said. People have to quit playing it safe and start getting bold. For our children’s sake, we must give it try.

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