It’s Time To Clean House In The Republican Establishment

The Republican Party lost to one of the worst Presidents in American history with its handpicked, establishment-approved candidate despite the fact that the economy is terrible, there’s a foreign policy scandal making headlines, and Obama ran a poor campaign. Despite the fact that we were perfectly primed to take over the Senate, we blew our opportunity because of mediocre candidate recruitment. Meanwhile, the RNC has done nothing to fix our broken primary system, the Republican National Convention that it helped put together was underwhelming, it’s fallen technologically behind the Democrats, and the RNC is so hidebound it may as well not even have a new media department.

Mitt Romney’s loss will clear him off the board. Good riddance.

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn is a mediocrity who has never shown any aptitude for the job. He should have been gone after the 2008 cycle when he went to war with the conservative base and endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, but he held on through the great year the GOP had in 2010 and received credit he didn’t deserve for the gains the party made in the Senate. After failing again, it should be a no-brainer to replace Cornyn at the NRSC.

At the RNC, Reince Priebus should be congratulated for getting fund raising back on track and then given his walking papers. Raising money is important, but there are a number of potential RNC Chairmen who can walk and chew gum at the same time. It’s not as if we have to choose between someone who can raise money and someone who can do everything else. We can have a RNC Chairman who can do it all.

It’s kind of hard to convince the American people that the Republican Party has changed since the Bush years when the same people are in charge in the House and Senate.

In his defense, John Boehner’s heart seems to be in the right place and he makes generally good, but not spectacular decisions. In other words, he’s a “C” pick and he will always be a “C” pick. Unfortunately for us, “average” doesn’t seem to be getting it done. For the GOP to truly take advantage of the majority we have in the House, it’s time to face the fact that we need a leader better than Boehner. That doesn’t mean he’s a RINO, a terrible person, or a bad leader; he just hasn’t shown that he has what it takes.

Mitch McConnell is even worse. He’s a pork-loving, charisma-free good old boy who has been getting outmaneuvered by Harry Reid since the Bush years. It’s not that Harry Reid is all that smart; it’s that Mitch McConnell is about as strategic, bold, and conservative as a stick of margarine. Maybe it’s time for Republicans in the Senate to pick someone who’s best able to lead instead of the guy who slaps them on the back when they tell the same boring joke for the 15th time.

There’s a reason people say, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” At some point, inertia and complacency start to become suicide for a political party and it’s time to start asking if the GOP has its neck in the noose.

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44 Responses to It’s Time To Clean House In The Republican Establishment

  1. Txn4Evr says:

    Names Dustin. Give me names. I agree with every word you said.

    The isiots running the Party now will try to convince us we would have won if only we embrace amnesty and abortion. Hell, they might as well be democrats.

    • Robbie Laws says:

      I live in Texas and after John Cornyn voted for the first bailout I stopped voting for him, but he and Kay Bailout Hutchinson got reelected the following May slick as a gut. I was so disgusted with my fellow Texan voters, but Ted Cruz’s victory gives me a ray of hope. We need to oust the dinosaurs at the RNC or start a Conservative Party.

  2. Txn4Evr says:


  3. JOEL KINNAIRD says:

    Good. Another voice that sounds like Mark Levin. Wee need more of them.

  4. Joseph White says:

    Whenever I see the term “Republican establishment” thrown around, I know it’s code for “Republicans I don’t like” or “Republicans who don’t meet my definition of pure”. Every Republican/conservative I know who talks about the Republican establishment has a different definition of who these folks are. The term is now meaningless.

    Mitt Romney was an excellent candidate who lost to one of the great propaganda campaigns in history. He is not without fault, however, because he talked too much about the economy and didn’t talk about the larger picture: Why Americanism is superior to Leftism. But few conservatives/Republicans can articulate Americanism. And he can hardly be blamed for something he doesn’t know how to do.

    Marco Rubio, however, articulates Americanism better than any politician alive. Look to him in 2016.

