When The Tingling Turns To Tears: Chris Matthews On Barack Obama’s Debate Performance

“I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.” — Chris Matthews on watching Barack Obama speak

Chris Matthews isn’t just a left-wing hack; he’s the hackiest left wing hack you will EVER run into. He’s like an Obama campaign staffer except with LESS shame. So, this is a man whose predetermined conclusion going into the debate last night was that Barack Obama DESTROYED Mitt Romney and that anyone who would say anything differently is obviously a partisan Republican — and is probably racist to boot.

That’s why it was a beautiful thing to watch Matthews on MSNBC last night. He was hollow eyed, distraught. Matthews looked as if he had been forced to get up early and go on TV early in the morning after a hard night of drinking.


Because happily, Mitt Romney so thoroughly CRUSHED Barack Obama that even Chris Matthews couldn’t deny it.

“I don’t know what he was doing out there. He had his head down, he was enduring the debate rather than fighting it. Romney, on the other hand, came in with a campaign. He had a plan, he was going to dominate the time, he was going to be aggressive, he was going to push the moderator around, which he did effectively, he was going to relish the evening, enjoying it,” Matthews said.

…”Where was Obama tonight? He should watch — well, not just Hardball, Rachel, he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al [Sharpton], he should watch Lawrence. He would learn something about this debate. There’s a hot debate going on in this country. You know where it’s been held? Here on this network is where we’re having the debate,” Matthews said.

“We have our knives out,” Matthews said, admitting his network is trying their best to defend Obama and his policies. “We go after the people and the facts. What was he doing tonight? He went in there disarmed.”

“He was like, ‘Oh an hour and half? I think I can get through this thing. And I don’t even look at this guy.’ Whereas Romney — I love the split-screen — staring at Obama, addressing him like prey. He did it just right. ‘I’m coming at an incumbent. I got to beat him. You’ve got to beat the champ and I’m going to beat him tonight. And I don’t care what this guy, the moderator, whatever he thinks he is because I’m going to ignore him,” Matthews said.

“What was Romney doing?” Matthews asked. “He was winning.”

Maybe Romney did so well because while Obama was getting underhanded softballs from his pals in the press, Mitt went through an endless series of debates, honing his skills against Newt Gingrich — which is the speechifying equivalent of sparring with Muhammad Ali in his prime. Mitt tightened up his game, while Obama looked like a kid who didn’t do his homework telling his professor that the dog ate it and then he ate the dog to get revenge.

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107 Responses to When The Tingling Turns To Tears: Chris Matthews On Barack Obama’s Debate Performance

  1. Noni77 says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..!!!!!!!!!!! EMPTY CHAIR!!!!

  2. Virginia Detillion says:

    Chris Matthews is a joke not a funny joke just a joke. You can’t defend socialism there is no defense for it.


    • Darren says:

      Yes there is a defense for it. Its We the People! Pay attention to these poloticians and vote! Hold them accountable at every turn. Defend America with the most important tool our forefathers gave us. If that doesnt work…well there is always the second most important tool they gave us.

  3. Lorie says:

    Finally the people get to see the real Obama, the one without the teleprompter… The ‘blame Bush’ peg doesn’t fit anymore Mr. Obama. Start packing your bags, come November, your lease is UP!

  4. Sandy C. says:

    I THOUGHT .. Mitt Romney so thoroughly CRUSHED Barack Obama …

    • Garett Burns says:

      I totally agree, Mit blew him off the courts! I hope in this last debate coming up he will have the upper hand on ovomit again and take the oval office with a win of victory!!!!! As for Paul i hope he has the same upper hand! We can’t take another four years or were through! GO ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. American Girl says:

    this is what you call a REPUBLICAN wedgie !!! get use to it Obama we are not backing down this time

  6. carolyn m templin says:

    Chris, there was a time i watched all of your shows, and always felt you were a true journalist, but four years ago you changed. Before that i never knew what party you were with, now it is self evident that you are in love with Pres. Obama. I don’t like being ugly, but you have lost many people that loved you ”Respect” I’ve enjoyed you over the yrs, but won’t be watching you again…CarolynTemplin

    • Debbie Leonard says:

      Right with you on Matthews as I too was a great fan, watched him everyday and could not make any political affiliation that Matthews might have. I was watching him that very night of the “tingling sensation”. From that night on he became a looney toone lefty! So sad!

