Fight Night: Romney Disarms Obama, Wins a Strategic Victory

If a debate is like boxing, last night, I had hoped for a brawl. I had hoped for a no-holds-barred teardown of Barack Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement, anti-Americanism and embarrassing meddling. I had hoped to see Romney tear into Obama for his administration’s failures to protect our diplomats and consulates. I had had hoped to see a real fight. Instead, I was treated to a smart victory- something that helped keep safe Mitt Romney’s lead that will deliver him to the White House. That satisfaction will last longer.

Anyone who knows me knows I love boxing. I’ve made references to the sweet science before as I firmly believe that like boxing, debate is a simple form of combat that requires minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. After I watched the debate last night, I thought, “That’s not how I would have played it… That’s better than my idea.”

I cannot attest to what, exactly, President Obama’s debate prep consisted of. However, I can reasonably assume that it consisted of a fair amount of preparation for how to defend against the accusations of ineptitude and cover-ups in Libya- both, of which, seem more and more apparent with each passing day.

Obama had tried to feign outrage during the second presidential debate at the insinuation that there had been any purposeful misleading in the aftermath of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. President Obama’s laughable counter-attack to distract Americans from his administration’s utter foreign policy failures has been to accuse Romney of “politicizing” the attack. This time, I speculate that President Obama was fully prepared to counter-attack Romney. If this was boxing, Obama needed to land a knockout punch.

So, Romney did what any fighter would do if he had won the previous rounds and he was heading into the last round- he played it safe. Romney didn’t have to win by knockout; he was already winning by decision. With Gallup putting Romney comfortably ahead and with Romney having more electoral votes in the projections, Romney needed to not screw up majorly. Getting drawn into a debate on whether or not he was being insensitive by “politicizing” attacks would not help him. So, Governor Romney did what any good fighter would do and moved in only for safer, well-guarded punches, never allowing Obama the opportunity to land his knockout punch. Romney played it smart.

He moved the conversation to discussions of what to do with Iran- a decidedly safer topic. Mostly, however, he proved yet again that he could command the direction of the debate and moved the discussion into domestic issues for much of the debate. While this was a refresher course for many, it was likely more exciting for the average undecided voter as many cannot relate to foreign policy issues as it is ever-changing, complex and often does not immediately affect our day-to-day lives. By moving the discussion to domestic issues, Romney provided himself another opportunity to outline his domestic agenda while simultaneously highlighting the fact that President Obama does not have one.

Romney played it safe and was not reckless. He stayed smiling and outlining the issues while still having the patience to not take the bait. While many casual observers might note that the contest came out a draw or perhaps a narrow Romney victory, I submit that it was a stunning and, at times, boring strategic victory that safeguarded Romney’s lead.

It was a strategy that I would not have recommended, but I would have been wrong.

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3 Responses to Fight Night: Romney Disarms Obama, Wins a Strategic Victory

  1. Lunatic Fringe says:

    I think Barky’s debate prep consisted of looking into a mirror practicing his Indonesian death stare. Throughout the debate he glowered at Romney, clenching his jaw. It was pathetic.

    • I bet that Obama prepped for the 3rd debate for hours if not days, hoping that Romney would bring up Benghazi and start a boxing match right there. But Romney IS much smarter than Obama ( Obama confessed he is only capable of 7th grade math ) and let Obama try and start an argument, which Romney decided not to do. This foiled any major shake-up and vote changing due to no major gafffes or turn offs by bickering between the candidates. You could tell Obama was truly frustrated and resorted to the stare down, which also did not shake up Romney. This President is weak and his policies has failed miserably… Shame on him and the state dept. for NOT providing back up at Benghazi to our ambassador and the other 3 americans, inluding 2 navy seals. They continued to lie about the attacks trying to blame it on a video…LYING to the American people and the families they lost their loved ones is unacceptable. Whether it was incompetence or just plain politics, it is disgusting.

  2. Ron Severin says:

    Our United States was founded on the Love of God. We need a strong revival of our people back to God. We can not sustain this last hope of mankind by throwing God under the bus. We need to humble ourselves and return to God who by His hand sustains us. He has sent us dire warnings already that have gone largely unheeded. Example 911. We have blinded our eyes, stopped up our ears to the truth. We know what is right, now we need to do what is right and true, return to God who is our only refuge. Anything less will end in our destruction. Humble our hearts, so goes Israel, so goes the United States of America. We have the time to do this and save the world from a very destructive World War. A destroyed economy. Heed these words.

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