Two Dependency In America Charts That Will Blow Your Mind

The two “D’s,” debt and dependency, are taking America down the path towards doom. You already know about the debt, but you may not have realized quite how bad the dependency has gotten.

As quantitied, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earning gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

But perhaps the scariest chart in the entire presentation is the following summarizing the unsustainable welfare burden on current taxpayers:

For every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance
For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government.

We’re almost to the point where everybody who works for a living will either have his own welfare recipient or government employee to support — and that’s before we even take into account Medicare and Social Security, both of which are running in the red right now.

You can talk about nice and mean, fair and unfair, good and bad — but at the end of the day, somebody still has to pay for all this stuff and we’re rapidly running out of those people.

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26 Responses to Two Dependency In America Charts That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Bill Abrams says:

    The general public does not have a clue about economics, accounting or statistics.
    Many politicians are perfectly willing to ignore them because reelection is more important to them.
    BUT ignorance and self delulsion are taking the country down an increasingly dangerous path. To reverse the course is still possible, but involve sacrafice and risks
    violence either from riots, police state or revolution.

  2. joe m says:

    We must stop all Obummers moochers. Gov’t employees collecting?????? We have to start all over by voting out all of these self serving b–stards in Congress!

  3. gator says:

    the welfare system has been abused more every year because we have allowed it. blacks have been trained to stay on government dole for 60 years now. the more babies they make the more money they get. now everything is a civil right, cable tv, internet, cell phones! they have ebt cards that they use to buy what they want. free housing, clothes, food, medical, cable tv, internet, cell phones, the list is endless. those who have worked thier entire life have access to none of this and yet the free loaders do! what happened to going to the government building once a week for surplus food such as milk, cheese, meat, bread? things they cannot sell for drugs. what happened to keeping welfare soaks in the housing projects instead of among working people? now thier drugs, rapes, murders, robberies are among us and our neighborhoods are no longer safe. where is the incentive to get work when you get everything for free? welfare was never designed to be a permanent lifestyle and yet that is what it has become! our government talks about social security and medicaid as “entitelment” as if it is some sort of welfare! i worked 60 hour weeks for 41 years paying into these systems! damn right i am entiteled to this money! the reason these systems are gong broke is because our government made these into slush funds to pay for everything else! clinton passed 2 laws while in office giving illegal aliens access to our social security. get rid of “affirmative action”, “no child left behind”, “trophies and awards for everyone” whether you applied yourseld and achieved or not. get rid of welfare, ebt cards, free internet, cell phones and cable tv! put all government employees on the ssi system like the rest of us, especially politicians! put thier retirement monies back into our ssi and stay the hell out of it! it belongs ONLY to those of us who worked and payed in. if you want the things i have get off your lazy rearends and get a job! i don’t owe you anything! if you don’t apply yourself in school then fail, work at Mcee Dees for a career and live in a maytag box! let one generation fall on thier face a recieve no help except through Christian charities at churches! see how fast the next generation falls in line and studies and works to achieve something when they find that the gravy train has pulled out of the station for the last time never to return. get rid of ALL FOREIGN AID!! that is our version of worldwide welfare!! again “I OWE NOONE ANYTHING”!!! the charities that i pay into every month are because i am a Christian and not because my government forces me to support welfare pigs who have never and will never contribute to society! they will always be a drain on the rest of us until we say “ENOUGH”!

  4. Sunny says:

    What has happened to ENCOURAGING people to work instead of making babies and collecting handouts that are paid for by the PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE of America? When I was young it was a DISGRACE for people NOT TO SUPPORT the children they produced, but today they are having them in the double digits because our current system has made it so profitable for them to do so. I know a woman who has had a baby a year for the past 15 years and gets paid over $4,000/month and all the other benefits. She is doing nothing but breeding the NEXT WAVE OF CRIMINALS. These people are proud of how they are “gaming” the system. I just saw a video of a young woman who named all the handouts she gets, and she asked, “Why would ANYBODY work in America?” These people are so uneducated that they think these “freebies” come from Obama. I saw a young man on TV who has SIRED 30 children by 10 different women (4 of his girlfriends had babies in the same year TWICE). I used the word SIRED because there is no way that man FATHERED those children. Fatherhood is the farthest thing from that young man’s mind. He should be sterilized. America is sunk if we don’t wise up and stop this system. They are “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

  5. oldgringo says:

    So…..Mitt Romney was correct….The 47% will never vote for him…..Why?….Because like with Detroit and California…..These people are elated with the aspects of more free stuff…..More free cell phones…..more free housing…..more free food stamps…..more free contraceptives…..more free drugs….more free medical…..America the land of Opportunity….Just give em more “free” stuff and they’ll keep voting the Democratic ticket until there’s no one left to pay for all the “free” stuff….Then what?…..Riots in the streets like in Greece….They riot because they just want their accustomed “free” stuff back!