    • bob garner says:

      I “USED” to watch Chris Matthews, but he has became so enamored with Obama, that if you didn’t agree with everything you said, you were either prejudiced, or a complete moron. I then started watching O-Reilly, and even though he’s also pre-determined in his out-look, at least he will let the other people voice their opinions.

    • Tim says:

      I agree, Matthews changed in the 08 election. I used to watch him too but now he’s unbearable. I saw his response last night, along with Maddow and Ed Schultz and they were honestly in complete state of shock for the 1st 20 min after debate ended. Some of them recovered after that and began to aimlessly attempt to find some excuse for the obvious butt-kicking their guy just got. It was seriously comical to watch. It was clear evidence that I wasn’t being biased in my assessment of the debate, perfect confirmation that Romney OWNED the room last night!!

  7. oxpictus says:

    Governor Romney has the eye of the tiger! Watching last night was like watching the first “Rocky” movie. (I sort of like the ring of it, “Rocky Romney”) He was so spot on, with facts and figures, he ran rings around Obama. Obama’s eyes were downcast and he looked shame-faced. His bought-and-paid-for media should be advised: The American public is not falling for the glowing spin of malarkey put forth by the media!

    • Carol Holmes says:

      I agree!

    • Joe says:

      Youre absolutely right. Without the left media there would be no Obama.

    • Jerry says:

      But his facts and figures were wrong. Both sides had many flaws. I don’t think either of them won, because neither of them had their information correct. And Mitt needs to be more specific…exactly HOW will he do what he is promising.

      • Carolyn Ronk says:

        I thought he explained himself well….. can only explain so much in 2 minutes

      • Marilyn says:

        I don’t remember Obama, in 2008, having any specifics – it seemed to be just “hope & change”. He obviously didn’t tell anybody just what kind of change he meant or he might not be in office right now.

      • pat says:

        You people keep saying Mitt needs to be more specific. Well listen up: Has Obama been specific on anything? No, and if Mitt Romney starts being specific this early in the game, Obama will steal all of his ideas in his campaigning, don’t you know he’s not very smart at all. Just like Michelle Obama, basically copied off of Mrs. Romney when she got up to speak at the DNC. Do your research…watch all of the debates…all he has done the last 4 years is work on his Obamacare, and let the rest of the country go to pot. And as for who won, you must be blind the whole world is announcing Mitt Romney definitely won with Obama looking down most of the time, or looking out at the audience trying to smirk Romney. Most of the time he had his head down with his tail between his legs. Get smart and don’t vote for the Odumbo. If you want to see who most of Obama’s voters are go to You Tube and look up Howard Sterns voter interviews and see the dummies out there, do you want to be in that class too? Get Smart.

      • kkenney says:

        jerry.. i would bet my food stamps .that you are a african american.

  8. Pete says:

    Chris Matthews is typical, washed up MSM. Obama is just as washed up.

  9. Gryphon says:

    If Chris had a “tingle” down his leg it was probably in all actuality a “tinkle” down his leg; can someone verify?

  10. Gerri says:

    Mitt told the truth. Obama had nothing more to say and that itself was quite evident. Right over might. That is the motto now. Obama’s people will leave him.

  11. ona585 says:

    Finally Chris Matthews has no way to spin what happened last night. The tingling was apparently his brain cooking this time. The President looked tired, and depressed, maybe he just can’t think of anything to justify his performance over the last 4 years except to trot out the same old thing he has been saying all along. There is now a little hope in the air that this too shall pass and maybe some changes can occur quickly.

  12. Megashellac says:

    Obama is a bumbling fool without a teleprompter and speech writer by his side.

  13. jereal brown says:

    its nice to see the mask pulled back and no place to hide

  14. MrsFudd says:

    Chris Matthews imploded last night. It was funny, sad, hard and enjoyable to watch. It is funny to see this man, whose leg was tingling this time last year, now whining like a child whose favorite toy was taken away. I have no respect for this man. He is not a journalist – he is a leftist liberal lackey for the White House. It is amazing to see ABC, NBC, CBS, and especially CNN and MSNBC admitting that Romney whooped Obama’s rear end last night. I never thought I’d see the day when these leftist liberal news agencies not supporting Obama or making up lies that he was better than Romney. Maybe there is hope for objectivity – but I’m not holding my breath.

