Menendez Sex Scandal Too Little Too Late

The breaking Daily Caller story that Senator Menendez paid for sex in the Dominican Republic is too little, too late to impact his reelection hopes. Before the scandal, Menendez held a steady 20 point lead over his Republican opponent, Joe Kyrillos. The sad fact of the matter is that the Menendez Campaign will simply deny the allegations and the people of New Jersey are going to remain focused on the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Our best hope for this story is that Menendez will resign in disgrace. This would either trigger a special election or give Republican Governor Christie the ability to pick his replacement, depending on the State Constitution.

More than likely, Senator Menendez will do like most Democrat politicians. This kind of scandal doesn’t usually involve consequences on the left. You only have to look at Barney Frank (gay prostitution ring and marijuana grown out of his home) to know that this will all be old news when he runs for reelection 6 years from now….

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3 Responses to Menendez Sex Scandal Too Little Too Late

  1. Anthony Butler says:

    It’s a shame this country has sunk to such depths that this scandal will not go anywhere. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat or Republican. He is an elected official who represents not only the state of New Jersey but the United States of America. First, we need to find out if these accusations are indeed true. If they are, even if re-elected, he should do the right thing and resign in disgrace so not to hurt the reputation of both his state and the nation (although Obama has pretty much ruined America’s reputation). However, since when has corrupt politicians ever done the right thing for their country. It’s all about power and greed and will continue to be this way until the people take back control of their government.

  2. bill gillen says:

    To tell if a politician is lying or not, simply watch for movement of his/her lips.

  3. Bunny Howe says:

    and these same, fine upstanding politicians thought it was all right to destroy a decent man, Herman Cain, and his family. For what??? Allegations that I would bet my life on someone was paid to bring forth. And, Kennedy, and Clinton, and Edwards, and on and on, in the Democratic party. Not bad enough Obama has “pimped and prostituted” MY Country but I am sure every Democrate will come to this disgusting person’s aid with more excuses than you can shake a stick at. Pathetic double standards. But, then again, what’s new???

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