Rep. Hank Johnson: Our $174K Salaries Aren’t Elaborate

I laugh every time I think about it…

Remember Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson’s ever-famous concern that Guam would “tip over” during a hearing for the House Armed Services Committee? Well, now he’s back with more nonsense…

For those that may not remember, Hank Johnson is the Congressman who, in 2010, expressed concerns that if there were too many troops stationed on the U.S.-controlled island of Guam, it would tip over. After clarifying the dimensions of the island in relatively specific terms, while motioning with his hands as one would to simulate capsizing, he told Admiral Robert Willard,

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

To which Willard calmly replied, “We don’t anticipate that.”

I referenced this once about a year ago and my wife simply did not believe me. She couldn’t fathom that a grown man, much less a congressman, could believe that an island would capsize like a boat. I showed her the YouTube video, and her response was one of laughter mixed with general concern that this man was in a position of power.

Of course, the official explanation was that he was joking, despite there being every indication that Johnson was dead serious.

In October, Johnson appeared at the Annesbrooks HOA Candidate Forum in Georgia to answer questions. As he attempted to answer questions about the different rules for commoners and government officials, Johnson claimed,

“The benefits and salary that we get, we earn. It’s not elaborate, it’s just a bunch of poppycock that a lot of people have spread around trying to get us to hate our own government and our government representatives.”

According to the Congressional Research Services, the annual salary for most representatives and senators is $174,000 plus benefits. But hey, it’s not “elaborate.”

I am not anti-capitalist. People should earn and keep what they can. However, it becomes my business when:

A)    These people are paid by taxpayers, are earning over three times the average household income and, apparently, don’t have a basic understanding of what an island consists of.

B)    These people spend every waking hour trying to demonize the “rich” in the private sector for having the audacity to earn a successful living. I do not expect our elected representatives to live in poverty, but I object to the inciting of class warfare and the general undermining of capitalism that has become the hallmark of the Democratic Party while they, themselves, are living high on the hog.

I further reject the notion that anger towards our government is manufactured or otherwise undeserved. If Johnson wants to talk about what he and his colleagues have earned, then he should own up to the fact that Congress has earned every bit of contempt and anger directed at them for the woefully inadequate representation Americans receive.

Johnson and other elected representatives need to take a look at the services they provide as compared to the compensation they receive. Considering that the Senate has not passed a budget in over three years, we are $16 trillion in debt, unemployment is still around 8%, our officials aren’t listening to us as they consider job-killing tax increases and their approval ratings are, and have been, in the toilet, I would contend that our representatives and senators are nowhere near having “earned” what they receive.

When they make some meaningful progress towards fixing any one of the numerous disasters they have helped create, then we can talk about their just compensation.

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5 Responses to Rep. Hank Johnson: Our $174K Salaries Aren’t Elaborate

  1. J M Cornwell says:

    I don’t think he is even close to believable. The island of Manhattan has 23.7 sq. mi. and a population of about 1.5 million while Guam has 212 sq. mi. with a population, including the military, of 175,000. And islands don’t capsize unless there is a volcano erupting at the center and breaks it up into fiery pieces that sink into a boiling ocean, but not from people living on it. People also do not live on coral reefs nor do they build hotels or anything on coral reefs. Coral reefs tend to stay in the water away from livable and arable land.

    If you ask me, this guy is paid too much, especially when he cannot even keep his numbers straight while making a point, a stupid point, but a point all the same. Guam is either 12 or 24 miles long by 5 or 7 or 12 miles wide. Probably not. Guam is 30 miles long and from 4 to 12 miles wide (it has an odd shape) and is perfectly capable of supporting a much larger population. It is the 32nd largest island in U.S. territory, so whatever Hank is talking about is plain and utter garbage. Facts, Hank, facts. Something you don’t seem to have a handle on at all.

  2. TF Haller says:


  3. Betty A. Reid says:

    You should be ASHAME, OF YOURSELF!!! You know in your heart that you are not worth a 100.00 dollars as a salary. You sit on your ass, and tell us Guam, is going to capside!! What you earn and the benefits you get are WHATany person in the military should be earning… They put there lives on the line and leave there familys alone for long periods of time, while you take vacation, and leave when ever you decide? If you weren’t wasting our money by what you all take in pay and beneifits! Our debt would never be what it is and I have not heard one of you offer to give back a dime! Mitt, was willing to be president for free and not take one cent pay wise or benefit wise! he is a TRUE AMERICAN, AND WILLING TO GIVE BACK AND HELP SOLVE THE MESS YOU AND THE REST OF YOU!! Who are there to fill your own pockets and have the best of any and all things.. you don’t have to care or worry about the cost of gas or grocerys or anything. BUT, YOU DON’T CARE WHAT OR HOW WE OUT HERE SURVIVE? FOR YOU TO DEFEND YOUR PAY IS PLAIN CRAP, AND YOU KNOW IT. YOU ARE IN MY OPINION A CROOK ALONG WITH ALL THE REST OF YOU!! AND WHEN YOU ANY ONE OF YOU SAY (WE) ALL NEED TO BE WILLING TO GIVE AND DO WITHOUT! THE (WE) DOES NOT MEAN ONE OF YOU IN WASHINGTON, iF I COULD I’D GET WE OUT HERE TO MARCH ON WASHINGTON, AND DEMAND YOU ALL LOSE YOUR PAY AND BENEFITS AND EARN WHAT YOU DESERVE!! WHICH IS NO WHERE NEAR WHAT YOU ARE RIPPING US OFF FOR!!! YOU AND ALL THE REST OF YOU GREEDY PEOPLE WHO SAY YOU ARE THERE FOR US ARE LIEING! GOD, WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERY ONE OF YOU SOME DAY! GREED IS HIGH ON GODS. LIST FOR WRONGS IN THIS LIFE!

  4. Jack says:

    This is unbelievable until you consider the way these idiots run our government. It is obvious that the only people more stupid than the people running our government are the people who elect them. All across the nation thieves, crooks, incompetent politicians, liars, tax cheats keep getting reelected and the best example is the nincompoop that got reelected with such bad policies and achievement records, not to mention the high unemployment, poverty levels, debt level, no budget in the last 4 years, and being a commander in chief that watched an ambassador and 3 Americans get murdered and stood by and did nothing and got reelected. Leave it to the entitleists that want the people who work hard and take the risks, to pay their way so they can skate thru life on the coat tails of the people who strive to make a better life for their families. I can not wait to hear the wailing and crying when there is not enough revenue being put in the coffers by the workers, to pay for these low lifes entitlements and they starve because they are too lazy to work. Yeah, I want to pay for your Obama phone.

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