Coming to a School Near You: Orwellian-Style Surveillance for Students

Across the country, school districts are bemoaning the decline of student scholastics, the manufactured hysteria about bullying and the cutting of budgets to public school systems that already cost way to much as is. However, simultaneously, we are seeing an absolutely terrifying rise in Orwellian technological privacy violations in public schools.

A teenage hacker apparently hacked into the San Antonio school district’s system last week to protest the use of microchip-embedded cards that students must carry in order for the school district to track their every movement.

I am still relatively young but even I can hardly recognize the changing face of the modern public school system.

The student has not been identified, but his motives have been made clear. According to CBS in Houston,

“Starting this fall, all students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School are required to carry identification cards embedded with a microchip. They are tracked by the dozens of electronic readers installed in the schools’ ceiling panels.

Northside has been testing a ‘radio frequency identification’ tracking system for the two schools to increase attendance in order to secure more state funding, officials have said. The program, which kicked off at the beginning of this school year, eventually could be used at all of Northside’s 112 campuses, officials have said. The district is the fourth largest in Texas with more than 97,000 students.”

I’m not sure how the tracking of humans with microchips can be so easily and calmly explained as if this is a normal thing to be doing. I, too, want students attending class, but I find myself asking, “At any point during the staff meetings, did nobody stand up to point out that this is not only a tremendous violation of privacy, but also something straight out of ‘1984’ and, at the very least, creepy and unsettling?”

Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks so.

“One John Jay student refused to wear the device, citing religious reasons, and then filed a lawsuit after Principal Robert Harris threatened to remove her from the school and stopped her from petitioning against the ID badge. Last week a judge said the principal’s actions violated the student’s speech and religious rights, and granted a restraining order barring Harris from removing her from the school, San Antonio television station KENS reported.”

Good for her. However, there is a bigger trend occurring. Schools are now implementing palm scanners as a means of ID for such things as the lunch line and are being used by 50,000 students at 17 high schools and 20 middle schools. Soon, the program will expand to 60,000 more students at 80 elementary schools.

While palm scanners are not as bad as tracking devices, the bigger issue is that school districts are now putting the burden on parents to explain why they would not want their children tracked or their privacy otherwise violated.

When I went to school, we had numbers. You said your number and the money was deducted from your account. There’s nothing wrong with this system and I am of the firm belief that the real value of these unnecessary and costly technological intrusions is to create the illusion of being watched and monitored in children early so as to make them unable to notice possible privacy intrusions later on.

Is there a massive conspiracy where all the principals get together to plot the programming of the next generation? No. Just like there is no conspiracy whereby all teachers plot to indoctrinate children with liberal propaganda. Still, all the same, it’s happening with astonishing efficiency.

If we create an atmosphere of normality around authoritarian intrusions, how can we expect this next generation to regard freedom, liberty or independence as anything but vague, esoteric concepts? We must help create a generation of freedom-loving independents and, to do that, we must object to intrusions as we see them.

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29 Responses to Coming to a School Near You: Orwellian-Style Surveillance for Students

  1. TruthSeeker says:

    I worked in a middle school library in Michigan. Kids were engaging in sex in the bathroom. Boys were coming to school with pants showing their butt cracks and girls sometimes wore tops that revealed way too much of their breasts and wore short, short skirts. I saw them at 6th hour and was surprised that in a staff 0f over 60, most often no one bothered to send them the office for violating the dress code, except for me. The final straw was in one of the last staff meetings I attended. The principal discussed “revisiting” the schools dress code the next schoolyear, with a panel of staff, students and parents. A young male teacher spoke about how uncomfortable he was being able to see up young girls skirts in class from his front desk.One of the long time staff members then said that we should “do away” with the dress code altogether” as a solution. That’s when I realized I’d been swimming upstream my whole career and it was time to retire. Oh yes, and I spent the better part of my last year, chasing students off of pornographic sites, on the Internet. Sometimes there teachers were sitting in the library reading newspapers while they were downloading their pornography,. Some teachers got mad at me for writing their students up and sending them to the office. I should have been more understanding, you see.There you go… Your public schools at work!

    • Jeff Krutsinger says:

      DONT retire, but stick around and teach another teacher or two or five or even a dozen how it SHOULD be done! Then you will leave knowing your legacy of decency will continue you on into your retirement.

  2. Zeek says:

    Here’s a handy microwave recipe for those RFID chips in the ID badges. Fifteen seconds on high should be more than enough. Credit Cory Doctorow, from his book “Little Brother.”

  3. Russ says:

    When I went to school there were no RFI devices. We simply went to school and were taught. The teachers taught the truth and nothing but the truth. What in the hell is happening to my country these days? What I am hearing today scares the devil out of me! I do not condone violence, but I can see it coming when enough people get fed up with all this liberal garbage that is infecting the population. Why are citizens going out and buying firearms and ammunition at the rate being reported? I havent bought any ammunition for the last thirty years or so, but I did the other day. Know why? If you do not understand already, you will never understand.

  4. Erik Osbun says:

    You do not need school to get an education. All you need is interest in a number of things and a decent library.

  5. mark aulita says:

    Just home school or private school your kids and that will take care of these problems on our end.