  5. Larry C. Neal says:

    I was raised a democrat until in the eighties I realized that the democratic party no longer represented me or my views. The problem is, the republican party was not then and certainly is not now a good fit.
    It is long since time that we insisted on leadership and ethics from our elected officials at all levels. Unfortunately this requires that WE THE PEOPLE must pay attention. We have been remiss in decades past, and the time has come for solid honorable citizens to demand candidates that represent them and impose ballot box term limits on those who refuse to do so.
    This is not an issue of color, race, creed, sexual orientation nor even economic station. It is an issue of civic responsibility. It is not that our elected officials have failed us. Rather it is that we have failed in our duty to ourselves and each other.
    This will continue until WE THE PEOPLE take up once again the mantle of civic responsibility and insist on representation that reflects our deepest values including those that our founding fathers risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in defiance of the then most powerful nation on earth to hand to us.
    Our apathy is what has brought us to this point and will continue to handicap us until we take this as seriously as did those all patriots who have gone before. The blame here belongs to the silent majority. We no longer have the luxury of remaining silent. We have sold that for entitlements and easy living.
    What comes next is up to us and each of us alone must face the fact that we have failed thus far in our civic duty to each other and our heritage. As for me that is no longer acceptable. Is it acceptable to you? Until you can answer that question honestly, you don’t deserve to live in the America we once knew. You therefore have the America you deserve. It is up to each of us.

  6. Richard Berry says:

    I believe this country is headed to failure or civil war and all the Republican party can think about is abortion. The USA has bigger issues that need fixed right now.
    I believe Obama is a Muslim and in the Democrat parties quest for a single party system they do not see that his goal is for America to be a 3rd world country.

    Thank you
    Richard Berry
    Upset Republican.

  7. 12th Generation AMERICAN says:

    This the most “common sense” article I have read in a while. It is spot on!!!!

  8. Roberta Carol says:

    Our tea party played out almost a year supporting the party instead of getting info out to the public that might have scared them into greater participation.

    The fact is WE do not select the candidates. the Rep. party dissed the followers of Ron Paul who should have become our president. So much for “we the people.” The young followers of Ron may reject the Rep. party after that fiasco.

  9. Dave Hawkins says:

    Just my two cents. In 1992 a friend and I went to the Repb headquarters in Albany NY (State St) and said we wanted to volunteer. We were treated like pariahs and told not to come back. (We both had worked for repubs and were vetted) Compare: young democrats (with a good amount of Soros money) have an entire system of recruiting colleg students and using them for all sorts of legal and not so legal campaigning.
    1990s and 2000s The local repub leadership is full of talentless mediocraties that dont want any new members. I switch partis to get a job.
    Mcamnesty and Mittens – I could have run a better campaign. There are too many too highly paid “experts” who dont know jack shit running the show.
    Finally – get rid of the abortion issue and gay issue – who cares if gays get married? Really, who cares.
    On the other hand, part of me thinks this all part of a big conspiracy and the loss was intended.

  10. kathleen kennedy says:

    you’re absolutely right…. i also believe the House needs to hold the line on the budget and debt ceiling… there are many young people i have spoken with who are on the side of the republicans and conservatives and they just wish their voices were heard instead of the same old, same old… we need to put all our chips behind Rubio… and the party needs new leadership… and there isn’t a minute to waste…

  11. Stephanie Cripe says:

    It’s past time. The GOP leadership consists of nothing more than RINOs not conservatives. Maybe we all should review the preamble, federalist papers, and the constitution to reconstitute the revolution.

  12. Joe M. Martinez says:

    While I too agree that “Boner” must go, his lack of intelligence and failure to organize a group of people that can stand firmly together and honestly call it a Conservative team is a huge disappointment. I do not have any idea on who we could replace him with, but that doesn’t mean that we should replace him with someone that is going to bow down to the Democrats like they want. Paul Ryan would be a good candidate for his replacement, but either way, if you are saying that we need to give in to the Dems, then you are wrong. For some reason, when I read this message, that is what I am getting out of it. Romney didnt fail because of lack of knowing how to run a large business, or a country, he failed because he doesn’t seem to be a down to earth guy like Obummer is. He seems like a type of man that is out of touch with the regular world, uppity, and it seems to be coming out of every pore in his body. So how do you expect him to win votes if he doesn’ have the “swag” that Obummer has. Obummer is so cool that he could sell ice to eskimos. Anyways, his failure to have a running mate like Condi Rice or someone of a different color let the rest of America know that he was not the person that needed to run this country. So, personally, I would blame him and no one else for his failures.

  13. Denise says:

    There are none so blind as he who will not see…

  14. Rian says:

    Romney lost because the Democrats had a better ground game than the Republicans and were able to specifically target the voters and counties that counted, mobilizing the minority vote in Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado and Florida. This election was lost precinct by precinct and county by county, not state by state. If Romney had chosen Marco Rubio as his VP candidate instead of Paul Ryan one wonders if the small shift in Hispanic votes would have made the difference. And the Republican Party needs to catch up with the Democrats in the use of social media.

