Join Us for Live Election Coverage at

All hands are on deck. Dustin and the rest of the staff have set up shop at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been working tirelessly with and The Tea Party News Network to provide fantastic Election Night coverage.

The night will be a very busy night for political pundits and media organizations all around the country. With the continuing decline of the leftist mainstream media, the alternative media has stepped up and has become an invaluable tool in keeping people informed. We are excited.

The 9-hour live-streaming coverage will begin at 3 PM Eastern, 12 PM Pacific. The evening gets kicked off with 6 hours of the nationally-syndicated Rusty Humphries show, with Rusty bringing on guest contributors and political pundits to provide a break-down of what the election results from across the country mean for the Tea Party’s legislative agenda for the foreseeable future.

The night will continue with a 3-hour live broadcast by The Tea Party News Network. Throughout the evening, we will hear from some of the top political contributors in the country such as Donald Rumsfeld, Katie Pavlich, Ann Coulter and many more.

We are thrilled to be broadcasting from Nevada which is Dustin’s home state and a state likely to play an important role in this presidential election. We have been pushing a get out the vote effort here in Nevada, and we will continue to encourage political participation up to the minute the polls close.

The live-streaming coverage will be available on and we encourage everyone to tune in to see the results with us as we watch the most important election of our lifetime unfold.

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