Animal House, Rush, and the Bouncing Back of the GOP

As I look around to the defeated Republican Party and see the mopey, whiny attitudes, I hear calls for Republicans to abandon our core principles under the misguided belief that doing so will win us future elections. It won’t. These calls for us to lean further to the center are calls from defeatist cowards who are both spineless and wrong in the assumption that to lessen the differences between Democrats and Republicans will produce more support in the future. Americans need conservatism.

When I hear these defeatists wallow in self-pity, I am reminded of one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, National Lampoon’s Animal House. Perhaps you know it…

As a general rule, I do not take my life lessons from John Belushi movies. However, to every rule, there is an exception.

Without going too far into detail, the movie, which created the “college movie genre,” centers around a bunch of frat guys who do little more than booze it up and try to score. After they receive notice that the dean has won and will be expelling them, the gang mopes around the frat house until Bluto, played by the hilarious John Belushi, tries to rally them to glory.

Foul language up ahead: Bluto asks, incredulously, “Hey! What’s this lyin’ around shit?!” and then proceeds to ignorantly express his love of the tenacity of the American spirit. When the gang, who belong to Delta House, doesn’t immediately go for it, he wonders aloud, “What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know?!” He then manages to rally their spirits and they go on to obtain the glory for which they were, seemingly, destined.

I don’t do it justice. Watch the clip here, but be forewarned, there is foul language:

I bring up Animal House for one reason; the Republican Party is looking a lot like the mopes from Delta House these days. And while the movie centers around booze-addled frat guys instead of political Party leaders, the central point remains similar: what the GOP needs is a Bluto to remind them to find the guts to do what is necessary.

Many Republicans seem to be of the misguided mindset that this last election means we ought to move closer to the center as a means of survival. They’re wrong.

Rush Limbaugh asked the other day if when Democrats lose elections, do they immediately make plans to abandon their core principles. He asked,

 “After the Democrats lose elections, do they ever say, “You know, I think we’ve got to abandon this effort to shut down Second Amendment…

‘We’d better tone it down. We’re gonna be in real trouble here’? Do they ever say that when they lose? When the Democrats lose elections, are their comedians blamed as being too harsh and too cruel and filled with hate speech? No, it doesn’t happen. But we do all of that. The Republicans are in the process of doing all of that. Do the Democrats ever, when they lose elections, openly discuss abandoning their core principles?

No, they don’t. What do they do? They blame the stupidity of voters, and they double down on all of it. And they say they really didn’t lose anyway. They come up with excuses to explain the loss that does not have anything to do with them…

We, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. We lose elections, and we start making tracks to abandon our principles and loyalists as fast as we can.”

I don’t listen to Rush much, but I will admit that this struck a chord with me. Why is the Republican Party so resistant to representing the much-needed viewpoint in America? Why do we cower from leftists who only must shout “bigot” to get their way? When are we finally going to see some ideological purity within the GOP? America needs conservatism, and abandoning these principles should not be an option.

There are still Americans who pay too much in taxes and get nothing but headaches from government. They work hard for their money, only to see “food stamps welcome here” plastered outside a Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake pizzeria on their way home from work. There are plenty of people clinging to their “guns and religion” who know that the government will someday come for both if we are not vigilant. Move to the center? We’ve moved enough. The GOP needs to start looking out for these people and know that these people will come out and vote when the GOP puts up somebody worthy of their vote.

And as for this defeatist attitude? Enough. If the GOP wants to lead, it should start acting accordingly. Party leaders need to roll up their sleeves and reach out to the grassroots movement that sprung up as a legitimate expression of political advocacy. The GOP must look to the Tea Party and realize that this is the way back. We have two year until the next election. Let’s get it done.

And when in doubt, let us look to Brother Bluto for inspiration.

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One Response to Animal House, Rush, and the Bouncing Back of the GOP

  1. Granny D. says:

    The Republicans I’ve known over many years would take a day out to think things over, then come out trying to figure out what to do better. Anyone can see this election was bought with promises, bought by going around Congress, to give too many groups of people their wishes… from food stamps to help with college loans, to hope of illegals getting to become ready made Americans before long, led others in their same racial groups to think they’d better vote for the Prez. Along with hearing day after day, how the Republicans would do away totally, with all these wonderful things, and then the outright stealing of votes from voting for people they felt might not go to the polls, to rigged machines. I’d think it’s easy to see a few here and more there, have led to this lop sidded election. Since when can more people vote in a community, than there are registered voters, indeed even eligible voters, and not have anything done about it. Running out of ballots, letting people vote who were not registered etc. Where are the Republicans challenging….. oh, they wouldn’t let them in the room, or set them in a corner where all you see are backs of people…
    Wow, isn’t that American…. It’s time to demand another vote. There are just too many questionable things that went on. And then why isn’t something real being done about the Presidents true qualifications… Why are Republicans so tongue tied??? Afraid someone will think they are looney? Too polite, or politically correct?
    Republicans, get your back up. We are not done with this yet…. Right is right!

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