  15. Tom Shidler says:

    I do believe the Republican Party could have done a much better job of having a primary that would allow ALL Republicans to have a voice in setting our candidate. By this I mean, let the Primary Election be held in ALL the States before a candidate is chosen. By the time the Primary Election arrived in our State, Texas, the Republican Candidate was already chosen. Where is the incentive for the Electorate to get behind a Leader they had NO opportunity choose. In our technological state you would think we could move into the present and choose our Candidates in a real time way that would afford us the chance to real choose a fully backed viable candidate to represent our collective values.

    • Grannycan in Texas says:

      Hear! Hear! I agree about the primary being jerked out from under us, but Texas voters keep electing RINO John Cornyn, just like they did Kay Bailey. How can we overcome that?

    • Thomas Bacon says:

      You are absolutely right! The current primary system disenfranchises the voters in all States except Iowa, New Hampshire, and a handful of others

  16. Thomas Bacon says:

    Why would the RNC want to change? They’re having their cake and eating it, too. They have benefitted along with the democrats all the pay raises and perks the democrats voted in for members of Congress. Then, they could get in front of a TV camera and decry how those nasty ol’ dems forced those benefits upon them and if only they were in power… Well, we gave them power back in 1994 and they promptly folded up as soon as Bill Clinton raised an eyebrow and shut down the government for a week. A republican is merely a democrat without the guts to say so.

  17. Linda Kilbride says:

    I left the Republic Party and became an independent a few years back when I saw the handwriting on the wall. There are SO many things that need to be fixed. Most of what needs fixing can’t be done without the approval of Congress – term limits, no pork, useless studies, turning education over to the states, limiting the EPA, getting out of the UN, etc. I have been saying for years that if our representatives can bring home the bacon, then we, the taxpayers, are sending way too much to Washington.

  18. Linda Kilbride says:

    Sorry – “Republican”

  19. Rick Rock says:

    Why waste the effort? The national GOP will eventually drop dead. It’s already dead in the blue states. Not one single GOP in California state government. It will survive at the state level in some states. Forget about changing the party establishment. Not in a million years.

  20. Huet Landry says:

    The RNC needs to find fresh faces to run the show at all levels, from the mail room and call centers to the candidates.
    I have generally voted Republican in the past, but I am going to register as an independent now, since none of the current parties represent my values.
    Stop letting the media run the campaigns. I hear more gloating in the media over what the candidates are spending than I hear about where the candidates stand on the issues. Where is the outrage about media bias from the candidates? If the media wants to pander to the Dems, then stop giving them more money to do so.
    Whyndid Romney not call the Obamination a liar when he kept repeating the same lie over and over again? Learn to call a lie what it is, and do so often.

  21. Joe Dantone says:

    The article is spot on. I’ve already posted the same things elsewhere. Now I am looking for someone who will do more than talk.
    This failure was a team effort and should not be blamed on any one individual. Leaving the Democrats to control the debate and shape the political arena for the next four years will only allow this to happen again when Biden or Clinton run, and they will have a good chance as it stands now. That goes for Congress as well as the Presidency and the midterm election.
    Is anyone out there?

  22. Dr. David Secord says:

    Exactly spot on. The drums are already beating to the tune of “adapt” and “moderate your stance”. The social ideals of conservativism are inseparable from its political ideals: morality, decency and patriotism. If we decide that the only way to win elections is to also go for legalized drugs and pretend homosexual “marriage”, another amnesty to appease Hispanics–who didn’t vote for Republicans after Reagan was duped into an amnesty, so it wouldn’t work this time either–and pandering to feminists by deciding that it is o.k. to kill your unwanted children…..we become the Democrats we reject as Godless, amoral, secular/progressive, hedonistic turds. Polonius: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell, my blessing season this in thee! Laertes: Most humbly do I take my leave, my lord. Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82. True for Shakespeare and true for anyone not looking to have the U.S. become a European, socialist basket case economy and ensconced in moral nihilism. Boehner has to go. Anyone who votes for increased taxes in the midst of a sputtering economy just to seem bipartisan has to go. Stand up for something or get out of the way. Now. The nation can’t tolerate the invertebrate leaders we have in our party any longer. CHANGE!!

