Sacrificed: Hillary Claims Responsibility for Benghazi… But Not Really

Hillary Clinton played the part of the good soldier yesterday and jumped on the grenade that was sure to fling shrapnel at her boss, President Obama. While she claimed to take credit for the Benghazi security failings, she seemed to qualify it by saying, “I take responsibility for what happened… but it wasn’t really my fault…”

Secretary of State Clinton had been thrown under the bus on Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate as Vice President Biden had to make a choice- the Obama Administration or Hillary. Being the stand-up guy he is, he opted to throw Hillary to the wolves in the misguided hope that that would settle this issue and shield this disastrous administration from harm. It won’t.

Hillary admitted the security failings yesterday as she hid out in Peru to avoid the immediate political fallout. Claiming that the “buck stopped with her,” Hillary assumed responsibility for refusing the repeated requests for additional security personnel in Benghazi. Hillary then qualified her culpability by laying it off on subordinates and saying that security precautions were the responsibility of “security professionals.” Please…

Since the Obama Administration’s meddling in North Africa and the Middle East, the region has become remarkably unstable. So, it does seem odd that such requests are not taken seriously.

It is nearly impossible to buy this newest story. Kudos to Hillary for being a loyal soldiers and the newest scapegoat for this administration, but the fact is that Obama has been meddling in State Department affairs since the beginning of his presidency. He has stuck his nose into the operations and micro-managed foreign policy. It is a certainty that the security requests were run up the flag pole and were denied by the Obama Administration. After the attack, the Obama Administration tried a variety of different stories to see what the American people will believe. This latest story is no different.

They called it a “protest” at first. They blamed it on a YouTube video and its creator. That never gained much traction, so they switched to plan B, and blamed it on the intelligence community. That didn’t last long, so now they’re dropping this scandal on the doorstep of the State Department, lighting it on fire and running away. At what point do they just come clean and say, “We are thoroughly in over our heads,” and tell us what we already know- that the Obama Administration is responsible.

The Obama Administration believed that additional security in the post-Qaddafi mess that he helped create, would be perceived as a show of force. Denying the security personnel left our embassy vulnerable to attack and now they are in full-blown, Nixonian-style cover-up mode.

Are Hillary and the State Department to blame? Sure. But there is no honor in covering for a coward. President Obama screwed up and people died. More than merely a matter of principle, we cannot afford to have this man at the wheel any longer.

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19 Responses to Sacrificed: Hillary Claims Responsibility for Benghazi… But Not Really

  1. Joanne says:

    Obama is throwing Hilary under the bus. He and the rest of his administration need to be under the bus with her.

  2. Lunatic Fringe says:

    Maybe Hillary thinks that by looking more manly than Obama she’ll be a shoo-in for 2016. Naaah, not gonna happen.

  3. Steven B Spafford says:

    Yeah she’s trying to protect MORON. Does anyone wonder why.

  4. SicOfObama says:

    What really bothers me is, why would Hillary be responsible when Hillary is NOT over the military, executive in chief. She cannot call the military into action, cannot authorize a military raid, she cannot order troops to a nation, no air strikes….. she is NOT over our military, she is not over our embessays,. Just HOW is she taking this fall when it FALLS on obama to make these decisions? If she can do all that obama does, why do we need obama? Would that not be dangerous for the left hand to not know what the right hand is doing, especially in national security and citizens lives in foreign terrorist countries? Can you hear the ambassdors in other countries, “Did you call the president and ask for more security and troops to protect us”? “Oh, yes, Mr. Ambassador, and the president was in Vegas with Jay-Z, Beyounce, and on TV with David Letterman. Hillary Clinton said she would give the message to Obama”.

  5. Paul B. says:

    Ever hear of Ron Brown another Clinton casualty. Bullets in the head after a plane crash come on do we really look that stupid. Oh yeah LIE because it doesn’t matter either way for the election! Guess what we have an Elephant for a symbol let’s keep that memory!

  6. You have to wonder what Oblameless offered Hillary to jump the grenade. One thing is for CERTAIN…she shat on her political career for it and her bid for POTUS2016 is all but a distant memory now.
    If I was Oblameless, I would take out a 15 minute spot on all the major state run media outlets (NBC,ABC,CBS,CNN,CNBC,MSNBC,PBS and FOXNEWS also), and take the blame for all of it; the lax security in the Middle East and North Africa, the bullspit story about the video, the uberbullspit story about bad intelligence (isn’t that an oxymoron?), and even Billary’s deflector shield; the “security professionals”.
    The fact is, only the marginally challenged and ignorant can say this event and its fallout isn’t 2 to the 10th power, more deviant and duplicitous than Watergate; an offense and cover-up where no one died, but the American people lost their innocence. Four Americans were brutally murdered on Oblameless’ watch. If the buck doesn’t stop here at the oval office, it should at the very least, stop at the polls on November 6th.

  7. SicOfObama says:

    The next day. “Oh, Mr. Ambassador, obama still has not returned our call”.

  8. Ronald Marlar says:

    Bill Clinton tried to have Janet Reno take responsibility for the tragedy at the Branch Davidian compound, Waco, TX. A result of that tragedy was another tragedy – the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City by domestic terrorists.
    Now we get to wait and see what the next tragedy is in the Obama fiasco of abysmal failure in foreign policy and actions.

  9. LTCRIce says:

    Hillary then qualified her culpability by laying it off on subordinates and saying that security precautions were the responsibility of “security professionals.”

    SO why are “they” not Listening to their staff professionals? Why does Obama not participate in daily briefings? How can you be the leader if you do not meet on a regular basis with your staff?
    I believe “they” pushed the YouTube video crap to inflame the Muslims to create a disaster that “they” could use for their propaganda.

  10. John Folsom says:

    If the American people are smart enough to vote the Muslim out of office then we will put this country back to work. We need a strong defense one run by Americans for America not Obama who ought to be impeached or charged with treason . With Watergate no one died .With Lybia we have now had four Americans killed and the president lies to us and blames some video.The Vice Presidentied as well .Ibope to hell Obama loses or he kills himself or does of aids.

  11. greg says:

    Lies by all! Why did Hillary and Bill go ballistic at first, and then she willing accepts responsibility? Something is really fishy here! It doesn’t add up. Obama has played Chicago style politics with the Clinton’s again.

  12. libra says:

    obama has managed to light up the middle east with his arab spring.. it is only the beginning of the muslim takeover of the world and islam forced on all who are still alive… please go to www. politicalislam to see some of the history of what destruction and mass murder the islamists are planning for the usa aided and abbetted by the liar in chief–muslim obama. look at what happened to lara logan the journalist in egypt and the butchery of chris stevens —it is on the way to the usa–cells and training camps for terrorists are already here in the usa

    • Ronald Marlar says:

      According to Obama who definitely should know the number of mosques, Islamic societies, etc. in the U.S. is up from 1200 or so to 2000 or so in the past 10 years. Best estimates of the U.S. Muslim population is up from 5M or so to 7-10M, and Obama has installed Muslim Brotherhood operatives and other Islamic jihadists in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime – your former government.
      You can go online also and get maps of the locations of the mosques, Islamic societies, etc., and of FBI known and suspected Islamic jihadist fundraising sites. The maps are near perfect mirror images. A more recent map from last week is also available online showing 35 locations of Islamic jihad training sites in the U.S.

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