Do It, Chip!

Something incredible is happening in college football and as someone who went to school in Eugene, I’ve gotta say, man it feels good to be a Ducks fan.

Chip Kelly has changed the game in college football by challenging tradition and the program he has helped build at Oregon is incredible. The team is undefeated, but they aren’t squeaking out close victories like Notre Dame; they are blowing good teams out. They beat a very tough Arizona team 49-0! That same Arizona team beat USC who still controls their own destiny for a BCS bowl birth. Oregon faces its toughest challenges of the season with their next three games against ranked opponents Stanford, Oregon State, and the winner of the PAC-12 South which is likely USC.

The Ducks program is also remarkable in other areas. Their talent runs deep and the program has been built for the long run with freshman and sophomores always getting significant playing time so that the program will not cycle through good years and bad years. The Ducks don’t rebuild, they reload!

Chip Kelly is now the name mentioned for nearly every head coaching vacancy in the NFL. My initial thought was to plea for him to forgo the NFL and continue to dominate college football from Eugene, but when I heard about what he told the team after he turned down the Tampa Bay job, I realized that he has made it a great 5 years to be a Duck fan. He told the team that he had “unfinished business in Eugene.” The unfinished business is obviously winning a national championship! So, my new take is this: go get the championship, Chip, and then go to the NFL and change that game, too. I would find it difficult not to root for a Chip Kelly-coached NFL team as a backup to my woeful Raiders.

Let me just also say this: the BCS ranking is a joke! Oregon is clearly the best team in the country now that Alabama has suffered a loss and yet, they continue to trail Kansas State. Oregon is hurt by the fact that usually they beat good teams so thoroughly that East Coast writers, who don’t watch the games, assume that they must not be that good.

The Ducks are national. In every part of the country, I expect at least one “Go Ducks” for everyday I sport Ducks gear in public.

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