  23. Alma Wilkinson says:

    The key words in the above article are these:
    “with its handpicked, establishment-approved candidate despite the fact that the economy is terrible, there’s a foreign policy scandal making headlines, and Obama ran a poor campaign. Despite the fact that we were perfectly primed to take over the Senate, we blew our opportunity because of mediocre candidate recruitment. ”

    Says it all. In other words, WE THE PEOPLE did not–in fact, by virtue of the RNC rules change DURING THE CONVENTION, were not ALLOWED to–pick the GOP Presidential Candidate. That PRIVILEGE was reserved for the GOP Establishment in the Grand Old Tradition of the Original Republic (when Senators, as well as Presidents, were picked by the Electoral College, because the rank and file–read STUPID MASSES–could not be trusted to vote “correctly”).

    Until THAT is abolished–allowing the RANK AND FILE Republicans to do their OWN HANDPICKING without RNC behind-the-scenes interference–the youth voters, and every other Republican with a functioning brain will stay away in droves, and AMEN (and Good Riddance) to the GOP.


  24. mixplix says:

    What I saw the Republican Base do to Sara Palin in the 2008 election turned my stomach. The goody two shoes John McCain that wouldn’t kill a fly was fresh meat for the left and that type of behavior did Mitt in too. We went to a fight with pea shooters and they had tanks and artillery and a phycological program of lies that would take brain surgery to remove from the voting public.

  25. MikeHouston says:

    Our elected politicians (primarily in congress) need to act like they actually control the lower house. You wouldn’t know it by the news or their actions (or lack thereof). The only way to beat the progressive/liberals is to fight back and put them on the defensive. Force them to publicly defend their positions/actions. And that doesn’t mean to just respond once (you keep hitting it). I was talking to my representatives office the other day and they said if they keep repeating the attacks that the public (i.e. voters) might be offended that we thought they were stupid. Well the progressives/liberals know that the average voter is stupid. And that is why they won on NOV 6. This is a street fight and we were not in the same fight. You can still fight effectively and not get down in the mud with progressives/liberals. Keep them on topic and don’t let them pull you off topic.

  26. Randy Kaplan says:

    Very good article. I would disagree in regard to Reince Priebus; I have often been impressed by his performance as a spokesman as well as how he met his job responsibilities. In particular, Priebus has shown up the bias of mainstream media with courage, grace, and good humor. Many times he would win a debate simply by refusing to sink to the level of his interlocutors. I agree that Mitch McConnell is basically a lead-from-behind hack. The man I would like to see replace him is Pat Toomey, but I will put forward this thesis: John Thune wants to be President, very badly, and while on the surface he LOOKS like a president, he just doesn’t have the gravitas or the persona that can possibly succeed on a national level – but he can raise plenty of money and complicate the path of a better candidate. I think the GOP should buy Thune out of the race by making him the Minority Leader. As for the NRSC, I couldn’t agree more that Cornyn is a clueless mediocrity. I’d pick Roy Blunt – and should the Republicans fail to take the Senate in 2014, use that as an excuse to put Thune out of his misery, and get Blunt and Toomey into the senior leadership.

    Putting John Boehner out to pasture is absolutely a no-brainer. Eric Cantor should be the Speaker for the next twenty years. He would galvanize the all-too-complacent House Republicans like no one since the first days of Newt.

  27. Mr. Freedom says:

    What is wrong with everyone? The obvious response to the election disaster and this article is for the Tea Party (TP) to immediately declare itself an independent party and cast off the Republicans. The TP should begin today recruiting a slate of
    candidates for the 2014 congressional elections and find a name brand for the 2016 presidential race.
    Its time for the TP to grow up and realize we are being used by the Republicans. Please don’t tell me about how many dog catchers and local councilmen we got elected, on a national level we are basically a failure. We gave the Republicans the House in 2010 and they gave us Mitt Romney in 2012. The Republicans have never been a conservative party and all this changing them from the inside is pure nonsense. Please use your heads and think. Since Ronald Reagan left office in 1988 we have not had one conservative president or presidential candidate in 24 years. We have had two Bushes, a Dole, a McCain and a Romney, are you kidding. Do you think this happened by accident? I’m afraid not, this is the Republican party. The Republican response to this election will be to move even further left. For goodness sake, they are talking about Jeb Bush (kill me now). Since the Democrats have openly become the Socialist party, the Republicans appear quite comfortable and content being what they’ve always dreamed of being, the new Democrat party.
    The TP has a chance to be a force in this country, to be relevant, but not attached to the Republican Party. The Republicans for all intents and purposes are dead, they just don’t know it yet. They are now a national joke.
    In all likely hood the Republicans will never have another candidate elected president, they appeal to almost no one. Liberals can always vote for the real thing instead of RINOs and conservatives will just stay home like they did for Romney. I (a constitutional-libertarian-conservative) will never again, at any level, vote for another Republican. I like to thing I’m special, but I’m not, if I’m thinking this so are millions of others.
    So TP, here’s your choice. Stick with the Republicans and perish with them. Or, take the leap and make a real difference. What have you got to loose, we already have a marxist president how much worse can it get. Oops, I forgot about the other Bush.
    PS. I know you use the email info to solicit donations, don’t bother. As long as the TP is attached to the Republicans and not a real party, I will neither donate anymore money or attend another rally. Be smart, do the right thing while you still have a chance.

