MSNBC: The Network that Makes TMZ Look Like ‘60 Minutes’

No, but what's his hair look like?!A big congratulations is in order for Steve Frank of The Ed Show and the stellar Woodward and Bernsteins over at MSNBC! They captured the story of the century that will put them on par with the fine journalist at TMZ. Yes, that’s right; they caught Mitt Romney pumping gas while having a bad hair day!

I’m serious. As missiles fly back and forth between Gaza and Israel, while Americans are wondering what the hell happened in Benghazi and why the government lied about it, while we still have no answers in the Fast and Furious scandal and while the economy is still in the toilet, MSNBC actually has the time to dedicate news stories to Mitt Romney pumping gas while having messy hair.

On MSNBC’s website, Frank, who is a staff member on Ed Schultz’ show, wrote,

“The former GOP presidential nominee was photographed Monday night pumping his own gas in La Jolla, Calif., near one of his many homes. (The photo, which was posted to, could not be authenticated.)

‘Mitt Romney at my local gas station,’ the photographer, Reddit user mkb95, wrote. ‘He looks tired and washed up.’ Indeed, Romney’s hair appeared to be somewhat frazzled compared to the slicked-back and immovable ‘do he sported on the campaign trail. And at least for a moment, he appeared to be a bit grumpy. But otherwise, he actually looked fine.”

Outstanding. With so much going on in the world, I am somehow comforted by the schadenfreude of MSNBC as they wallow in the perceived grumpiness of a man pumping gas. I also applaud the journalistic excellence of the staff willing to pass along hushed conjecture as they discuss a photograph by an unknown Reddit user that they can’t even authenticate.

Israel at war, people are struggling to make ends meet, a looming fiscal crisis is nearing closer and closer with each passing second and MSNBC has dedicated their time and effort to discussing Mitt Romney’s hair.

Congratulations MSNBC. You set the bar even lower for journalistic excellence. I expected better (even from you).

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One Response to MSNBC: The Network that Makes TMZ Look Like ‘60 Minutes’

  1. Al Lebo says:

    Liberal fascists like Msnbc have minds so narrow that all of the brains are squeezed out. Vicious little bigots.

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