Romney Adviser: We Lost the Election Because the Far Right of This Party Has Taken the Party to a Place That it Doesn’t Belong

Still reeling from the defeat, establishment Republicans are running from the right, clinging to the mistaken belief that more-centrist politics will yield better election results. Because the last two moderates the GOP nominated for the presidency worked out really well…

On Sunday, Carlos Gutierrez, the Secretary of Commerce for George W. Bush’s second term and an adviser to Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign was on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley. While we all have come to expect asinine analysis from Crowley, it was disappointing to see the cowardly representative of the establishment GOP trying to distance himself from Romney and sensible immigration enforcement.

Crowley, slanting the question in the most leading way possible, asked,

“You know what Mitt Romney has said…talking about the Obama Campaign, that he went out and gave a lot of stuff to groups that they had hoped would vote for him and motivate them, specifically the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people. He’s talking here about the president’s efforts to help those youngsters who came in with undocumented parents. What do you make of that kind of argument?”

First of all, that is a gross and highly misrepresented synopsis of Romney’s “gifts” comments. He was discussing the modern state of government dependency and how that relates to votes in low socio-economic populations. Honestly, how is this woman still on the air? She is the Keanu Reeves of the news world.

After Crowley was done, Gutierrez, who last week railed against English as an official language, took the bait and piled onto the Romney-bashing wagon and stated,

“I was shocked. And frankly I don’t think that’s why Republicans lost the election- Why we lost the election. I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong.”

I honestly don’t know where this moderate hostility is coming from. Tea Party politics ushered in one of the biggest Republican sweeps in Congress in 2010 as people responded with enthusiasm through grassroots activism. As the Republican establishment shoved another moderate down our throat, we saw lukewarm reception at the polls. Though he dressed up as a conservative and many of us (myself included) warmed up to Romney as a better option than Obama, he still roused lukewarm enthusiasm.

The GOP needs to take a turn to the right and recognize that Americans want and need conservatism- not the backwash of the GOP establishment that has been lingering around and will play to the crowds.

But wait, Gutierrez wasn’t done with his turncoat stances:

“We are the party of prosperity, of growth, of tolerance. I mean these immigrants who come across and what they do wrong is they risk their lives, they come here and they work because they want to be part of the American dream.”

No, no, no- what they do wrong is come here illegally. America has an immigration process; and yes, like every other facet of government, it could be simplified. However, we cannot and should not reward illegal immigration with an “if you can get here, you can stay” mentality. It’s not like tag on a playground- if you make it to “home base” you’re good. This is a land of laws, and we should be willing to discuss changing laws as we see fit. Until then, we need to set an example for those who abide the law and enforce immigration laws. Why is the establishment GOP continually failing to recognize this common sense idea?

There is much to discuss before the midterm elections and the next presidential election. The Republican Party needs to get it together and realize that America needs a distinctly different political party from the Democrats, and trying to move closer to the party of failed, leftist ideas is only going to produce poor election results and embolden an already-too-bold Democratic Party.

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One Response to Romney Adviser: We Lost the Election Because the Far Right of This Party Has Taken the Party to a Place That it Doesn’t Belong

  1. Lunatic Fringe says:

    Hey, I’ll bet we can out Democrat the Democrats.

    How about a ticket of Chris “Crist” Christie and Megan McCans 2016!!!!!

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