  28. Is anyone else saying, “Gov. Romney lost the election because Christian conservatives could not vote for a Mormon.” The RNC needs to get a clue about the origin of conservatism. The tenets of conservatism come from Christianity. It is time to listen to the voters when picking candidates. We don’t need a “bigger tent” and to “lean left”, we need a candidate who is a real conservative like RR. If we are to get the “Spanish” vote we must convince them that the “other candidate” is promoting “intrinsic evil” and that our candidate is a true Christian. We failed to define the other guy but he spent millions defining our guy.

  29. bobh says:

    They will now tell us that we must move the GOP further left. What would be the point of that? We might as well just sign on as democrats.
    I’ve compromised more than I like already!
    We may never know, but I wonder how many South Florida republicans didn’t vote for
    Allen West?

  30. BUDD SANFORD says:

    The Republican leadership (oximoron) must go NOW!!! Thanx to the business-as-usual, good-ole’ boy network, the anti-conservative crowd, the Anti-Christ, communist, ILLEGAL, Muslim, racist street negro retains his control of our great nation. The current Republican leadership ahs fialed to investigate the false birth certificate; they have failed to stand behind Sheriff Joe Arpio; they have failed to stand for the law regarding the illegal scum who have infiltrated our nation like a disease-ridden flood; they have failed to seek impeachment against Justice Roberts for his change-of-decision and failure to abide by the Constitution, allowing Obama-Care to pluinge forward; they have done all they can to thwart any Conservative while backing useless “moderates” and other ineffictive candidates; they have courted the communist media for their own self-serving image; they have failed to stand tall on the real issues such as Social Security and Medicare; they have failed to tell the people that the government is currently spending 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS each year on approximately 83 hand-out programs, and, perhaps the most important, have failed to take back the EDUCATION SYSTEM that has allowed these scum to gain the control they now flaunt

    The Anti-Christ, Communist-In-Chief has 4 years to finish his destruction of this nation without having to worry about the hand-out and illegal crowd saving his ass again. He will continue to thwart laws with Executive Orders.

    Along with the 2 communist whores he’s placed on the Supreme Court, he’ll probably have the opportunity to add another communist and, along with gutless, sell-out the nation Roberts, further aide in the destruction of this nation.

    Thank you, Republican leadership for your cowardice, your self-serving greed and your complete inability to uphold the greatness of our nation. You are hereby put on notice that all of you are wearing a political target on your spineless backs.

    It is time for all of us in the Tea Party to put an end to these Rhino, gutless, inept fools and not stop pushing until the Republican Party is once again the hoime of American greatness, headed by CONSERVATIVE VALUES and PRINCIPLES.

  31. JOHN KLINE says:

    A big part of the reason the Republicans did so badly in the election is due to The Tea Party.

  32. Kirk says:

    The GOP had a wonderful opportunity to get a though provoking candidate with integrity in the form of Ron Paul. Instead the GOP establishment did everything it could to sideline Ron Paul and push forward Romney whose only principles appeared to be to flip flop until he got into power. Romney is a plutocrat who gained his fortune by dubious means and whose honesty is in doubt. Imagine how much more exciting the election would have been with Ron Paul going against Obama, and he probably would have won too.

  33. Betty Short says:

    It is time for us all (Texas, Oklahoma, et al) to join Louisiana and secede from the Union. Just how do we go about doing that? Someone PLEASE, rise to leadership and get the ball rolling.

  34. xsnake says:

    Is it possible [in the name of avoiding the virtually inevitable third party on the horizon], for the party to run twin simultaneous primary elections… with a “moderate” group…..the other with “conservative” candidates. Each exercise determining it’s most popular entity, then a single [heavy] debate and a vote for the “one”?

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