A Great Example Of How The GOP Gets Killed On Messaging Over and Over Again

The Democrats may obsess over race, fail to understand basic economics and be incapable of governing, but they have learned one key lesson that Republicans just can’t seem to grasp: Winning in politics is all about being on offense. It doesn’t matter how good your explanations are; if you’re spending all your time on defense, you’re going to lose.

Because of this, Democrats have a run and gun philosophy. They’re constantly firing off new attacks and when they fail, they just move on to the next one. On the other hand, Republicans tend to be much more defensive and passive. Democrats habitually go for the throat when they’re attacking Republicans. Republicans talk about Democrats like they’re not allowed to make any attacks that wouldn’t make a liberal reporter at the Washington Post blanch.

Democrats win half their battles before the fight even begins that way. Take the fiscal cliff, for example.

Some Democrats are pushing an unorthodox idea for coping with the “fiscal cliff”: Let the government go over, temporarily at least, to give their party more bargaining leverage for changes later on.

…If Republicans refuse to let tax cuts expire for the wealthy, Murray told ABC’s “This Week,” ”we will reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expire and we’ll start over next year. And whatever we do will be a tax cut for whatever package we put together. That may be the way to get past this.”

Murray’s allies say voters would blame Republicans for refusing to yield, especially on tax rates, given that Obama won re-election. A recent Pew Research poll supports that view. More than half of the respondents said they would chiefly blame congressional Republicans if there’s no compromise on the fiscal cliff; 29 percent would blame Obama.

This is how ridiculous it has gotten, folks. The Democrats are now actually publicly explaining how they plan to lie to the American people by taking us over the fiscal cliff and then blame the Republican Party for it. Meanwhile, the AP response to that isn’t to say, “The Democrats are planning to lie,” it’s to post polling numbers that suggest their lies will work.

The only reason this can happen is because Republicans in D.C., particularly Republican leadership, are so passive, so weak and so defensive that they roll over like scared dogs every time they’re confronted. Until that changes and Republicans in D.C. start playing to win instead of being content to be “good losers” in the messaging fight, the Democrats are going to continue to beat us.

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2 Responses to A Great Example Of How The GOP Gets Killed On Messaging Over and Over Again

  1. Rick Rock says:

    Right on the money. Winning while retreating is the most difficult maneuver in warfare. The GOP has never been able to do it. Will the GOP ever be capable of the permanent offensive? All indications say no. Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater knew how to handle Democrats. Find their weaknesses and hammer at them unceasingly. With all the money on the GOP, why have they not bought up some major media besides Fox? Do they even care about winning? It doesn’t seem like it, after running Bush Dole BushII BushII McCain Romney. The only reason Bush II won is that his opponents were complete buffoons, and rich white males to boot. You think the GOP could have lifted a finger to help Allen West, who stuck his neck out a mile for the party? I think it’s time for a new party, not a third party, a replacement party, one that will at least try to win.

  2. Mark R says:

    It’s not the Tea Party that is dead, it’s the Republican Party. They have proven over and over again that they cannot win elections and don’t have the stomach for a real fight.

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