Clear, Concise and Presidential

I’ve long been a critic of Governor Romney and frankly have lacked enthusiasm for his campaign.  Tonight Mitt Romney changed my stance in a big way.  On the debate stage in Denver I saw a man who wasn’t afraid to get specific and who wasn’t afraid to articulate conservative principles like States rights.  My favorite moment in the debate is when President Obama asked Governor Romney to clarify that he wouldn’t raise taxes on the rich and Romney responded emphatically that he wouldn’t, the look on the President’s face was priceless.

I also appreciated how thoroughly Romney destroyed the liberal straw man that the media has been trying to build for the entire campaign.  His policy approaches were pragmatic and he didn’t promise things he can’t deliver on.  While the President seemed smug and irritated Romney seemed calm and confident.  The difference in facial expressions and posture was also striking.  Governor Romney was respectful but persistently kept his eyes on the President, while the President continued to make faces and look down.  Governor Romney and Jim Lehrer also did a good job of keeping the debate focused on the big issues that matter.  As a guilty pleasure I’ve been listening to post-debate analysis on MSNBC and they are complaining that more time wasn’t spent on the critical issues of Unions and abortion.  This debate was one that the American people had the opportunity to watch two candidates express their opinions that effect us everyday, not the fluff the liberals think that they have an edge.

From this day forward I will no longer have to force myself to be a team player to support Romney, he can now count me as an enthusiastic supporter!  I’ll start right now by going to his website and making a $250 contribution!


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3 Responses to Clear, Concise and Presidential

  1. Kisha says:

    I agree with about everything that you said. Accept maybe that the Moderator seemed to feed counter arguments to Obama at one point, as if to aid him in a re-buttle(sp). However, Obama seemed to “after awhile” ignore these and let that portion be finished. I am glad you can afford to make a contribution to the Romney campaign. I am not so lucky, and if I could I would!
    I am really happy about Romney’s performance. He was sheer perfection and I couldn’t of asked for more from him than the job that he did. He exceeded my expectations, and that is rare to happen.
    I feel a strong sense of hope tonight! God Bless America!!! May Romney / Ryan win in November. The pair has the intellect and drive to bring us back to our founding father’s ideals and values. Praise be to God!

  2. Lou says:

    Romney wasn’t my first choice either.I was leaning Ron Paul.But when asked about the role of Government,Romney directed attention the Constitution that was behind him.That was a huge huge win to me.Also,State’s Rights was a huge win as well.Romney crushed it tonight.I hope in the next debate,he talks more about monetary policies and the Federal Reserve devaluing our currency with all the money printing.In that tape that was released by MJ,he talked about the Feds,so I know he’s a huge critic of the Federal Reserve.I really wish other Ron Paul peeps would please get behind Romney.

  3. Tom W says:

    I finally feel good about Romney. He presented himself with robust authority. But I can’t help feeling nervous about that constant smirk on Obama’s face. Something’s up. If this was one of the previous elections, in eras gone by, between adults who have agreed to disagree I could feel really, really good about last night. Unfortunately, there was only one adult in the room. And it wasn’t Obama. Obama is nothing short of a post-pubescent narcisistic sociopath. People, I gotta tell ya…Obama and his Marxist minions are capable of anything. Anything! Whatever you do, don’t treat that smirk on Obama’s face as idiotic. Be afraid…be very afraid.

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