Empty Chairs: Obama’s Cleveland Appearance Highlights Diminished Democratic Enthusiasm

As we enter the final days of this race, each candidate has made their pitch and Americans are expected to decide who embodies the principles to lead us to the correct path. More than anything, however, this race will come down to voter enthusiasm and, thankfully, the left has developed lukewarm feelings for the candidate who fell dramatically short of his promise of hope and change just four years ago.

The left may have a vague preference for Obama, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to votes. Fortunately for conservatives, by any measure, the charismatic candidate that once embodied hope for the future is nowhere to be seen as he has been replaced by a cynical, blame-averse president.

While polls everywhere still estimate a virtual dead-heat in crucial states, they dramatically underestimate the ho-hum sentiment felt by the left that seems content to criticize Romney’s plans, but does not seem willing to embrace the Obama Campaign in the same manner as they did in 2008.

As an example: in an event in Ohio on Friday, the Romney Campaign attracted a crowd of 30,000. Obama attracted 2,800.

According to Breitbart,

“In 2008, at his last stop in Cleveland, a Democrat stronghold, Obama attracted 80,000 people. This morning, at his last 2012 stop in that same city, Obama could only attract 4,000.

Team Obama will spin, as they have throughout the campaign, and tell their stenographers in the Corrupt Media that they’ve intentionally chosen smaller, more personal venues. But does anyone honestly believe that if President WaterParter could attract crowds even half as large as the ones we saw in 2008, he wouldn’t?

… in that exact same Cleveland according to the RNC, McCain was able to attract a bigger crowd in 2008 than Obama did yesterday [added: confirmed]. Yes, that’s correct, Obama’s attracting crowds smaller than John McCain did in 2008 but the polls are telling us he’s going to best or beat his D+5 2008 turnout advantage.”

This is not dinner with Beyonce, where a personal, intimate venue might be preferred. This is crunch-time for both candidates, and at this late stage, and in a crucial state, 2,800 attendees signals choppy water ahead for the Democratic candidate who has created a firewall of states as a means of keeping his job. In a state where every vote counts and 18 electoral votes are on the line, 2,800 attendees is symptomatic of something seriously wrong within the messaging of the Obama Campaign.

The Ohio polls are laughably optimistic as many suggest a voter turnout equal to or greater than that of 2008. After four years of failed policies, the left has lost that lovin’ feeling for the anointed one and that is real trouble for the Democratic candidate that has run a conspicuously cynical and negative campaign at a time when a plan for the future is needed.

Romney, on the other hand, possesses two distinct kinds of voters. Those that are voting for him either like Romney, hate Obama or both. The right is fired up to get back on the right track, whereas the left seems to regard Obama as a slightly better choice- and that’s not enough to deliver the crucial states.

Voter enthusiasm will decide this election. Thankfully, the right has the massive edge in that area. Think I’m wrong? Ask yourself when the last time was that you saw an Obama tee shirt?

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One Response to Empty Chairs: Obama’s Cleveland Appearance Highlights Diminished Democratic Enthusiasm

  1. BuckeyeBob says:

    I went to the Mansfield rally when Obama Schmoozed his way into town. My local Tea Party was there to greet him. They bussed in 4 loads of union workers from Cleveland and 4 from Columbus to try and fill up the 200 feet by 200 feet square and barely done it. The media took absolutely no pictures of the gathering of patriots with not-so-nice signs outside the square that numbered at least 5000 compared to the paltry 1600 in the square. If this election is fair the Marxist doesn’t stand a chance.

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