  15. tom dyess says:

    Romney Did so much better-I was undesided,untill.I think Romney is the right man for the job.

  16. bigfoot says:


  17. Tom says:

    Nothing more to say..President Obama bin laden..was and still continues to be a “never should’ve been elected president”..he’s still clueless..and only idiots voted to get him. They didn’t want to want to be “accused of being racist”. Now lets see if they can prove they’re “not continuing to be idiots”, by voting for him again!!!???

  18. Joseph crawford says:

    I am proud of what was said by Chris Matthews because unlike a lot of other liberals he actually stated what we all as conservatives seen for ourselves. Obama looked like a guy that left all his tricks and gimmicks at home. He looked like a buddy tricked him into showing up unarmed. Even when he was on the attack (was he ever on the attack) Mr. Romney not only had an answer but it actually made since as to how it would help us. A buddy tried to tell me Romney wasn’t qualified to be president he didn’t have the experience to be president. Are you kidding me they elected Obama with little or no proven experience and a shadow of a past as to where he came from. Mitt Romney not only has past experience but stories of success with his ideas he has a proven track record of success as a Governor. Check his facts the state of Mass. is the highest rated in education, they have had success with Health care and they do have a lower rate of unemployment and a better economy then the rest the United States. Mitt Romney is not only the right man for the job he is currently the only man with the exception of his VP Paul Ryan for the task of fixing the United States. And for the record the economy was doing fine during the Bush administration until the Democrats won the Majority of the seats. Also for the record Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be unemployed when Mitt Romney wins.

  19. The bias media guys got crushed tonight–no defense to 4 years of horendous deficit, socializing as much as possible and being a total parasitic president!! Shame on you, the media, and you Mr. ExPrez!!

  20. Larry Bennett says:

    This is a statement I posted on faceb ook after the debate,Obama looked like a 3rd grader going against a college grad.I believe a lot more people feel the same way.

  21. Garett Burns says:

    I think if the Ovomit media gets lost and every one stands a side and let them do their thing on the next and last coming debate, The Romney -Ryan campaign will knock Ovomit and his evil democraps out in to next week with a win! I pray so for are sakes. GOOOOOOOO ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!

  22. iamnotyou says:

    Can you say it? Those two words…you know, the words you democrats fear most.
    No Teleprompter. <——-=
    Obama* was his old lying self today in Madcity wisconsin. at the university of sheep.
    And there were those Teleprompters telling Obama what to lie about.
    Obama* claimed that there are two romneys when there are actually Two Obama*s The Real one that we all saw at the debate, and the puppet in front of the Teleprompters.

  23. KAREN says:

    Chris, finally showing your true colors, thank you. Whine now & forever hold your peace. No credibility left with the media. I voted for O’bama but this time around it’s Romney all the way. Media in general make me sick. All one sided but after awhile one wakes up & start researching the facts & what you guys promote just doesn’t wash. Looks at the numbers of the undecided & they are swinging in Romney’s corner. O’bama will never defeat Romney in a debate as he just plain doesn’t have any business sense & no one to give him the facts w/o his teleprompter

  24. lisa says:

    enough is enough we are geting our country back no more applies to others obama come november apologize to those that hate americans tell them how sorrrrrry you are that the USA voted you out and are taking back our country…i know I’ve got an idea…pack your bags and move…..over seas!!!!!

  25. Robert Priddy says:

    All the Obama socialists have left is the Scream Racist gambit!

  26. Sandy B says:

    Can’t wait to see the VP go against Ryan….another debate win for the Republican team, is my prediction. Mitt has the experience and track record to help get people back to work, and fix our broken economy, Obama doesn’t, God willing he won’t get another 4 years to destroy this great country, it is very scary to think what he would do. Wake up people vote Romney/Ryan.

  27. Terry says:

    Remember people….when Romney and the “right” take over they really will be inheriting a huge mess and we have to be prepared to suffer a tad…it took Regan 8 years to get it turned around and that was without the monster stumbling blocks Romney and crew will have to deal with like obamacare, dodd/frank and other executive order garbage obama has levied onto the American people….we’ll have to be patient…..it will take time, but it will happen!