    • Randy131 says:

      Get ready for the riots, because there will be no more free stuff by 2014. Obama’s supposed fix for the deficits are to raise the tax on the top 10% of earners, which will only pay for the daily deficit spending for 7 days, leaving 358 days with deficit spending of more than $4 billion per day at today’s rate, which when Obamacare kiciks in in 2014 will increase by another $1 billion a day, and the taxes it creates in 2013 will cause 700,000 more lay-offs, which also will increase the daily debt in 2013. Since China, with $1.3 trillion US Treasury Bonds, and Japan, with $1 trillion US Treasury Bonds, have quit buying anymore Us Treasury Bond in 2011, the largets holder of US Treasury Bonds for the US National Debt is the Federal Reserve Board, with over $8 trillion in US Treasury Bonds, bought with ‘FIAT’ dollars, created and printed out of thin air. By 2015 Obama will have to declare ‘Martial Law’ because of the riots in our streets, caused by a worthless currency, the US Dollar, that will buy practically nothing, negating all Social Security payments, and all the savings the elderly have in the banks to sustain themselves. People with guns in the streets will get what they need, meaning all law enforcement families won’t go hungry. Even during this holiday season, when jobs are being added, the unemployment numbers of each weeks newly unemployed have gone up to averaging over 400,000 a week again, what’s it going to be like when the holiday season is over and those added jobs will be gone and even more people will get laid off each week? We are now worse off than Greece, which people will start to find out come June, 2013.

    • dianabug says:

      Absolutely! And you always know something is true when the liberal media has a flippin hissy about it.

    • Andy Anderson says:


  6. CatInATuxedo says:

    You know, I came to this country with my single mother and an older sister when I was a twelve year old lad fifty five years ago. Absolutely no support (Mom cleaned houses). Yet grew up believing in America, appreciating the freedom and opportunities, getting married, raising two college graduates – conservatives like myself. We have worked very hard and no one has given us jack. Now seeing and living in this great experiment which has been assaulted breaks my heart for the worse is yet to come. We have a Congress, Senate, Judical, and Executive power structure that has robbed us blind just so they can stay in their club of entitlement. The halcyon days ahead look dim. I would fight and sacrifice for the real America we grew up with. Deport all Illegals, ban all mosques, English only, voting by merit and understanding of the issues, no more foreign money in political camapigns, right to c&c, marriage only btween man & woman (others write up papers for sharing gains accumulated and for medical and legal decisions), no Obamacare, stay out of religions (except muslims as they are truly against us Infidels – and on and on and on!

  7. Zeek says:

    The true outrage in all this is that the truly needy are being ripped off by the parasites. When I grew up, being a bum was not considered a defensible lifestyle choice. If you didn’t work and you panhandled, you were looked down upon by society and were ostracized. Truly needy people applied for and received public welfare or private charity, often through religious charities.

    Our parents taught us the value of work. While they ridiculed the bums and the goldbricks right along with the rest of the townspeople, they taught us that anyone who worked was just as good as we were, that no job was beneath us or unattainable by us, that if the man who rode on the back of the garbage truck did his job well, that he was the moral superior to an able-bodied man who chose to sponge off of society. That said garbage man, in fact, who gave an honest day’s work, was the moral superior of someone with a more prestigious job who loafed at work or did barely enough to get by.

    Those days are gone. You don’t have to work for a living any more now that you can vote for a living.

  8. ken says:

    I am a 79 year old white male. On May 17.,2010, lost my beloved wife of 56 years. Therefore, in 2011, I filed my income taxes as a single person for the first time since I was 21. My wife and I spent a lifetime of doing without making unnecessary purchases of material things, we rarely went to the movies, we did not chase around the bars for entertainment. We did go out to eat once a week in later life but remembering how we started we never stepped out of our efforts to save.. My first income tax bill after her loss was $4200 above the previous year. I must admit that I really get downright pissed off when I know that I am supporting the third and fourth generations of these leaches.

  9. John West says:

    Leftists do not believe in math. That is why it is over.

    As America fails it’s math test, it becomes African America complete with monkeys and no future.

  10. Dorothy Roberts says:

    I TOTALLY agree. Honest WORK was the rule. Churches helped those in NEED & decent people would not deceive the churches. Today non working people have the mistaken idea that SOCIETY OWES them a living. Check out the number of people receiving food stamps & any other available support who have a luxury life style – computers. i-pods, automobiles everything available which OTHER people WORK for.
    Wish some of these vultures could live in some other countries (where things are NOT handed to them) for awhile and be thankful for the concern of their fellow man and NOT
    abuse their generousity

  11. Betty S. says:

    We all continue to talk about Welfare and Government dependancy and how it is worsening with time, but we don’t take the time to do anything about it. If we want to make a difference in America, we must start by letting our voices be heard! My daughter and I were talking about this very thing this afternoon and I’m planning to bombard the Senators and Representatives in Washington and in my state about this situation. If we all would commit to doing that maybe we would get through to someone who will initiate some legislation to change the situation soon. One of the problems is we let people get on Welfare and stay on it their whole lives and that’s not right. It has become a way of living through generations. Time limits should be set as to how long they can stay on it.

  12. AppraisHer says:

    The statement “For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government” makes no sense. If a person works for the government, they are employed in the PUBLIC sector, not the private sector. Did they mean “For every 1.25 employed persons, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government”?

