I Stand With Israel

I support Israel. I am willing to have a rational discussion all day long about historical rights to the land, who got short-changed in the formation of Israel and as well as a variety of different issues. However, Israel has been a staunch ally to America and embodies many of the qualities a nation would want in an ally.

It has served as a bastion of stability in a region fraught with tremendous instability and Israeli citizens have a battle-hardened toughness noticeably absent in much of America. They wake up each day, surrounded by people who swear it is their duty to wipe them off the map, and yet, Israel proceeds with their existence.

The very nature of their survival has been one of unrelenting assertiveness in a world preaching more and more passivity and I, for one, applaud it and stand in firm support of Israel.

The above video serves as a sobering reminder of the kind of barbarism Israelis must deal with. While we brace for possible earthquakes or tornadoes, Israelis brace and prepare for rockets. It is immoral to continually ask them to turn the other cheek and abstain from violence.

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