  28. Peggy Blair says:

    Finally a chink in the armor of the “great pretender” President Obama!! He does not respect the constitution, the flag, the office, the fact that he is NOT an American and thinks we are idiot enough to believe him. He is a Muslim, a tyranist, a traitor and anyone would be hung for such treason!! Americans can do better than this; he is the worst president in history. Michelle has trashed the “first lady” image and she is an embarrassment to our country! She has disrespected the office with her reckless spending and abuse of the tax payers money. I’m surprised Air Force One has not crashed under the weight of the “trash” it carries! Run them out of Washington and back to Africa!!

  29. Jack McCarty says:

    Chris has been a shill like his fellow brethren at MSNBC. Chris, show your tax returns along with all the other Ilk you associate with. Bet you a million you take the same deductions as you complain about Mitt for. Lying, hypocritics that you are! Rot in hell

  30. Diane Harris says:

    My husband allways said Obama was a President wanting to be a movie star ,I think he is so star struck that he doesn’t care to be President anymore. I think he is just ready to get out and be that movie star ,so please be our guest!!!!

  31. Jack Dunbar says:

    Chris you and your MSM Team mates lost all your credibility. I at one time I thought you to be one person I could trust. I am 63 years old and remember when TV reported the News not try to create it. The reporting I heard from you and the other was so wrong.
    Please try to find your intigrity, and stop the sarcasism. Our President got his butt kicked, how can his group help the country when they don’t understand what is going on?

  32. Woo-hoo !!!…The cursed Hamite Negro got his tail handed to him in a platter…he will NOT get elected, watch and see…electoral college results: Romney 273, Nobama 265!

  33. Linda says:

    I don’t get it… they’re still trying to defend Obama as if his performance last night what part of a strategic plan of taking the high road… We saw the performance with our own eyes. The emporor is not wearing any clothes. Paahleeeeze.. give it a rest. Romney has been doing his homework for a long time. He has a plan of “prosperity that comes through freedom.” I can’t wait to see Paul Ryan’s debate with Joe Biden…. Paul Ryan is going to eat him alive.

  34. Pam says:

    Chris and the rest of the liberal media were so funny last night. I watch Fox news but out of curiosity turned my TV to MSNBC to see ya’lls reaction to the debate. It made my night watching all of you stuttering like babbling idiots.

  35. Deborah says:

    chris, he was where he always is.. NO WHERE! It’s about time YOU see what the rest of us have seen… WAKE UP KIDDO THIS MAN IS A FOOL! Just because he wants you to BELIEVE he’s a democrat, he isn’t, he’s a socialist. Chris, Justice Sandra Day-O’connor has a site that TEACHES people civics.. you need to take lessons from a pro and so does a lot of YOUNG DEMOCRATS that think they know it all. I’M A DEMOCRAT AND I’M VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY! I’M AN OLD LADY! I’ve been a democrat all my voting life, and NOW… I have to vote republican TO HELP SAVE MY COUNTRY FROM THE YOUNG PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN AND A SOCIALIST! Barack Obama is a charlatan~ cut and dried……….wake up our babies, before we lose it all!

    • Marilyn Smith says:

      Deborah, I’m an old lady, too, and your post was wonderful. It’s refreshing to see someone who will change his mind when faced with the truth. From one old lady to another, I’m proud of you.

  36. Marlene says:

    In supporting Romney–I have been called names…. (mainly racist or some semblance of it) I have been told I am “uninformed” — and had “facts” (liberal facts of course) thrown at me… I for one am THRILLED to have witnessed the THRASHING Romney gave Obama… and even MORE thrilled to see the LIBERAL media going crazy….

    • Karen says:

      Yeah! Me too! But I ask you, if you are pro-life (which I am) how can you be racist? If I were racist I would have a PP at every corner in the urban areas. Genocide isn’t genocide if it is voluntary.

