The Obama-Biden Campaign Continues to Implode: Biden Interrupts the Adults While They’re Talking

My wife called me from work while I was watching the debate. She asked how it was going, and I honestly didn’t know how to answer. “Um… good? I don’t know. It’s hard to say what, exactly, I’m watching here. Right now Biden is interrupting Ryan and yelling at him like Chris Matthews on PCP.”

And so it went for the vast majority of the 90-minute debate. It was exhausting to watch a sitting Vice President make a complete ass of himself on live television.

In case you are the only one who hasn’t heard, the Biden-Ryan debate was… interesting. While I knew that a crazy Biden would show up, I was really hoping for more of a “goofy” crazy- not the “militant” kind of crazy. But, truth be told, I would prefer to have a Vice President that wasn’t any kind of crazy- thankfully, with this debate, we are a little bit closer to having that dream be a reality.

While the issues were serious issues, Biden laughed throughout the entire debate when Ryan was speaking, prompting concerned Americans- 23 million of whom are out of work thanks to this failed administration- to ask, “What is so funny about this, Joe?”

When not laughing or smirking, he was derisive, condescending and outright rude to his opponent, constantly interrupting him and talking over Congressman Ryan when it was his turn to speak.

The whole thing was a debacle, and the partisan “moderator”, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, did her best to help Biden along, at times teaming up against Ryan in an unexpected twist that had Ryan fighting off both an insane incumbent and a partisan moderator.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened. Biden’s handlers, all-too-aware of the negative perception Obama created last week with his “too nice” performance, cautioned Biden about letting the debate occur on Ryan’s terms. However, what they failed to mention, is that Romney kept control of last week’s presidential debate because he had a better command of the issues and actually had a plan. Controlling the flow of a debate is more than simply talking over the top of someone or indignantly laughing- it’s about skillfully relating the stances. Biden, not seeing the distinction, just decided to yell over the top of his opponent and laugh when confronted with unflattering facts.

It was as weird as it was unbecoming to see a grown man act like a disrespectful child when the adults were talking. It made me long for the days when his behavior was merely racially insensitive, not outright maliciously rude and undignified.

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4 Responses to The Obama-Biden Campaign Continues to Implode: Biden Interrupts the Adults While They’re Talking

  1. Rob Boyd says:

    Could you imagine if something happened to Obama, and this man became President. I could see him laughing while people talk at the UN over issues like war..

  2. carmen bickett says:

    i dont understand a ‘profession’, long-term congressman/vp behaving in such a way. it appeared to me he was acting like an (assinine) bad boy in a school yard and he made a complete fool of himself which actually wouldnt take much. i tried to listen to the debate with an open mind, but the continuous interruptions, smirking, laughing (i’m SO glad they used a split screen so it could be viewed), in my opinion, eliminated for me anything mr biden had to say. i just cant get past his childish, unprofessional behavior which i have heard thru the media which was supposed to be ‘nice, smile a lot and be friendly’. all i continued to see was rudeness thru the continuous interruptions, AND i was greatly disappointed that the moderator (i quite frankly am not familiar with this lady) didnt control his interruptions more than she did–it was totally against debate procedure. the ONLY thing i remember from mr biden was after paul ryan said he was on the ground talking with troops in afghanistan, mr biden said he, too, visited afghanistan IN A HELIOCOPTOR (sp), flying over the area. how much could one learn when not on the ground TALKING with the troops, rather choosing a free ride over the area to ‘see what’s going on’? that’s truthfully all that sticks in my mind except that he said ‘…yes but when i say (those) things, you know i mean what i say’ which IMMEDIATELY brought to mind ‘….THEY JUST DONT GET US’ (i still dont know what that means) and ‘…the middle class has been slammed (my words) and brought down over the past four years.’ (????????!!!!!!), as well as ‘…they want to put you back in chains’. (not a good phrase to use in the south–i was raised in the south–it’s a very touchy issue which should be ended–the history of that era is now history and the chip should be removed from the shoulders of those who still carry it; not everyone ‘owned’ humans, just the few wealthy who could afford to buy human beings and chose that lifestyle.) i had no idea how mr biden was going to present his debate, but, actually i was not surprised due to his most unprofessional, childish behavior when in a race for the second man in a very important election for this country.

  3. Lunatic Fringe says:

    Can you even imagine Cheney acting like that? I think Jackass Joe must have found Barky’s choom stash. This kind of assholery just proves that Clint was right when he said “Biden is just a grin with a body behind it”.

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