Obama, John Kerry and the Degradation of the Executive Branch

This next Obama Administration should be a real doozy. Having stocked his stable the previous four years with tax cheats and various radicals of dubious notoriety, President Obama is still, seemingly committed to his administration being the worst of the worst of what Washington has to offer.

It is rumored that after months of sucking up, John Kerry might have earned enough favor with the president to be assigned the role of either Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Either would be equally tragic and laughable.

To make matters worse, his main competitor for the job of Secretary of State is U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who you may remember as the woman who vehemently defended the lie the Obama Administration and State Department had cooked up about the nature of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. Rice pushed the narrative of the attack being a “spontaneous demonstration” over a YouTube video that merely got out of hand. Nobody bought the lame story, and so the Obama Administration switched gears and blamed the lie on the “fog of war.”

While we contemplate rewarding her level of honesty with the much-coveted Secretary of State position, let’s consider that John Kerry, the Jane Fonda of the Senate, is being considered for the position of Secretary of Defense.

This is a man whose military career had been one of denouncement and outright lies and betrayal of his fellow soldiers. Senator Kerry is certainly entitled to feel however he wishes about his experiences in Vietnam. However, his outlandish accusations of atrocities committed by his fellow soldiers became more and more disgraceful and absurd as he was lavished more and more with attention. As he testified before Congress, he made claim after claim of “war crimes” by his comrades and detailed outlandish barbarism that men in his own platoon have vehemently claimed to be false.

Furthermore, the natures of the medals awarded to Kerry have been called into question by his own comrades and even his own commanding officer, George Elliott. According to men who witnessed the supposed acts that earned the medals, the citations differ greatly from reality and they have questioned how he received them.

Then, as it became politically convenient, he attempted to capitalize on the military career he denounced as he ran for president in 2004. Anyone remember, “Reporting for duty”?

Kerry dishonored himself and his country and it is a shame that this man is allowed within the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building. Now, our radical president may reward Kerry’s betrayal by installing him as head of the Defense Department. That seems fair…

We have seen a week pass since the election, and already we are seeing the same old bag of tricks from the most scandalous and traitorous president in history. Politicians are known for being sleazy, and that will likely never change. However, to seek out the most dishonest and crooked politicians to appoint to the highest levels of government is telling of the kind of president and the kind of man Barack Obama truly is.

Shame on Susan Rice for being party to lies and manipulations to cover up the truth about a terrorist attack that murdered our own citizens. Shame on John Kerry for betraying both his uniform and the men he fought with for his own personal fame. And most of all, shame on Barack Obama for the dishonor he continually brings to every level of the Executive Branch.

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