The Obama Debate Debacle: A Cautionary Tale of Hubris

By now, the Romney-Obama debate is famous or infamous, depending on what circle you run in. Whether liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the one thing this country has come together to agree on is that Obama lost the debate. While liberals and conservatives argue about just how badly the President performed, the fact remains that it was not a good night for him.

However, a Democrat close to the Obama Campaign claims that despite his obviously poor performance, Obama believed as he walked off stage that he had actually won the debate   -an illustration of just how detached from the American people and reality he really is.

I laughed out loud when I heard that Obama was, seemingly, the only person in the country who believed for a moment that he had emerged victorious. I would have loved to have been there when his advisers told him the truth.

According to the Democrat who is inside the Obama Campaign and an independent adviser on occasion, Obama continually shirked his debate prep and didn’t take the debate seriously. Disdainful of Romney and filled with the arrogance for which he is known, Obama drastically underestimated his opponent, and he paid the price for it.

The anonymous source claimed that Obama continually dodged having to prep, which jibes with Obama’s general job performance- who wants to actually work when there’s golf to be played?

Furthermore, the President apparently disregarded senior aides’ advice and did not use material prepared for the President, such as one-liners concerning Romney’s “47%” remark.

Obama was both arrogant and stupid to not prepare adequately. It is hard to enumerate the things he actually does take seriously anymore. Intelligence briefings? Naw…  Memos indicating trouble brewing for our embassies? Not likely… Mexican cartels being armed with American weapons? That sounds like nonsense… The economy is in shambles? Surely that must be someone else’s fault. I don’t know, blame it on the guy who was here before me…

The list goes  on…

Overall, it is satisfying to see that like the title character of “Casey at the bat,” Obama, too, fell victim to inadequate skill and an abundance of hubris.

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2 Responses to The Obama Debate Debacle: A Cautionary Tale of Hubris

  1. Keri says:

    Boy that is the truth. Obama is a Narcissistic Pathological liar. It is a real bad combination. “AND IT SHOWS” SAVE AMERICA FIRE OBLOWIT NOW!!!!!

  2. Lori says:

    My prayer is that the uninformed and ignorant will open their eyes!

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