  6. Valerie Parkhurst says:

    I have some real issues with this. We as taxpayers can spend millions on technology that pings everytime a child moves and yet we take no action to actually implant the worthless examples of DNA that troll the streets to feed off their fellow man. We revolve “bad guys”(sex offenders, gangbangers, overall undesirables) in and out of the correctional system to wreak havoc on society but yet we somehow feel the need to tag our children and law abiding citizens? We deport the ever turnstiling criminal aliens only to wake up to find they have crossed back over like the old “breakout” video game and its a “human rights issue” to even mention planting a chip in their backside? I dunno man, the world is truly turning upside down..

    • Stephen A. Laws says:

      Valerie, you have nailed it. We must stand together and form a complete attach on our education system, as I agree that it is nothing more than a brainwashing institution to form our children’s minds into a socialist/communist way of thinking! This should not be tolerated any longer. This is exactly what Hitler did with the German children and you saw where that led, yes World War !!!!!!

  7. Val Walden says:

    Want to know how to stop this? Put cameras with sound in each classroom so parents can monitor and record their child’s instruction and participation. Whoa! Now I’ve quit preaching and gone to meddling, huh?

  8. Tamara says:

    I thank God for impressing it upon my heart to pull my kids from the public school system and homeschool them!! I remember being creeped out by the book 1984 in 1993, and thinking there was no way that stuff could ever happen. This is deeply disturbing!

    • gerry says:

      I read it in 1984 and didn’t really think it would happen.

    • Stephen A. Laws says:

      God Bless America, and I Pray that He will give us Constitional believer’s the wisdom and the strength to mount an offensive on the Freedom hating people that have infested us!!!

  9. Arletha Detrick says:

    I can see why more and more people are homeschooling. The public schools, once a place to educate and socialize, are fast becoming cesspools of authority haters. Whatever you want to do, that’s okay; no absolutes, no rules. And the teachers aren’t even role models. I can see the end coming rapidly…..

  10. Jan says:

    All of these “solutions” mask a bigger problem. Every year, the students in school learn less, misbehave more, are more truant, and are more violent. Authorities throw money at the program, try to pacify the kids, strip teachers’ authority, and basically put the inmates in charge of the asylum. They waste academic time with bullying classes, sexual instruction classes ( called health), and a variety of other knee jerk remedies to underlying problems. And yet the problems continue. This solution is despicable and immoral. Any educator who participates is part of the problem.

  11. sandra says:

    I am truly in mourning for our once great country, the late United States of America. that has now become the Liberal Socialistic States. There is so much that has changed just in the last 10 years it is truly frightening! I do not recognize the country I grew up in. We let Madelyn Murray O’Hare convince us to take ‘prayer’ out of schools and they have gone downhill from there. Add to that, most parents don’t ‘parent’ anymore and you have the devil’s playground. I have a daughter who teaches and she is very dedicated, but she is tied by lots of rules…..if she sends a student to the principals office too many times, SHE gets written up!! Why, because the parents complain and the principal gets in trouble, it affects the $$$$ that the govt. gives the schools, and there you go.There is so much wrong in our country that I am not sure that even with the right president and congress, it could get fixed. Right now we are in the beginnings of socialism and the things that were happening in pre-war Germany and the rise of Hitler. Go study actual history and you will see.
    God keep the ones of us who believe in Him safe. It is a sad time.

  12. gerry says:

    When I went to school we didn’t even have numbers. If we wanted to buy lunch or something from the school store, we paid cash.

  13. Kevin Moran says:

    This is just what we need to do

  14. Kevin Moran says:

    This is exactly whatt needs to be done.And watch the teachers freakout about invation of privacy

  15. Anna Mest says:

    Follow PARENTAL RIGHTS and you will see what this countries poloticians are up to. Follow HOMESCHOOL LEGAL DEFENSE and you will see and understand more of what is going on with our public schools.
    Grandmother is a retired public school teacher and she is very upset over the condition of the public school. I, her grandaughter, homeschools and she smiles. There will be a point when government will come after homeschoolers. It isnt all the teachers it is SOME of the teachers and some is enough. It isnt the state department. It is SOME in the department of education that are going after our children. YES there are SOME who are going after our children to please their own political ideals. SCHOOL and POLITICS DONT MIX. To control a nation you have to control the children. Poloticians know this. Follow PARENTAL RIGHTS and you will see what this countries poloticians are up to. Follow HOMESCHOOL LEGAL DEFENSE and you will see and understand more of what is going on with our public schools.

  16. Dana says:

    Liberals have no problem with this, but they do have a problem with showing Id to vote. I guess we should not ask why?

  17. Sonia says:

    Problems of an immorality cannot be solved by monitoring students or throwing money at the problem. The things we are experiencing in this country is a result of a methodical stripping of all standards and the acceptance of deviant behavior as normal.

  18. This is part of the larger pic “as Krushchev said, we w
    ill take you over with out a shot”

  19. Dan Vitale says:

    Just like healthcare, politics, and other institutions, the paradigm of education is being stretched and distorted into something totally unrecognizable from its original intent. Educators are frequently asking the government for more money. For what purpose? Electronic surveillance? Does it really cost a lot of money for a good teacher to share wisdom with a willing student? We need to get back to basics.

  20. Teresa says:

    The teachers at my school are forced to follow “policy” even though they disagree. Please understand that the problem is coming from those with the “power”: principals, superintendents, and school boards! The teachers are not policy makers!!

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