Dustin and the Gang to Host Get Out the Vote America Radio on KXNT in Las Vegas

Today, Dustin, Bryan Shroyer, John Hawkins, Kimberly Kay, myself and a multitude of others will be at KXNT in Las Vegas, 100.5 FM and discussing the election that is only days away.

The program, Get Out the Vote America Radio, will be a 2-hour discussion, starting at 1 PM PST and will detail the upcoming election and, more specifically, the importance of voter participation in this election. While some cynics may be quick to point out the inherent problems with the Electoral College, the fact is that voting is the most direct form of political activism and a high conservative voter turnout is absolutely essential to defeating Obama and turn this country around. Dustin and the gang will be in the studio to discuss what each of us can do to help encourage voter participation as well as discuss the election as a whole.

The program should be a lot of fun and serve to inform listeners on a variety of issues affecting Americans. Dustin, a native Nevadan, is excited to be in his home state and to be witnessing the important role the state is likely to play in this election.

The program is being put on by Dustinstockton.com, Right Wing News, Right Scoop, Women Warriors PAC and the Western Representation PAC.

So, tune in and listen as we break-down the election and discuss the overall strategy and, most importantly, what we can all do to help deliver a Romney victory for the White House and Tea Party leaders in Congress.

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