Sour Grapes: Obama Mocks Romney’s Stances in Wake of His Embarrassing Debate Defeat

President (for now) Obama is big on talk, but short on delivery. His debate performance on Wednesday was not a fluke, he is genuinely ill-equipped to deal with the issues affecting Americans. He did not do well during the debate not because he was nervous and certainly not because of the altitude- as Al Gore suggested. No, he did poorly because logic dictates that a man who has failed on everything he was supposed to do in his first term cannot logically claim that a second term will be any better. He lost because he cannot defend his administration’s policies, and he cannot promise future remedies when he has not provided any to the American people thus far. He floundered in his debate because he is a failure as a president.

However, in a cringe-inducing move that reeks of sour grapes, Obama has had the audacity to criticize Governor Romney’s performance at the debate. Poor form, Barry. Poor form…

Yes, Obama, the man who was dealt a humiliating blow in front of 67 million people on Wednesday, is apparently more comfortable making lame jokes than discussing the issues plaguing Americans (no wonder Bill Maher donated to his campaign.)

On Friday, Obama cracked wise with an audience at Cleveland State University, saying,

“My opponent, he was doing a lot of – a little tap dance at the debate the other night, trying to wiggle out of stuff he’s been saying for a year, doing, like, a – it was like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or maybe it was ‘Extreme Makeover: Debate Edition.”

That’s big talk coming from the grown man who got spanked like an errant child in front of America. As President “Mom jeans” has likely never been in a fight, I’ll offer a steadfast rule: When someone gets their clock cleaned, that person loses any right to mock the performance of the man who gave the beating. This goes for debates as well…

Obama continued,

“But no matter what he says, my opponent – he’s a big believer of these top-down economics. He thinks that if we spend another $5 trillion on tax cuts that favor the wealthiest, we get rid of more regulations on Wall Street, all of our problems are going to be solved. Jobs and prosperity will rain down from the sky. Deficits will magically disappear. We’ll live happily ever after.”

Ah, man, I thought we settled this. As Romney pointed on Wednesday, Obama is not “entitled to his own facts.” The $5 trillion tax cut is not only a distortion, it’s a flat-out myth. Robert Samuelson of The Washington Post explains,

“On taxes, uncertainties abound. If you cut everyone’s tax rates by 20 percent, the rich — with the highest rates and the biggest tax bills — get the biggest breaks. The present top rate of 35 percent drops to 28 percent; the lowest rate falls only from 10 percent to 8 percent. (Each reduction is one-fifth, or 20 percent.) If that were all, Romney’s plan would indeed represent a windfall for the wealthy. Those with annual incomes exceeding $1 million would save an average of $175,000, estimates the Tax Policy Center (TPC), a research group. (By the TPC’s estimates, the 0.8 percent of taxpayers with incomes of more than $500,000 currently pay 28 percent of federal taxes.)…

To justify its $5 trillion figure — the estimated tax loss over a decade — the Obama campaign had to cherry-pick Romney’s proposal and the TPC analysis. It had to ignore any revenue raised by reducing tax breaks and assume that, faced with a conflict between the rich and the middle class, Romney would automatically side with the rich — as opposed to shielding the middle class from any tax increase. On Wednesday, Romney promised to protect the middle class.”

Obama’s inflammatory rhetoric relies on assumptions predicated on assumptions and are in no way based on reality. Creative interpretations and an over-active imagination is the only way to possibly believe the “$5 trillion tax-cut” myth.

Obama then went on to play the “Big Bird” card,

“For all you moms and kids out there, don’t worry. Somebody’s finally getting tough on Big Bird. Elmo, you better make a run for it. Gov. Romney is going to let Wall Street run wild again, but he’s going to bring the hammer down on Sesame Street. You want me to save Big Bird?”

Overall, Obama has a lot of big talk for Romney’s plans, but produces no viable plans of his own. He criticizes Romney’s plan to trim the deficit, but as such criticisms are coming from the current president, the question that should be on everyone’s mind is, “Alright, but what have you done to trim the deficit?” The answer- nothing. He’s only made it worse. But Obama would have the American people believe that if given the chance, he would fix it. He’s had four years, what has he been waiting for?

Obama’s recent criticism of Romney’s proposals at the debate is laughable- but not in the way he intended. It takes a certain kind of arrogance to get handed a hearty defeat on Wednesday, and mocking the victor on Friday. Keep talking, Barack. A rematch is coming…

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  1. jc says:

    Four more years!

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