Overlooked Story of the Day: Obama’s “Grassroots” Foreign Donors

Ever since Citizens United, the left has been shouting, “No fair!” While I’m willing to discuss the finer points of the Supreme Court decision, what seems noticeably absent from the mainstream media is any meaningful discussion about the rampant violations of the campaign finance regulations we do have. If liberals want to have honest campaign financing, they should get their house in order before crying foul over legitimate expression.

The Obama Administration has been financing their campaign on the good ol’ fashioned honor system, making it easy for foreigners to donate to his campaign and influence our elections. And worse yet, the liberal media has remained too quiet on this matter. Where’s the outrage?

Since 2010, I have been hearing ad nauseum the left whine about Citizens United. Whenever a conservative runs, is elected or merely rises to prominence, the left shouts nonsense about corporations buying elections and blame it on the Supreme Court ruling that, essentially, held that donations are expression and protected. Remember that whiny little boy that cried about being “outspent” after Scott Walker won his recall election? I still chuckle about that from time to time…

The Obama Campaign has, effectively, adopted the virtual counterpart to our laughable border policy. They claim that they hope you’re not a foreigner coming to do harm, but are unwilling to do anything to stop it because such illegalities benefits them.

The donation page for the Obama Campaign does not require a CVV number (that number you have to read from the back when you buy something over the phone), which, while not illegal in and of itself, is a “look the other way” policy that enables foreign donors- something which is illegal.

Katie Pavlich of Townhall explains,

“Because of the lack of a CVV code requirement, the door is opened for OFA to accept robo-donations, or in other words, large numbers of small and automatic donations made online to evade FEC reporting requirements. Although it isn’t illegal to decline the use of a secure CVV credit card code for campaign donations, it is illegal to accept campaign donations from foreign sources. Campaigns are required under criminal code not to solicit, accept or receive foreign donations in any amount. The Federal Elections Commission doesn’t require campaigns to disclose the names of donors making contributions of less than $200 unless audited. In addition, FEC rules don’t require campaigns to keep records of those giving less than $50. These rules combined with the lack of a CVV numbers make it easy for campaigns to get away with taking foreign donations.”

The Obama Campaign has been touting in recent months the smashing success of its “grassroots” base that is providing hundreds of millions of dollars in donations of less than $200. It makes sense…

Several instances have popped up on the internet with people drawing attention to the glaring loophole.

According to Breitbart,

“The Obama campaign accepted two online donations from ‘Osama bin Laden’ made from a Pakistani Internet Protocol (IP) address using a disposable credit card and a phony address.

Staff members at World Net Daily say they made the fake donations through President Obama’s official campaign website, BarackObama.com. There, they entered ‘deceased terror chief” as an occupation, ‘al-Qaida’ as an employer, and ‘Osama bin Laden, 911 Jihad Way, Abbottabad, CA 91101’ in the address and name fields. For the phone number they listed the White House information line and used osama4obama2012@gmail.com for an email address. Yet the $15 and $5 donations still went through, despite the fact that the IP address used was from Pakistan.”

Sure, nothing fishy here. A Pakistani campaign contributor uses the name “Osama bin Laden” to anonymously donate money to the Obama Campaign. It seems on the level…

Earlier this month, a Canadian woman actually posted on the Obama Campaign’s website, bragging that she contributes money. She wrote,

“I had donated to the original campaign and will again. I would also give my vote but alas I am a Canadian… but am a staunch supporter of the Obama-Biden Team.”

That’s good. We’ve got illegal immigrants streaming over the border to the South and Canucks influencing our elections from the North. Has America any sovereignty anymore? Before you know it, people will be attacking our sovereign consulates with impunity.


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