Campaigning the Obama Way: If You Can’t Earn Their Votes, Trick ‘Em

Elections are to be won, and I am not naïve to believe that on either campaign, every action taken has been an example of good-natured competition. Both Obama and Romney want to win, and they’re not above tweaking the perception of the other- such is the face of modern politics. However, what makes the left truly unique is that while the Obama Campaign plays the kind of dirty politics that makes Joe Kennedy look like a choir boy, they simultaneously attempt to retain some mistaken sense of moral superiority.

Since his administration has zero accomplishments to tout, I can admit that Obama has created a campaign that has done very much with very little to talk about. However, it seems like Obama has one more trick up his sleeve…

Recently, New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor spoke with The Blaze and claimed that a “very reliable” source in Chicago stated that the Obama Campaign intends to preemptively announce victory in the presidential election to discourage Romney supporters from voting for a “lost cause.”

While neither candidate is above a little bending of professional ethics to win, such cheap tactics are a last-ditch effort by a president who has failed on every level, but still wishes to keep his job. It is truly pathetic.

“Citing a ‘very solid source’ in Chicago, Thor says the Obama campaign is looking to make it appear to voters that they have ‘this thing sewed up and are less than 24 hours to victory,’ according to his source…

Why would the campaign resort to such a Chicago-style political tactic? According to Thor, it’s because their support is diminished across the board and they know they’re in trouble.

‘Their support is down,’ he told TheBlaze. ‘All the polling has been the exact same thing. They have been oversampling Democrats, and they are not getting the 2008 levels of voting.’”

That is precisely why such tactics are being considered. Hopefully, the Obama Campaign decides to try and maintain a shred of dignity and foregoes the pathetic plan. If it does not, however, and purposefully relays false information in an effort to trick voters into not exercising their right to vote, then it will serve as just one more way in which this regime has sought to further distance us from democratic principles.

It would also serve as a telling illustration of the weak leadership of this failed president. Unable to actually earn the votes and trust of the American people, the community organizer and professional empty chair has, historically, been much more comfortable perfecting the long con. Maybe if Obama had spent more time leading and less time figuring out how to sidestep the will of the people, maybe he wouldn’t be less than 24 hours away from being tossed into the same trash bin as Jimmy Carter.

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3 Responses to Campaigning the Obama Way: If You Can’t Earn Their Votes, Trick ‘Em

  1. David Howell Wootton says:

    Won’t surprise me if he does, what a leach! He really doesn’t want to give up his $400,000.00 annual salary or his 1.4 billion (yes, not million but billion with a “b”) vacation expense plan. Hello all potential employers, here is a qualified candidate (for what we do not yet know) and he only wants us taxpayers (dopes?) to hire him and pay not only his salary but his vacation which just happens to be a mere 3,500 times more THAN HIS SALARY!!! WHAT A DEAL LUCILLE!!!!

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