Obama’s New Tool Proves He Thinks Americans Are Just Tools

Every morning when I wake up my first thought is I’ve got to get the boy up. My second thought is Today I’ve got to figure out how to pay the bills. After that thought I spend 5 minutes in bed scrolling through the new emails I will face for the day. I’m fortunate; since I lost my business to the economy a couple years ago I have been able to find steady work as a consultant. Even still, my daily worry is that I will be able to continue to take care of my son and I, tomorrow and the next day.

So you would imagine my major frustration after having curbed my daily waking worries about the economy when I get a delightful email from my favorite Obama spoke-hole, Stephanie Cutter. Well, I said to myself, Stephanie has sure put out a loooong email this morning. It looked to me like she was setting up excuses for Obama’s big failure during the debate tomorrow night by talking about how “he’s [Romney’s] been preparing for the debate for months now”. It’s interesting that even in the papers this morning everyone is talking about how well prepared Romney is with his debate prep. Of course we all know Obama doesn’t have time to do any debate prep with all that fundraising he’s got going on.

Anyway, I scrolled past the rhetoric of Obama is an angel/ Romney the devil to the very end. Here is what I found:

P.S. — We have a new tool out today that lets you see how your community is better off thanks to President Obama.

I thought… well this is very interesting. And I clicked. The cool new tool Obama’s camp has created is definitely a slick one. It even knew to bring up the California page without me selecting anything. God bless GPS…

So I looked at the very first page that will tell me how my “community is better off thanks to President Obama”. I could not believe how predictable our president is. I could have told you that the very #1 thing on the list of why my life would be better is: Birth Control

women in California will gain access to birth control with no copay next year, in addition to their existing preventive services.

5,306,748 women in California will gain access to birth control with no copay next year, in addition to their existing preventive services.

My first thought was that Obama’s folks are specifically targeting my sanity. It is completely unreasonable that they continue down this road when Rome is crumbling down around them. I took a second look at the page and imagined what Obama said to himself when he looked at this technologically impressive “What I Did For You” Tracker. What would Obama say?:

I was hypnotized by the smooth pat on the head way Obama seems to handle things. Of course all my fears of financial uncertainty in the fragile economic climate I wake up to daily have disappeared. NOT! Can Americans stand idly by while we continue to experience economic failure as a result of Obama’s failed policies and believe that BIRTH CONTROL is still America’s #1 issue?

I had a talk with my friend Chris from the Chris Daniel Show KMJ- Fresno yesterday and we both are completely perplexed at how not only do the left continue to pursue this strategy of setting this fluffy agenda of some war-on-women as the top issue, but how it’s succeeding. If you truly believe the economy is the REAL issue, get yourself armed with information. A great place to start would be to check out my post: Mom’s Suffer Under Obama Administration.

Arm yourself with important and pertinent information. We on the right don’t have to use the argument “Don’t vote for Obama because I don’t like him”. Unlike Obama camp you can use real substantial facts like:Price of gas & unemployment has more than doubled for women or Moms under the Obama administration.Then tie that in with how it has affected you personally. You see… the left can fudge the numbers all they want. They can expect that Americans are tools who will just accept whatever poll or statistic put in front of their face. But Americans don’t always live in TV-land they also live in the real world. In the real world they are clipping coupons, skipping vacations and making and taking their lunches to work. Where all those things may show good fiscal responsibility, Americans aren’t doing these things because they choose to. They are cutting back everywhere because they are forced to. We live in a country whose promise is life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness… the deeper we get into an Obama Presidency the further away that promise seems to get.

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4 Responses to Obama’s New Tool Proves He Thinks Americans Are Just Tools

  1. Drama says:

    What do you need to prepare when you’ve been on the job for 4 years?

    Seriously if you have to actively prepare for a debate when you’re the US President, then you screwed up. If four years of work can’t provide enough sustenance for your campaign and debates why do you deserve a second term?

  2. Alex says:

    American’s shouldn’t have an apostrophe (in the thought cloud).

  3. Joyce Nolan says:

    Lost my career as a Real Estate Agent and that result caused me to lose my home to a short sale March 2012 after 9 years of ownership. I am still looking for a job.

  4. dorothy petty says:

    i was missionary to iran 14 yrs 10 yrs to egypt he has said we are not a america christain nation but the greatest muslim nation in the world povert sorrow wars follow nations that do not believe in JESUS we must voice who we are in our vote

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