Liberal Nonsense of the Day: Martyred for a Coyote Edition

A New Mexico gun shop, Gunhawk Firearms in Los Lunas, has earned the wrath of animal rights activists for promoting a coyote hunting contest in a state where livestock is frequently attacked by coyotes. As protests have not deterred the continuation of the hunting contest, animal rights groups have resorted to more extreme measures by circulating petitions, issuing death threats and even threatening to dress up as a coyote to invite a hunter to shoot them so that they can martyr themselves for the most ridiculous of causes.

Courtesy of The Washington Post:

“Gunhawk’s Rick Grosse said Saturday each of about 100 hunters signed a pledge to only hunt on private land with the owner’s permission. He said there’s no shortage of hunting spots because many ranchers lose cattle to coyotes and are happy to see them gone.

The terms of the competition are simple: hunters have two days this weekend to shoot and kill as many coyotes as they can, and the winners get their choice of a free shotgun or a pair of semi-automatic rifles.

Gross said he and his partner, Chavez, decided they needed to go ahead with the hunt on principal after a large shop in Albuquerque pulled out of a planned hunt a month ago because of pressure from activists. He pointed out that hunting coyotes is legal, and noted that paid hunters government hunters take thousands a year to cut the population.

‘We care about public opinion, we care,’ Gross told The Associated Press by phone on Saturday. ‘Honestly we took this over because a big gun shop pulled out because of threats. And we just thought that was wrong.’

‘We’re going to stick to it no matter what — much more on principle.’”

It sounds like a good plan to me. New Mexico has a coyote problem and ranchers are tired of their livestock being attacked. Gunhawk is earning some promotion by sponsoring a hunt, hunters are getting a chance to win a firearm or two, ranchers are getting less coyotes attacking their livestock and the taxpayers are getting people doing for free what others charge to do. It seems like a pretty ideal situation.

Of course, animal rights activists are all bent out of shape because they can’t stand the thought of an animal being killed, while neglecting to think of the animals that will be killed by the coyotes left alive.

According to Susan Weiss, leader of the Coexist with Coyotes group,

“There’s a tremendous amount of arrogance in conducting this hunt. [Chavez] is damaging the reputation of ranchers. He is damaging the reputation of legitimate hunters.”

In addition to the death threats to the owner, the gun store also received a letter from a man who claims that he will be dressing up as a coyote so that participants will feel really guilty once they discovered that they had killed a human.

Yeah, nothing but pure, unadulterated logic and sound reasoning coming from these protesters…

Coyotes are not inherently bad, but they are predators that eat other animals. They eat family pets and they eat livestock that ranchers need to sell to make a living. Cleaning up the coyote population just needs to happen. The issue of animal rights, as a concept, seems noble and kind. However, much of the activism has been hijacked in favor of emotionally-driven extremism with little consideration of the realities of neither the natural world nor the modern world.

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14 Responses to Liberal Nonsense of the Day: Martyred for a Coyote Edition

  1. Jerry Winkler says:

    I commend you for standing up to these yokels and for your principles. Open fire and kill a couple for me.

    • I want to see the little dumba## that wants to dress up like a coyote. You do realize how stupid this person must be? I no, that’s what it takes to protect a predator that’s killing animals of 1,000 time more important than they themselves are.

  2. coolmom9 says:

    What would we do without these libs for comic relief? Would be extremely funny if some didn’t take them so seriously!

    • trackfodder says:

      Don’t get me wrong but some animals are going to get killed. It will either be coyotes, fools dressed like coyotes, or cows that WE preditors can eat. Kinda like God intended.

  3. charms says:

    Yeah, that makes sense, too wit; ara’s make a death threat to a gun store owner (duh), then the “piece de resistance”: one of the nitwits wants to dress up like a coyote, hoping he will get shot! (double duh)

  4. Mike says:

    Well, honestly. I think I’ve heard it all. I’ve hunted coyotes here in Texas. I’ve hunted for over 50 years. I doubt that I’d be fooled by someone “dressed as a coyote”. Hopefully no one else will be either.

  5. Captain Chaos says:

    Anyone dressing as a coyote deserves a load of birdshot in the butt. These protesters are most likely mentally challenged libatards. I have no compassion for them. Let them indulge in their fantasies.

  6. fred buschbaum says:

    We have coyotes here in our rural/ suburban area. other than taking a few newbies pets they’re not a problem. If they were, I’d be popping them off from the upper deck. I think that more libs should come forward so we know who they are. If a land owner can’t protect his livestock, living, and property, I think that would fit right in with all the other fringe idiocies being heaped on us today.

  7. Tonto says:

    The beauty of this country is that we can all act stupidly and show off our butts in public and feel fully justified in doing so. It’s just that liberals are so good at it that they make the rest of us, more sane people, a little bit jealous.

  8. HDAttitude says:

    And so I thought I had heard all the absurd reasons to protest. I was wrong. These people ougth to spend a little time worrying about humans living below the poverty level due to unemployment rather than overpopulated predators in New Mexico.

    Gross and Chaves, kudos to you. Stand your ground.

    Food chains have an order and the Coyotes are at the top, killing livestock and pets. Should we allow the overpopulation to cause a child victim?

    No! We complete the circle by acting as the top of the food chain and thin the “herd”, and eliminate the need for coyotes to find alternative food sources in livestock and pets. This is a necessary event.

    If the protester wants to get shot in a coyote costume, no one should feel bad.

    I am not a hunter, and would not enjoy shooting one of gods creatures, but would joIn the hunt if I lived there.

    I ask the protester this: If someone was stopping you from feeding your family and has killed some of your pets, would you provide them sanctuary from the police?

    One last question: Do you think things through?

    Susan Weiss, you are a kook!

    *Live Long and Prosper*

  9. Buster H says:

    I hope they all dress up like coyotes, take ‘em outta the gene pool.

  10. Rancher says:

    send them my way ! 4th cattleguard on the right! Death threats YEEHA!

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