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  14. Graycat says:

    Several weeks ago, Roger Hedgecock, former mayor of San Diego, and now conservative talk show host shared this story with his listeners. Earlier this year he was in Gainesville, Florida and went into a Publix grocery store to purchase of few items. The woman in checkout line in front of him appeared to be about 35-40 years old. She handed her purchase to the checker lady–one grape, yes, one grape. The checker lady placed the lone grape on the scale, tapped in the price code on the keypad and said “that’s two cents.” The woman whipped out her EBT card, swiped it through the card scanner, asked for $24.00 in change and walked out of the store with the money. The cashier tossed the grape into the trash can. When Roger asked the cashier about what she thought of what just happened, she said she could or would not comment because she was on company time. He asked her if she could answer the question if that sort of thing happens often. She replied it happens all the time. If hundreds of songs can fit on a device the size of a postage stamp, then EBT cards can be programmed to only provide change to the nearest dollar–someone buys $22.75 in food he/she receives 25 cents in change.

    Another case in point. A few weeks ago, Mark Levin shared this story. The young woman (about 32 years old) who cuts his hair (and yes, he does get his haircut!) addressed him as “Mr. Levin” and continued to tell him how well things are going for her. She enjoys her decent paying job, has good employee benefits and thanks to her three kids, each from a different “father” pays no federal income tax thanks to the tax benefits/credits she receives for the little darlings. This is in Loundon County, Virginia–the wealthiest county in the entire country. End of Mr. Levin’s story.

    Even if she commutes to Loudon County to her job from Fairfax County–the second wealthiest county in the nation, this is absolutely shameful. We are rewarding bad behavior. Vasectomies and tubal ligations are needed for men and women who behave in that manner. And I don’t care what the liberal drones think.

  15. Drop Dead Fred says:

    As the old adage goes. If you can’t beat them join them.
    The only way to eliminate such wanton distruction of our nation is from within. Impload their system of greed and Gross fiscal misconduct.
    Become the backwards politition, overpaid government employee or welfare recipient. help the system collaps under the strain of its own perponderance.
    Then after this liberal insanity has fallen to the way side and burried in an unmarked grave those persons who actually know how economics work can get back to business rebuilding this nation back into the once great nation it was.

  16. L. R. says:

    As sad as it sounds, unless an individual is a “contributing” member of society…….by working, NOT on permanent welfare…..they should NOT have a right to vote. Endless welfare promotes voting FOR THOSE WHO PROVIDE IT. This society will continue to vote for the Democrats seeing to their continued assistance. Stopping their ability to vote, if on welfare for two or more years, should give them the incentive to get a job if they want to vote. It is the ONLY way this nonsense can stop…….otherwise it will continue…….and get worse…..MUCH worse.

  17. Donald Shnyder says:

    At the age of 17 I tried to enlist in the Navy. They turned me down saying my Eyes were to weak, and sent me to the Merchant Marien recruiting office. I join uo and spent the next 5 years in servie. What I have found out since thn is That When Rosevelt and Congress DRAFTED 55,000 Merchant Seamen into an axcillary of the Navy under Military Law. These men were between the ages of 14 and 83, some were handicaped. The Mercant Marine Act of 1938 not only made this LEAGle but it also gave any manafacture of WAR supplies a COST PLUS of 50%. At the time of Japans surrender there were 255,00 Merchant Marines whom till this day have been denied any G.I. bennefits. THE DEMOCRAT Congress and the Repubilcans have passed a Law and then for 60+ years denied that they did it. So you see Not all of the CROOKS are in D.C. but there are VERY few if any HONEST men there.

  18. Jay says:

    Every taxpayer should walk out in defiance of this non-elected president

  19. Frank says:

    How many of the 109.3 million workers in the private sector are below the “Taxable” threshold? I would guess slightly more than 30%. Which means that a little over 70 million people are supporting nearly 90 million takers. Think about it. We are now a “taker” society. I’m sooooo proud! How long before the providers decide NOT TO PROVIDE?

  20. BobF says:

    I am done! People laughed at Ross Perot around 1992 when he brought forth his little charts that showed the trend towards government employment and entitlements and the results shown here just prove Perot understood. Ross Perot was the Tea Party before Ron Paul. Independents refused to do what was necessary to at least stop and test the only other “possible” choice this last election and basically not only allowed but voted (statistics prove they did) for more of this! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I totally understand anyone that thinks there is no difference between Dummycrats and Retardicans but they just proved as an alternate choice they are DIMDEPENDANTS. We are on the fast track now from socialism to communism and I guess its time to settle in for the trip, kick back, relax and watch what the majority of this country has chosen for their future enslavement by either voting for this narcissists or not voting the only other way that would have removed him. If you DID NOT VOTE FOR MITTENS YOU CHOSE TO HAVE O REELECTED. Own it!
    On a personal note (above is factual) when we all understand that you CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY we will stop nominating lawyers for Public office. The legal profession in this country has developed into such a large industry because it can legislate its own outcome like no other for its own benefit. This industry is the gravest danger to anyone’s freedoms living today. I would have chosen Mittens for no other reason than the fact he was not an attorney.

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