  37. michael says:

    There aren’t many people whose job I wish them to lose, President Obama certainly as he is not only an abject failure, a socialist, and elected because of his race, not his qualifications. But those in the media, print and electronic who claim to be unbiased yet are so blatantly one-sided deserve to lose their jobs and whatever credibility they might have left. The media is supposed to investigate and report, without bias. When the media doesn’t do their job, the politicians rule unchecked. We, the people lose. Our government is no longer accountable to us. The press did nothing to vet Obama in 2008. The average American had no idea what this guy stood for or intended to do. The press loved him and wouldn’t dare expose him. So we elected a president, largely out of 150 years of racial guilt, a man so unqualified for the job who has taken the last four years to spend trillions of dollars without doing anything to improve the economy or the unemployment situation. Chris Matthews…your days are numbered. People are turning away from conventional media sources in droves, day by day. And I have no sympathy for you. You’ve done this country a great disservice and cost America huge sums because you Sir didn’t do your job. You let your biases lead you instead of your duty. Farewell hack. Oh, by the way, I hear Mr. Romney’s trash man is unhappy with his job. Maybe you can find a future there. You’re certainly qualified for the position, and I for one would gladly serve as a reference for you with your future employer.

  38. rrronin says:

    Obama is possibly the biggest hoax ever pulled on the American public. Zero experience, anti-American mentors ( one, a card carrying commie), and an a foreign policy agenda that’s laughable…time for someone that can create jobs, not create more deficit.

  39. Barbara says:

    HAHAHA! Poor Chris Matthews. It sounds like the “thrill down his leg” turned into a cramp last night. Way to go Rommey!

  40. Hilda Mount says:

    Romney ate Obama’s lunch!!! Mr. Matthews is probably still crying, but who cares? However, let’s not forget a lot of Christians were praying for Mr. Romney, and God heard and gave him clarity of thought and peace of mind. Keep praying, Christians, and let’s watch God work. To HIM be the glory.

  41. Lynn says:

    I agree with everybody else, also I am tired of hearing about the terrible mess Pres. Obama ” inherited” I remember him asking for this job and I did not hire him.

  42. Shepherd says:

    Does this mean the bromance is over?

  43. Michael says:

    We have Romney and the democrats have “big bird”. I’ve seen a lot of presidential debates including Nixon-Kennedy and Regan-Carter. This one reminded me of what Regan did to carter. I can’t imagine a sitting president of this nation trying to lay the blame for his pathetic performance on poor ole “big bird”. Our apologies mr Big Bird.
    Obama, your true colors are beginning to finally show!

  44. Sandy Tivis says:

    What goes around comes around! It is OUR time to take our country back by the liberal haters of America! WE ALL DESERVE A BETTER AMERICA…even the liberals!

    I did notice that today, Mr. Obama was already back to the hatred he is spewing while Mr. Romney had a more sensible approach to the questions he was asked…that comes from knowing that you have NOTHING to hide. Mr. Obama could learn a lesson or two from a man like Mitt Romney, giving, honest, and wanting to do what is best for ALL AMERICANS, not just a small group of “supporters”!

  45. Sandra says:

    I enjoyed watching Romney clean Obama’s clock!!! It’s way past time somebody showed that self-obsessed piece of work the road!! Four more years of that & we’ll be goose-stepping & saying Hail Obama & bowing toward Mecca!!

  46. a strong anti totalitarianism conservative says:

    Bob woodward set the stage for Bidens exit- “something happened…” ol tingley matthews discovered it was going up his leg it was he got the PISS scared outa him & it ran down his leg. The matthews told Steele the repubs played they race card with work requirements for govt checks- Steele SLAMMED matthews to the mat & he ran like a screaming sissy boy- which it turns out in private he is!! Wonered why bHo sent tingles up his leg, hear he was a turkish bath guy in Chicago! What we wouldn’t. Is for this to be falsely stated, but I for one would appreciate if the guys that said it could prove it!

  47. Judy Mann says:

    What can I say? It was a beautiful thing to watch!

  48. denny chanslor says:

    Rush Lumbaugh said Chris Matthews would regret hed said that—- it might take time—- what a JOKE— don’t even have the show MSN on at our place of emoloyment —all think it is a joke—give it 1 more year of existance!

  49. Britt Carter says:

    As a small bussiness, my company has barely held on durning the last four years. If I don’t pay my bills and vender’s on time, I’m out of bussiness. For 32 years we’ve been responsiable. My employees loose, my customers loose. I honestly mean no disrespect but Mr President is indeed a slacker. Our America needs a leader who is a concerned, Authentic Leader.

