Rewarding Treason: Eric Holder Receives an Award from Black Caucus

It’s been a strange few weeks- the Obama Administration is considering rewarding the Blind Sheik for masterminding attacks on America by negotiating his release, Egypt is being rewarded with $450 million for attacking our embassy and now, the Black Caucus has given Eric Holder a high award for his “excellence.” It’s like I’m in bizzaro-world, where up is down, black is white and we reward violence and anti-Americanism with freedom, cash rewards and plaques.

And the rest of America, what do we get? Our reward is a president who, with his every waking moment, works against our interests.

Disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder received the Congressional Black Caucus’ Chair Award on Saturday for his “outstanding contributions to our nation.” It’s truly disgusting.

However, even more disgusting than this single event is the overall trend of Democrats pretending like they’re not hearing us. We say we suspect Holder is violating the law, and they don’t care. We show them proof that he’s lying about what he knew and when, and they go on about their business without addressing the issue. Congress finds him in contempt, and then Democrats play the astonished card, “What?! Why? Oh, it’s because he’s too effective at stopping the GOP’s nefarious voting schemes!”

Then came the DOJ fluff piece, admonishing all who worked below Holder. The report, written by an old friend and former coworker of Holder’s, stopped just short of blaming the Attorney General, simply taking Holder’s word that he didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious. Because criminals never lie.

I swear, if every police investigation were handled like the Inspector General’s report, our prisons would be empty as every detective would just take the word of the suspect.

And now, in celebration of Holder’s outstanding achievement- the tacit murder of a border patrol agent- he is receiving an award. That’s nice, considering all Brian Terry’s family got was a folded American flag.

In her speech, Michelle Obama praised Holder for his “outstanding contributions to our nation.” It’s sickening.

David Codrea of The Examiner wrote,

“How someone found in contempt of Congress, who presided over the organization responsible for Fast and Furious gunwalking, which (if one is to believe all the excuses) at best represents detached incompetence rising to the level of criminal negligence, should be considered a role model for any community, is yet another example of the Orwellian ‘Opposite Day’ nature of modern ‘progressive’ political terminology. But the First Lady’s and Attorney General’s statements focused instead on voting rights, not on people killed as a result of criminal federal law enforcement schemes and official machinations to withhold related evidence from Congressional investigators.”

The evening also focused on Holder’s outstanding accomplishments in the field of voter fraud. While no mention was made of the Black Panthers Holder let walk with zero repercussions, there was talk about his fight against voter ID laws. Of course, such laws are quite inconvenient for Democrats who rely heavily on the “deceased population” to get elected.

Holder may feel that he can “run out the clock” and hope that this whole Fast and Furious scandal will simply go away, but it won’t; people are dead, others have had their lives ruined. This man is supposed to defend justice, and each day that he holds office is an affront to ethics, justice and liberty.

Please make your voice heard: Sign the petition at demanding Eric Holder’s prosecutionWhen you sign, it sends out three emails- one to your representative and one to each of your senators. Over 577,000 letters have been sent out so far!

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