Inspiring Video Illustrates What Makes America so Great

I’m a big believer in learning from other peoples’ experiences. I am not ashamed to say that there is much I do not know, and when someone is willing to teach me a valuable lesson, I listen. America is in trouble, and to know where we are going, we need only look to examples of the past. The American experiment has been so wildly successful thanks, in large part, to our capitalist system coupled with a representative democracy. Socialism, or any real collectivism, has failed as a policy. While it may sound nice on paper, it de-incentivizes work and ultimately crumbles. Nobody knows that more than Thomas Peterffy.

Thomas Peterffy is a Hungarian immigrant who came to America to make something of himself. He is now a billionaire, and his love for his adopted country has led him to release an advertisement, denouncing the failed system of socialism. There’s a message here, and I’m willing to heed the advice of someone who has witnessed the failures of socialism firsthand.

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  1. JoAnne Rich says:

    I believe you are 100% right. But many will not listen until it is to late for America. Voting the Romney in 2012.

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