  50. Daniel Price says:

    Before it started, I sorta figured it would be the other way around. I thought Mitt might be the one intimidated but it most certainly was not. Mitt was there to win and he was aggressive and to the point & didn’t mind calling Obama out on the 5 trillion dollar tax lie Obama kept trying to put in there. Called him on it at least 4 times. Mitt showed plenty of backbone and it always goes that way when a man knows what hes talking about..Mitt had to explain to Obama about the revenue was going to be there if 3 million people was put back to work they would be paying additional taxes we haven’t got now. No wonder small business people just quit trying cause the taxes is so high they can’t make any money and Obama wants to go up on that. They have always said, small businesses make the world go round and Obama has about got it stopped on his quest to destroy America as we know it. Obama is not the man for the job and never was. Hes a plant from the Muslim countries from what it looks like to me. Just like the jet pilots that flew jets into the Towers. And to let these people drag our Ambassador down the street til hes dead from the beating and kicking & then Obama wants to say I’m sorry we caused that. BS. Then he wants to send them Money. Give me a break people. You need to wake up and see whats going on before we are one of those countrys like we read about in World History. Vote for Mitt& Ryan wheather you’re dem or rep. That shit don’t even matter anymore. Country matters. Lets stay free here for our kids and grandkids. Get rid of Obama…VOTE…for America…

  51. Karen says:

    The media can’t make the presidency any more. It is so obvious that all mainstream media are all Marxists and that Obama is their standard bearer.

  52. Vic Eason says:

    Must have been a big shock to find out he’d been humping an empty pantleg for 5 years .

  53. JOHN ROSENBALM says:


  54. Regina says:

    Just keep up the fight Mitt! We need a President to lead this country and to put back the fact of We the People are in charge of the government, not the government in charge of the people.

  55. Ruby says:

    On his Hardball show, Chris Matthews always tells his guests, “Tell me something I don’t know”. I guess Mitt let him know what an incompetent buffoon Obama is.

  56. BRIAN says:


  57. Mark says:

    I don’t hate Obama …but he just doesn’t get it… he doesn’t understand business and is totally out of his league with a businessman. Wake up. His view is tainted on America. Teach people to fish Mr. President- don’t give them a fish.

  58. Lionel Gray says:

    Romney came out fighting and never gave up until the Last round, and when the Bell Rang He had clearly won. I thought that O/B would have at least got In a couple of jabs,well maby a couple but It did not phase Mit he just kept coming forward Until he scored the K/O. cant wait for Ryan and O/B’s Mate Big Mouth Joe Biden I am betting he will say something real stupid just like he always does. And at the End Of the fight Ryan will Be the winner.

  59. bruce davis says:

    I have said from the start that Obama was nothing more than window dressing for those that wanted to change America-Well last nights debate proved what obama is made out of ?. We are the greatest Country in the WORLD and we will (NOT) be be destroyed from within-You can take that to the bank-

  60. Kathy Harding says:

    I have known since I first started watching Obama speak that he only speaks well when he can READ the teleprompter….we have all seen him look foolish when the teleprompter goes off……well last night proved not only is he a poor speaker…he simply does not KNOW the facts and figures that our American President should know hands down. The old saying “oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” was evident as he did not know which way to turn without his speech writers and teleprompters.
    Fact is Romney is more qualified and I hope will be elected so our country does not go under to socialism like Obama has planned.

  61. Tom NJ says:

    Obama didn’t have the media protecting him. He thought the girls from the View or Letterman were going to moderate the debate. Plus he couldn’t hide the fact that his policies are a failure. In 2008 he was unknown with no record, so people fell for his hope and change lie. His fundamentally changing the United States of America as he called it was nothing more then destroying the Constitution and forcing Socialism upon us. I don’t know how his supporters can sleep at night watching him bow to our enemies, how the Jewish voters vote for a man who turns his back on Israel, and how this man apologizes to terrorists. He is a Muslim just read his book.

