Obama Administration’s Hilarious New Tactic: Throw Hillary Under the Bus!

That 2016 Hillary Campaign might have to wait. Right now, a feud is-a-brewin’.

The latest last-ditch effort to come out of the Obama Administration to explain the shameful inability of our government to protect our embassy in Benghazi is to throw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the bus to save themselves. And with bad-blood between the two factions of Democrats, it is likely that that will not go over so well. But on the plus side, it should be entertaining.

The odyssey by the Obama Administration to make Benghazi-gate anybody else’s fault started with blaming the maker of a YouTube video and lying about the presence of a fictitious protest that got out of hand. Now, not only has the administration claimed that the YouTube video was not to blame, they claim that there was never a protest. More outrageously, they claim that that was never their position, that it was always an attack.

As details emerge that the embassy was woefully under-protected and has requested additional security personnel, naturally, the question has become, “So, why wasn’t the embassy given adequate security?” As that is an inconvenient question at a very inconvenient time for the Obama Administration that is seeking a second term, the solution to explain the dereliction of duty has become, “Blame Hillary.”

On Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate, Vice President Biden claimed,

“Well, we weren’t told they wanted more security [in Benghazi]. We did not know they wanted more security.”

According to The Hill:

“Biden’s statement directly contradicts the testimony of two security officers who were based in Libya earlier this year. Lt. Col. Andy Wood, the head of a 16-person Special Forces team that left in August, and State Department regional security officer Eric Nordstorm said Wednesday that they repeatedly asked for beefed up security but were turned down.”

Afterwards, the press went crazy, wondering who was to blame if not the Obama Administration. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, when questioned about culpability and responsibility for the Benghazi attack, stated, (emphasis added)

“It is absolutely the case the President is intensely focused on and committed to bringing to justice those who killed four Americans. He is focused on the investigations continuing so that they can follow the facts all the way to the end so we know what happened and why. He is committed to ensuring that we take the appropriate actions after the Accountability Review Board to ensure that what happened in Benghazi does not happen again. What is also the case is that requests from the hundreds of diplomatic facilities around the country for security personnel or other related matters are made to the State Department. They are not made to the White House. And that’s just a simple statement of fact.”

It sure sounds like the Obama Administration, so full of honor and dignity, is willing to roll over onto the subordinates like a crumbling Mafia family under indictment.

According to Clinton biographer Ed Klein, a rift has occurred and the feud between the Obama and Clinton camps have resumed after the Democratic National Convention. This recent sign that the Benghazi attack will be laid at the feet of the State Department is sure to create a rift in the Democratic Party. Klein claims,

“If relations between Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department rupture publicly over the growing Benghazi scandal, that could damage the Democratic ticket and dim Obama’s chances for re-election.”

The Obama Administration and the Obama Campaign both seem to be imploding. At least we get to see a good show.

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9 Responses to Obama Administration’s Hilarious New Tactic: Throw Hillary Under the Bus!

  1. kenny lay says:

    I hope both camps throw each other under the bus, and be done with the whole damned criminal democratic mess!!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    They are always blaming someone else….never can Obama take responsibility for anything and it IS his responsibility to know what’s going on! Bottom line: It is HIS responsibility to know and it’s his #1 responsibility to protect the US people.

  3. Pat Coburn says:

    “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: but if ye bite and devour one another, take heed ye be not consumed of one another.” Let’s hope these marxists devour each other before the election.

  4. Chef Bo says:

    Hatfields and McCoys! Get your tickets!

  5. Debbie Deal McGee says:

    How is this is any different than anything else that has happened the past 4 yrs? Had Barack Hussein Obama EVER accepted responsibility for ANYTHING he has failed at the past 4 yrs? It’s either not the way it seems (the scheme of smoke and mirrors) or it is always somebody else’s fault, certainly not the president. It’s an irresponsible, immature reaction to a host of problems;( Just once, Barack, for once…….admit you made a mistake. Take responsibility for it like an adult, instead of a child trying to wiggle your way out. Mitt called you out on your bad behavior…..”Mr. President, you can say the same untruth over and over and over again. It still doesn’t make it true.” Mr. President KNOWS he is a liar, but I think if he denies it over and over, he thinks the American people are so stupid we believe it. It is so insulting that he thinks we are all ignorant, and he can shine his big old smile, and we’ll buy into whatever he says….no matter how much evidence is stacked against him. Amazing;(

    • Dave Beck says:

      He sure is hoping there are still enough stupid people in this country that don’t realize what he is doing to our country and vote the birth defect back in.

  6. Bellicus Pium says:

    Every U.S. State Department compound or regional embassy office (REO) in Iraq had security. Remember all the hoopla over Blackwater and those “mercenary” firms?

    They SAVED lives, pure and simple.

    Consider this for a reason why the compound wasn’t properly secure. We know from testimony that there were requests for security, denied.

    Could it be that the “Kumbaya” crowd from the left, who agreed with the Obama “Apology_Tour”, felt that a less “aggressive posture” was needed as a “show of good faith” to our Libyan friends?

  7. Jim Moore says:

    What do you mean! They are a crumbling Mafia family under indictment.

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