New Video by American Crossroads Shows the Lies by the Obama Administration About Benghazi

A new video by American Crossroads showcases the series of outright lies by the Obama Administration about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. The Obama Administration continually pushed the narrative that the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2012, was as a result of a YouTube video. When that didn’t catch on like they had hoped, the Obama Administration switched gears and claimed that it was a coordinated attack, leading many to wonder, “Then why did they spend weeks trying to sell the American people on a faulty narrative?”

This new video illustrates the absurdity and enraging series of lies told to us by our government. Warning: It will tick you off.

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11 Responses to New Video by American Crossroads Shows the Lies by the Obama Administration About Benghazi

  1. Don Elliott says:

    1. You can’t “paint” a target with a laser unless there is a ready to fire combat aircraft on station.
    2. You don’t relieve Commanding Generals for disobeying an order unless you gave an order.
    3. Forces can’t stand down unless they are first stood up.
    4. Purposely and with forethought allowing classified documents to fall into enemy hands, either by action or inaction, is a felony.

    • Roger Burchett says:

      Right on, with one possible exception – “1. You can’t “paint” a target with a laser unless there is a ready to fire combat aircraft on station.”

      There isn’t any reason you can’t paint a target any time you want to – it just does no good if there is no aircraft or other laser-guided weapons system available and authorized to fire.
      The implication here is that the ground troops with the laser expected that such weapons were available and ready – but were defeated because such weapon systems were unable (forbidden) to engage.
      The alternative theory is that the troops risked their lives to get into position and remain there to paint the target, but somehow never informed their command that they needed help to finish the job.

      I think we know the truth of that situation.

      • Art says:

        I think Don may have been referring to the use of night-vision goggles by the enemy to target the laser designator, (former Seal, Tyrone Woods), and that to designate the target with no supporting aircraft is also designating your position, (in this case to the Jihadi mortar crew) which a former Seal would have been aware of. Which further begs the question as to whether there was supporting aircraft that was not allowed to fire, and recalled, or did Woods just think there was? Why would he designate knowing it was compromising his position, unless he believed there were air-support assets on station?

  2. Howard Miller says:

    Being a veteran of the US Navy, this is very disheartening, discouraging and very, very upsetting! To think that our troops could have responded, no… knowing that our troops could have responded because I’ve been to the Mediterranean several times and was involved in ops to rescue the hostages in Libya in the 80′s and that our President told them to stand down is totally unacceptable. And now to find out that Gen. Hamm is loosing his command over it because he was going to send troops, but was relieved by his 2nd in command again is unbelievable. The tapes and video that captured what transpired that night both by US drones and the calls for help by the Navy Seals and the Ambassador need to be released to the public immediately!!

    I find it amazing and insulting to the families of the 9/11 victims who were murdered by the lack of action by our President and to think that the President addresses the nation the day after the Hurricane and is in the situation room for photo ops…where the hell was he on 9/11? Where’s the President’s address to the nation regarding Benghazi? Where’s the truth Mr President? Hillary? How the hell these people sleep at night is beyond me.

    God bless the United States of America and those men and women who are in harms way.

  3. Jim says:

    Come clean, that’s nothing in obozo’s system, it’s always some body else’s fault

  4. Jim says:

    Bozo lies constantly and carney follows in his steps! Talking points

  5. David Reid says:

    Lying sack of shiot murderer!

    Romney Ryan 2012!

  6. Jake says:

    This is why you vet people for the office of the presidency. The network media will not unless it’s a Republican or Independent! It’s up to us to do our home work! This incident is a travesty, we lost two brave men and two public servants and it wasn’t necessary!

  7. E. Robinson says:

    This isn’t going away. If Obama is re-elected, his administration, the USS Yellow Submarine, will break apart on the rocky shoals of Benghazi.

    Then we will have Biden as President. If that happens, then the Congress needs to go into full court press mode and start rooting out the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators in the Pentagon, the State Dept., FBI, CIA and the WH who were invited in by Hillary and BO.

    If Romney wins, then I think he is going to have to create substitute institutions for the FBI and CIA, and put most of them on paid leave, and then have everybody re-interview for jobs at the new agencies.

    That is the quickest way I see to do a thorough sweep for in house enemies.

  8. Al Campbell says:

    I am for smaller, less intrusive government. But if Romney wins I am looking for him to hire a whole boatload of auditors, investigators and PROSECUTORS. Cleanse Washington!

  9. Ervin [Snake] Harris says:

    We have got to stick together and vote Obama out in this coming election!
    Please vote the Republican Ticket in 2012.

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