  62. Sharon says:

    What facts do MSNBC and Chris Mathews go after. They just spew division and hatred. Just like Obama. Obama must go and take the whole network of MSNBC with him. Lets get out there and vote Romney on Nov 6. Take back our country from these socialist, nanny state idiots.

  63. Cassandra, IL says:

    Wake up America.

  64. Margaret says:

    God is in CONTROL. Praise HIS HOLY NAME.

  65. dan kalinowski says:

    Keep Mathews away from sharp objects on election day!

  66. laverne says:

    Chrissy was totally losing it and out of control. Paramedics were probably called in to sedate him and also use restraints. I laughed so much that I cried. LOVED IT!

  67. Mike M says:

    Matthews was a presidential speechwriter during the Carter administration and later worked for six years as a top aide to longtime Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, playing a direct role in many key political battles with the Reagan administration.

    • Don says:

      Thus, his acidic tone involving political matters. It comes across to me as sour grapes stemming from prior ass-whoopins from the Reagan gang.

  68. Darkpath says:

    Obama (and Michelle) forgot that “We the People” own their house and that they live in it “By Our Leave”. All this strutting about, wasting money on high dollar holidays, acting like Rock Star instead of a president of a Nation has got to STOP. This guy is BLEEDING the freedom out the flag. The same flag that our young men and women continue to fight and die for EVERYDAY! True Americans are waiting to witness Mitt Romney serve an eviction notice in November. Become part of the 99% that voices their opinion with a BALLOT. Send him back to Chicago…

  69. Jason says:

    “…while Obama was getting underhanded softballs from his pals in the press…” That was my sentiment exactly. Obama hasn’t had to answer a tough question or endure a unfriendly situation for 4 years, so to be thrown in there with someone who disagrees with him and doesn’t kiss his a$$ for a change put him completely off his game. I don’t see the next two debates being any different either especially because, although
    Romney seems unflappable in these situations, this had to be a confidence booster for him, I’m happy for him and I hope he’s ready for the big win.

  70. pat breem says:

    Chris Matthews, You are suppose to report the news fair and balance. You are no journalist. You accuse racism in everyone who says anything about Obama. You are so one sided it is ridiculous. MSNBC has become and arm of the progressive socialist democrat party. News organizations are supposed to report not give opinion. I used to watch you and MSNBC all the time, But I can hardly stomach it when then the TV accidentally lands on the channel. It is no wonder your ratings are about the lowest of any channel. This president being black has nothing to do with how people are feeling. We feel that we have been betrayed. We were promised so much and nothing was delivered. People like me in the middle class are suffering. Our incomes have dropped and everything cost more. I don’t care what color he is or what religion he is, he is not doing a good job. The people are tired of it. My grandchildren are already so far in debt they will never dig out, and it keeps getting worse. Soon the FHA will need a bail out and he already wants another stimulus. How much are we suppose to with stand? You need to get your heads out of you behind and wake up or your news channel will go by the wayside just like this president. I don’t know anyone who listens to MSNBC anymore. We are tired of your biased excuse for reporting. Shame on you MSNBC as especially you Chris Matthews.

  71. FRANK says:

    see what happenes when you dont have a telapromter,puppit man.

  72. Diane Herring says:

    Re first paragraph (Dustin Stockton) on Chris Matthews: In order words Romney took charge. Right? Wouldn’t it be nice to see that in our White House. I mean … a President acting presidential. How wonderful is that????

  73. D.E. says:

    If you look in the dictionary for the definition of “Presstitute”, there you’ll find a caricature of this teleprompter reading, bankster programmed PRICK !! The HEAD Presstitute !!

  74. Mike B says:

    Obama didn’t have his trusty teleprompter full of lies to remind him what to say. He looked like A deer in the headlights.

  75. valerie says:

    I seen a man i know would not back down to other countries and would stand and fight for what is right(mitt)..instead of embaressin us.im worried about all the stars that havent seen the true man obama is..they have alot of money that they are handing over to this man..they need to wake up and see what we see

  76. Vince says:

    After the presidential debate this past Wednesday
    Denver has issued the following notice.

    “Anyone visiting Denver must wait at least 24 hours
    before operating an automobile on its public roadways”.



  78. Kevin says:

    Matthews is the King of the Pussy Ass liberals. I love it when they are hoisted on their own pitard! Eat it, MSNBC!

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